Oh My! Grand Opening & Community Launch

SiteLaunch_graphicWelcome! Welcome! To the grand opening of the new OMHG and the launch of our membership community!

Today is all about us friends-we are the workers, makers, builders, and this year we take today for our very own. May Day is symbolic because of the spring celebration of renewal and because of the international labour movement. Entrepreneurs have no unions looking out for us, we can’t strike when our boss is mean or the conditions suck, but we can and did build a community where we look out for each other. Now we have a home of our very own! Our new member community is a place for us to organize, support, rally and cheerlead one another along on our creative journey.

Creatives of the world unite! Celebrate May Day with the grand opening of the #OMHG community http://bit.ly/10TO7zA Click to share it!

Our community has forums for businessy goodness like selling our work, marketing & promotion, community brand critiques, cross promotion, guest posting, opportunities, and collaborations to help us grow. Peer support forums for topics like parenting & entrepreneurship, health & wellness, grief & loss, and self care help us find support and inspiration no matter what is going on in our lives. Connection & collaboration forums like neighbourhood groups and on & offline meet ups let us deepen our relationships and plan real life adventures.  We also have room for all sorts of fun like cultivating our creativity with craft parties, pen pals, book clubs & so much more waiting to be added based on your genius ideas. I will also offer personal support to our members by being available for questions or feedback in all the forums. I’ve tucked little gifts of OMHG products into some of the forums and will add sneak peeks, promotions, and new products there for our members first. As we get settled there will be discounts and first trials of workshops when our classrooms open and so much other goodness, this is just the beginning!

All our rebranding and launching led to this very moment when we fling open the doors to our new house and go inside. It still has the new house smell but we’ll soon fill it up with stories, new friendships, laughter, awesomeness and cupcakes. Happy housewarming, come inside!




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