Shoots & Roots: Growing Our Gardens

April Theme: Shoots & Roots, designed by Gaia Cornwall

Thank you to the incredible  Gaia Cornwall for our monthly theme illustrations!

Happy Easter and Hello Spring! I’m always sad to say goodbye to our Ethics theme but now its time for a fresh new month. Here in Lunenburg the town is exploding with green after a long white winter. Nothing is more inspiring to me then the start of a new season and without question Spring is my favourite one of all, so much growth and potential for change!  This month we’ll be celebrating the end of winter by mindfully tending to our businesses and lives. Entrepreneurship is very much like growing a garden-we can’t just throw a bunch of seeds in the ground and hope that we get a good harvest. Being a business owner is all about tending to our new little shoots so our garden can grow strong roots. Once our garden is blooming with goodness and rich soil to nurture our dreams we need to keep it from getting overgrown with careful weeding and pruning.

Since April 22nd is Earth Day we’ll be spending the whole month exploring how our businesses require care and tending just like a garden (and our dear Earth!). From your first seedling of an idea to the garden that supports your family, building a business is full of steps and increasing responsibilities. All this planting and nurturing is hard work but many hands make it more fun and sharing makes the fruit taste that much sweeter.

So I’ll bring the shovels, you bring the seeds, together inch by inch & row by row we’re going to make our gardens grow!

Speaking of growing, come back tomorrow for the big launch of our Creative Marketplace, it’s been a long time coming and many hours in the planting and there is no one I would rather celebrate with then YOU! See you bright and early tomorrow for the big reveal!

What would you like to see this month on OMHG? Are there any earth or garden based businesses you would like to see featured or interviewed? Share with us in the comments! 


  1. I seem to be having problems with my commenting. Probably user error. I thought I posted this yesterday, but I will try again 🙂

    I have a friend who is a talented landscape designer with a beautiful blog devoted to everything outdoors ( Her main company is Boxhill Design and she just opened a gorgeous shop full of outdoor goodies here: I would love to see her featured.

    I love this month’s theme! With a background in Landscape Architecture, I’m a total plant nerd and lover of the Earth. Can’t wait to see what’s in store!

    • Thanks for the awesome suggestions Kimberly! I’m off to go visit them right now:) I thought of you when I was planning this months theme since your business name is a perfect fit: (Meeting the Makers would be perfect for you:)
      Sorry about the comment not going through it got flagged as spam but I added you to the whitelist so all your comments should approve automatically from now on:)

  2. Guest says:

    I would be so honored to be a part of the Metting The Makers series on OMHG. I am brainstorming and thinking of ideas right now! Very excited! No problem on the comments. I thought that maybe I forgot to hit enter. Thanks for taking me out of spam jail. 🙂

  3. Someone inadvertently pointed me in the direction of your site today and I’m so glad they did. I debated whether I should contribute something this month and then I see that the theme is centered around sustainability, growth, and this beautiful season that just arrived? I think I should! You’ll be hearing more from me <3 -Aubrey

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