Social Media Branding for Indie Biz: YouTube

Social Media Branding for Indie Biz: YouTube

Branding is not just about pretty colors + the perfect font (although they are certainly part of the whole!) Branding really encompasses all of the little bits that represent your company.

It’s everything from your logo to your packaging; your customer service approach to your social media presence.

Yep. We said social media.

Having a unified brand across the web enables your customers + clients to recognize you instantly, sends a message of professionalism + trust, and just plain looks good!

In this mini-series, we’re going to help you customize some popular social media channels to better represent your business + yourself online.

Today, we’ll tackle YouTube.

Download: Photoshop Template / PNG Template

Want to create your channel art without a template?
The dimensions you’ll need to know are:
– Mobile 1546 x 423 (visible regardless of device)
– Tablet 1855 x 423
– Desktop 2560 x 423
– TV 2560 x 423

So long as you design for that ever important 1546 x 423 minimum, you’ll be good to go!

Three more ways to make your YouTube channel yours:

1. Customize Your Channel’s URL
If you haven’t already done so, head over to your advanced settings page to customize your channel URL. Once you set this it cannot be changed, so choose wisely + type carefully.

2. Add a Watermark to Your Videos
Ever wonder how some folks display their logo in the corner of their video? It’s not fancy editing software – it’s a setting in their account. Visit the InVideo Programming page to add yours + look extra spiffy. You can select when you’d like the image to appear on your videos with a few clicks.

3. Add a Featured Video to Your Videos
Stay on the InVideo Programming page + add a featured video from your public uploads. Simply cut + paste the video’s URL into the pop-up and customize when your featured video appears. This is a great place to add a personal welcome, introduction video, or studio tour!

Come back next week for another mini-tutorial for branding your social media! Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions about designing for your YouTube page or if there is anything you’d really love to see covered during this series!

Here’s to YouTubing!


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