Thanking Your Biggest Supporters

Thanking your biggest business supporters, thanking value partners, Alison Butler The Petit Cadeau

The holidays are a busy time for most of us – the hustle and bustle and cheer of preparing for our own celebrations, plus meeting deadlines and filling holiday shopper customer orders.

We often think a lot about meeting our customer’s needs.  How can we give them a positive shopping experience and make them happy? How can we encourage them to buy again? What are they most interested in? What are they least interested in?  The list goes on and on.

This year, I’ve been thinking a lot about the value that partners provide to me, both personally, and to my business.  These people are not customers, nor may they ever be, but they are the ones who have:

  • written guest posts for The Petit Cadeau Blog.
  • partnered with me on special projects or collaborations
  • acted as my sounding board for ideas through e-mail

Your “value partners” might look a little different than mine, but I can almost guarantee that you have some. They drive traffic to your blog, they champion your cause, they regularly share your social media posts, they believe in you.

As a small gesture of my thanks for their support and value to my blog and business, I am sending each value partner a handmade holiday card.

Thanking your biggest business supporters, thanking value partners, Alison Butler The Petit Cadeau

I purchased a stamp from a handmade business that was featured in my monthly Handmade Marathon series and used heat embossing on red cardstock to create the cards. Each card will include a handwritten note of thanks, along with a special offer discount code on one of my branded postcards.

I hope to bring a little holiday cheer to those who have helped me on my business journey this year.

Have you done something to thank your “value partners” in the past? Will you start this year? Share your ideas with us here!

Alison-bio-photoSay Hello to Alison

Alison Butler is a part-time creative, a wife, and mother with a passion for thoughtful gifting.  She blogs weekly inspiration at and recently launched The Petit Cadeau shop, filled with handmade, hand embroidered celebration countdown calendars and other lovely goods for thoughtful celebrations.

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