Tracking Your Expenses + Printable Expense Tracker

Tracking Your Expenses

You just ran out of ink for the 5 orders that showed up on Etsy today.

Or you realize that you don’t have the right size canvas for that painting that’s been roaming around in your head, trying to get out.

Or the 100% cotton white thread is running low in your machine and you’re not going to have enough for that wholesale order due at the end of the week.

Or you don’t quite have the washi tape that you’re looking for to put together that exciting DIY guest post for that fabulous BIG blog.

So, you do what (I’m guessing) a lot of us do: you run out/go online and buy it!

Which is great, ’cause it gets the job done.

But, did you track that purchase for your year-end bookkeeping exercise?  You know, the one that asks you to add up all of your expenses to go against all of your earnings?

No?  Boring, right?!

Tracking Your Expenses | free printable download

Well, here’s a fun little DIY envelope template that lets you store your receipts and keep track of all of those expenses.  It’s based on a week-to-week timeframe and it’s big enough to keep both store receipts as well as online receipts that you can (and should – right then, right there!) print off.

I actually keep two: one for beside the computer where I do my online shopping and one for my purse for my in-store shopping.  Then, I throw them all in a box until the end of the month where I transfer them to my bookkeeping program.


The template is super easy to use: print it out (it works best in colour; it’s a little light in black & white), cut along the outline, fold & secure with tape or glue.


As you can see from the picture, I simply used washi tape to secure the tabs as it’s somewhat transparent and you can write on fairly easily.

Plus, it’s so pretty!

Start being a tracking star & print yours now… click on any of the images, the link below or here & make your life easier when you hand in your expenses to the accountant next year 😉


Do you keep good track of your expenses and if so, how?