Camp OMHG Badge Design Challenge

Camp OMHG badge design challenge

Time to fire up your computers, break out the pencils, get out the sewing kit, and play with paints! We are hosting a Camp OMHG merit badge design challenge and you are invited!

For all the things we do as an entrepreneurs and all the things we need to remember as people, we need a badge for it. Badges for being awesome or courageous, filing taxes, pitching anything, your first year in business, helping a friend, reading your camera manual, making your first sale. How about badges for being a shipping rockstar, dealing with angry customers, nursing a baby while answering emails, teaching yourself Photoshop, keeping on despite all odds? Make your badges with paint, pixels, photos, embroidery, or whatever inspires you-your imagination and experiences are the limit!

Submissions will be featured throughout the summer as free printables for the OMHG community. We are planning some handmade goodness together in our forums to give away at the end of camp to challenge participants!


  • Learn more about Camp OMHG right here
  • Download the Illustrator and PDF badge templates below or make your own
  • Get creative and use whatever medium you love working in to create your badges
  • Be sure to include your name and website in the margin of your design
  • Submit your badges as a PDF on our Submission page & select Camp OMHG badge design from the drop down menu
  • Deadline for all submissions is JUNE 20th 2013 but submit earlier to see your badges up on OMHG in June! We’ve had so many great submissions & are having so much fun designing them we’ve decided to extend the deadline through to July 31 so get your submissions in! 


Help us spread the word to creatives far & wide by sharing the tweet below & join us Thursday June 12, from 1-2pm EST for an OMHG chat to chat what entrepreneurs need for affirmation, badges for all our awesome, and why we should put a medal on it:

See your work on @ohmyhandmade! Submit a badge design for #CampOMHG by June 20th & come camping with us 

What would you like to see merit badges for most? Let us know in the comments!


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