Free Printable! Fold + Cut Kirigami Snowflakes

Fold + Cut Kirigami Snowflakes

I’m in the midst of a not-so-secret love affair with kirigami. Hand me a piece of origami paper and I get to itch to cut it up! Of course, most of us have dabbled in this art of cutting and folding paper – usually when making paper snowflakes as (or with) children.  Christmas is the perfect time of year to grab your scissors and make snowflakes once more.

I teamed up with Geri to bring you a series of fold + cut kirigami snowflakes this holiday. We’ve designed them to be printed out and cut straight from the printable. I hope these printable templates are your gateway to falling in love with kirigami too!

There are three sets of snowflakes to print, fold and cut. Here’s where to find them:

kirigami snowflakes set one

Set One is over on my blog with full step-by-step instructions for cutting and folding.

kirigami snowflakes set two

Set Two is on The Languid Lion. This set’s the simplest of the bunch with less curves – I recommend starting with Set Two! 

kirigami snowflakes set three

Set Three can be printed & downloaded right here!

kirigami snowflakes printable - print and cut

Merry Christmas & Happy Crafting!


  1. Rin Gomura says:

    I <3 kirigami too. I have a Japanese book that has lots of seasonal kirigami ideas. Thanks for these great printables; I'm sharing this on my FB page!

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