Printable Blog Post Planner + Marketing Worksheet

Blog Post Planner + Marketing Worksheet by The Languid Lion

Marketing can be a tricky and time-consuming venture when you’re the owner of a creative business; I mean, you’ve got orders to fill, products to make, services to provide, books to keep…But, it’s an important tool and skill to develop that will help get you and your business out there and recognized.

One of the easiest, fastest and cost-effective way to promote yourself and your business is by having a blog. Sure, it can take a little more of your time and add a couple of items to your To-Do-List, but once you get it going, it can soon be not only a great marketing tool, but from my experience, keep those creative juices flowing!

Since I started my blog a little over a year and a half ago, I’ve kept a steady but simple marketing practice with all of my posts once I’ve published them, which includes the following:

1) Get a Bitly account: it’s free and not only keeps track of all of your posts & their activity, but it also offers your readers (and anyone who wants to share them) a short + sweet link url… very handy!

2) Share the post with your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) and in a summary email to your Newsletter list.

psssst… remember to resize your image to 404px x 404px for your Facebook Page; those are the dimensions it will automatically resize a post to in your Timeline, often distorting any image that isn’t already that size… a Milestone post image should be 844px x 404px! Check out Aeolidia’s guide to styling your Facebook page for more info.

3) Add an awesome image: it makes it easier for folks to pin it (if that’s what you want to do)! Adding the “Pin It” button will also help folks pin things more responsibly…

4) Have Share It buttons or links to make it easier for your readers to do some of the marketing for you by sharing it on their own.

5) Tweet it to your target audience + communities.

Blog Post Planner + Marketing Worksheet by The Languid Lion

And to keep it all organized? I created this planner + marketing worksheet very early on in my blogging days to not only help me market my posts, but to also help flesh out any ideas for posts I might have… and now I’m sharing it with you!

I can tell you that I have found it supremely useful + I love kicking it old school writing up my posts like I wrote up my story outlines back in the day 😉

I hope these tips and the worksheet help you market your blog posts as much as they’ve helped me!

To get your free Blog Post Planner + Marketing Worksheet, simple click here or on the banner just below + have fun earning your Camp OMHG blogging badge!

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  1. Kerry Sweeney Burki says:

    So good to know about the Facebook image size! I have started building my own business now that I have moved and keep having blog ideas so this planner will come in hand. Thanks, Geri!! XO!

  2. Mark Evans says:

    Great tips Geri, especially #2 regarding image sizing. That is THE most common mistake I see creatives making. There are many free resources like Picmonkey that make photo resizing a snap. Good stuff!

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