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Hi! My name is Geri Jewitt and many of you may remember when I used to be fairly frequent visitor to these here parts… well, I’ve been off learning a new trade and streamlining my business to better serve you! I’ve recently refocused my Design Studio (The Languid Lion) to primarily focus on branding and design solutions for small businesses and I’ve been working long hours and practicing, practicing, practicing to become… a letterpress printer! I’ve always loved the look of letterpress and have been told on many, many occasions that my designs would work really well with this ancient printing technique.

I’m so excited I simply sit around with a big dopey smile on my face – it’s. just. plain. awesome.

Many of you who follow the blog or my Instagram feed might also notice a frequent guest… my Charlie-Boy, a lovely Airedale Terrier who has changed my life in more ways than he could ever know. While my day job focuses primarily on designing for other people (which I LOVE, by the way), I created an outlet for making things that just make me smile – a shop filled with Airedale-centric letterpress & paper goods. It’s such a joy to take a quick photo of my funny, warm, loving, playful and mischievous Boy, write down a caption (usually I simply say it outloud in “his” voice) and then create something using that image. I kick it oldschool and print out the pic, draw my own version with my trusty pencil, vectorize it in Illustrator and then go to town creating! I currently draw, design, print, cut and assemble everything in my studio, but my Giftwrap Kits sold out almost immediately and so I’ve secured a local company to produce it for me – whew! I’ll be adding new stuff all the time, so check back frequently or drop me a quick line if you’d to see something specific ūüėČ My Boy has brought Richard & I such unconditional love & happiness that I wanted to give others a chance at that and so 10% of all sales from CharlieBoy Press will be donated to the Canadian Humane Society & National Airedale Rescue, Inc.


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Left to right from top:  Holiday Cards | Special Extras | Holiday Card Sets | Yummy Letterpress Details | Kraft Swag Bags | Moleskine Notebooks | Giftwrap Kits | Its a Wrap | Embellishing is Good

Holiday Card | CharlieBoy Press Holiday Card embellishments | CharlieBoy Press Holiday Card Sets | CharlieBoy Press Holiday Card Letterpress closeup | CharlieBoy Press Kraft Swag Bag trio | CharlieBoy Pressoice Letterpress Moleskine Notebook | CharlieBoy Pressoice Gift Wrap Kits | CharlieBoy Press Gift Wrap Kit Extras | CharlieBoy Press Gift Wrap Kit example | CharlieBoy Press


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