It’s A Playful Patterns Pin Party!

Playful Patterns

one – falconwright / two – blockshop textiles / three – thief & bandit

four – ceramica botanica / five – slide sideways / six – mengsel

I’m having a love affair with pattern – how about you?

Bold, geometric, delicate, floral – I want them all! As you can see from my patterned picks, as a customer, I find myself more likely to be drawn to products with unique patterns – patterns created by the maker or using global textiles rather than products made from commercially available patterned textiles and papers.

How about you? Do you play with pattern in your products? What kinds of patterns are you drawn to? I’d love to hear about it in the comment section below… but first…

pin partyIt’s time for our next Pin Party! Every month we’re going to throw a little social media party around a colour or a product or a theme and showcase them all on a special Pinterest board.

This month, come play with pattern with us – pin images of your patterned products or DIY projects, snap pictures of patterns in your home or in nature. Share your pictures on your blog, twitter, instagram… or wherever you’re hanging out online these days… and don’t forget to let us know about it via the comment section or social media! We’ll pin them to our Oh My! Playful Patterns board. With the recent changes to Pinterest, we can no longer click & search hashtags easily over there – but we sure can on Twitter and Instagram! This month’s tag is #OhMyPatternPlay. Hope you’ll play along!

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  1. Naomi says:

    oohhh great pics! Great idea for a pin party, i will keep an eye out for next months as i am in the middle of moving my blog over to self hosted wordpress (bit of a nightmare!) Happy Partying!!

  2. Charlotte Vallance says:

    I was just toying with the idea if using pattern in my next print 🙂 I’m not very confident/good with it. So thank you for this, the pinterest board will be excellent inspiration!

  3. Dana/The Patterned Peacock says:

    I’ve been obsessed with pattern for years–especially colorful conversationals–to the point where I had to make it an integral part of my business. I’ve just tweeted my contribution. Thank you for shining a light on pattern design!

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