#OMHG-Jan.13, 2012: We Are Doing Everything Right

What do Helen Keller, Ru Paul, Tank Girl, and Dolly Parton have in common? They all came to our last #OMHG chat! On Thursday we played a game with Dyana Valentine to help us let go of a struggle we don’t want to carry into a new year and the results were pure awesome. Come play along too by watching Dyana live at TEDxAFC, reading our transcript, then grabbing a copy of the worksheet I designed for the great Lady Dy to help you remember you are doing everything right (I promise, it feels goooooooooood!).

In order to drop one of our struggles we are going to play a game with @dyanavalentine http://t.co/qmfxWUDd, ready?!

Part 1: Think of a mentor you want to ask for advice-can be ANYONE! I choose Jean Vanier of L’Arche & Tank Girl, your turn!

  • thelanguidlion Andy Warhol & Raylan Givens (Justified)
  • designcoyote I choose James Gurney, Neil Gaiman, Dr. Julia Ogden from Murdoc Mysteries. #omhg
  • UnurthWonder @ohmyhandmade Mentor> Eva Zeisal and Georgia Okeeffe #omhg
  • KatMcBrideArt Ru Paul and Dolly Parton
  • IAMTHELAB I would ask Ray Eames and Helen Keller. Ray was a silent genius. You gotta see the docu about her.
  • ColleenAttara Mentor ?…Anne Morrow Lindberg, Vera Nuemann #omhg
  • Linkouture Maybe Judy Blume, she was one of my favorite authors as a child. #OMHG
  • InkandDirt  I would like to sit and chat with Stan Lee. Ever since I was a kid. That’d be cool in my books! #omhg
  • sarahjanesroom @ohmyhandmade Erica Ehm and Anne of Green Gables 🙂 HA! #omhg
  • byRenae: I would have killed to have Lucille Ball be my mentor. She wasnt just funny but an amazing business person. #omhg
  • TrashN2Tees Ohhh I’ll go with Majora Carter #omhg
  • RocajoStudio Looking closer in the omhg community, I’d love to have @thelanguidlion and @inkanddirt as mentors. #omhg
  • pigandfish I’d love to speak with my dad who died when I was six. He was in inventor, artist, entrepreneur, with lots of love #omhg
  • erinmharris Hmm… Mentors. I’m going to pick @RDQLUS1 and Nick Bantock. #OMHG
  • RoriStories Mentors? Hmm… Lois Lowry and Betty White. #omhg
  • storyofmum Would love Brene Brown and J K Rowling for starters… #omhg

Part 2: Shout out a strength-something you are a rockstar at (reach back to our remembering your awesome chat!) & feel confident in

  • pigandfish Rock star status? Creative problem solving – it’s my FAV thing to do & love the ideas that can flow. #omhg
  • UnurthWonder part 2>> making soulful, pretty things and lemon meringue pie
  • storyofmum I am good at helping people find and share their stories, and feel more love for themselves! #omhg
  • ohmyhandmade One of my strengths: finding the loveable in darn near everyone. It is a superpower that has never let me down! #omhg
  • erinmharris Strength: brainstorming. It’s a game, it’s a sport, and it gets me excited, thinking about possibilities and ways to solve problems. #OMHG
  • RocajoStudio I can be a very enthusiastic supporter for someone else. I dream up lots of ideas (even for different businesses). #omhg
  • KatMcBrideArt I’m a Rockstar artist and really enthusiastic about painting! (I think everyone should learn how!) #omhg
  • thepetitcadeau Part 2 – being super organized and creating beautiful handmade things to give #omhg
  • thelanguidlion Rockstar quality: to just keep trying and/or picking myself up to keep going… #omhg
  • ColleenAttara One of my strengths is my instinct and my ability to push forward and not be afraid of falling. I just keep pushing. gently.. #omhg
  • ColleenAttaraWe all have these surges of energy where we are open to risk. I run with these when I feel them. #omhg
  • ThreeBySea Finding ways to amuse myself! I’m NEVER bored! I’m also great at being myself. #omhg
  • IAMTHELAB  My strength is intuition and creativity. They’ve never failed me and seem to be endless. #putsoncape
  • sarahjanesroom I think I’m pretty awesome at seeing both sides of a situation, and at jumping in even though it’s scary. #omhg
  • thegreengal I’m quite good at calming down other people & giving advice, just need to be better at advising myself! #omhg
  • InkandDirt strengths – telling bad jokes, organizing and seeing potential structure in any chaos. #omhg

Part 3: On a 1-10 scale choose a #5 struggle that you are working on & want to let go of so you can move into 2013 without it

  • sarahjanesroom Excuses. Just need to let go of the excuses. #omhg
  • thepetitcadeau time wasters – focus on important things is going to be the goal for 2013 #omhg
  • designcoyote Clutter. That’s about a #5- there are some more & some less. But I want to deal with physical clutter so I can leave it behind. #omhg
  • ohmyhandmade For the sake of the game I’m picking a struggle that connects nicely with my strength-I struggle with loving my ownself-flaws & all #omhg
  • @KatMcBrideArt: Struggle: Self compassion -Im constantly pushing myself never celebrating my victories. (It cld always be better!) #omhg
  • @UnurthWonder: Presently struggle with confidence, although this is lessening!! (took a minute to have confidence posting this) #omhg
  • @byRenae: My biggest struggle is childhood baggage. I constantly have to shuv stuff back & stay in the present #omhg
  • Linkouture Keeping focused. I can get distracted quite easily sometimes: need to close my e-mail and not check it so much. #OMHG
  • thepetitcadeau time wasters – focus on important things is going to be the goal for 2013 #omhg
  • ColleenAttara I want to be open to what is around me w/out reaching out in every direction. Open, gentle, focused. More gentle w/ me in 2013. #omhg
  • I’m quite persistent which I believe is as much a struggle as a strength depending on which way I use it. #omhg
  • storyofmum Something to let go of… fear of making a fool of myself when I jump wholeheartedly into unknown worlds. ‘Cos I’m definitely jumping. #omhg

SO mentors + strength + struggle. Here is the fun part, give your struggle & your strength to your mentor…what advice do they have?

  • UnurthWonder Mentors say>> Your soft vulnerable spot is the source of your strength and your best work. #omhg
  • kdmarsden Be positive. Dwell on the good things rather than the bad. It’s almost always better than you think it is. #omhg
  • ColleenAttara Anne Morrow Lindbergh is sending me to the sea by myself for a week to write. Yippee! Love her…… #omhg
  • ColleenAttara Vera Neumann wants me to spend some time thinking about production and making my art work for me instead of the other way around. #omhg
  • storyofmum Compassionately sharing my true brave self, my raw story, foolish bits and all, will help others find their own strength and story #omhg WOW
  • designcoyote James Gurney: Draw more. Neil Gaiman: Write more. Dr. Ogden: Do more breathing exercises. 🙂 I like this advice. Perfect. #omhg
  • IAMTHELAB Hellen Keller: Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet.
  • ohmyhandmade My advice-Jean Vanier told me to have the compassion to receive the same gift I offer to others… #omhg
  • ohmyhandmade Tank Girl told me to not to take any more $&*^ from my inner mean girl #omhg
  • thelanguidlion Mentor advice: Write those ideas down, line draw the sh*t out of ’em & get ’em out there! (Raylan has a southern drawl!) #omhg
  • IAMTHELAB Helen Keller: Self-pity is our worst enemy. If we yield to it, we can never do anything wise in this world.
  • IAMTHELAB Helen Keller: Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.
  • ThreeBySea Dory from “Finding Nemo” would remind me to “just keep swimming” #omhg
  • @KatMcBrideArt: Ru Paul: Sashay, girl – own your Self and your Voice like you own your talents + make everything you do fabulous! #omhg
  • @Linkouture: Judy Blume: You must, you must, you must stay focused #OMHG
  • pigandfish Dad would say – You’re perfect as u are, learn to relax & stop fighting with your life. Rest in the void where all things r possible #omhg
  • Gardenmis My grandmother would say take time to dance! #omhg
  • KatMcBrideArt Dolly had a lot more to say, but especially: “Figure out who you are. Then do it on purpose.” #omhg
  • @RoriStories: More mentor advice: No one on her death bed wishes she had worked more. Put love first. #omhg

Your Problem is Not the Problem, Dyana Valentine There were lots of ah ha! moments and laser clarity in our hour of talking with imaginary friends-those guys are smart! If you want to play the game too click below to download a printable worksheet and let your problems outside of yourself for a little bit.

Be sure to let us know in the comments what your equation looked like and what advice your mentors had to share & let @DyanaValentine know how you played the game! 

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