A little summer souvenir…

Happiness HorizonDear Summer:

Thank you for showing up again and shining your radiate light. You always have such a subtle way of reintroducing me to peace and happiness; of reminding me how good a long day can be with just a little extra light; of reconnecting me to the power of earth energy that supports my (sometimes) weary bones.

Thank you for your gentle winds and your wild colors, your delicate birdsongs and your quenching rains.

And know that I offer especially deep gratitude for the way you showed me this year that the only thing separating heaven and earth is my own little belief that I can’t enjoy heaven on earth unless I’m on vacation—that was a lesson worth packing up and bringing home. After all…happiness doesn’t rest on the horizon, it rests within the soul.

Much love,


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  1. April Heather Art says:

    a note to summer….ah I love this. Dear Summer-why can’t you stay just a little longer? I love your dappled sunlight, the cicadas & the lightnin’ bugs, the blue twighlight that gently bends the day into night, and those warm winds-how I love to feel them on face. I’m in love with you -ya know! xoxo

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