A Postcard from The Table


August 1st was moving day – we relocated 130 miles south to be nearer to the people and places we love. In our short time here, we have hosted and attended quite a few dinner parties. One of those parties was in celebration our daughter’s 4th birthday as well as my maternal grandmother’s 76th (the delicious chocolatey bundt pictured above was the birthday cake.) With all of the visiting and celebration, this move has felt like a vacation. We are spending more time with friends and family, enjoying the outdoors, snuggling up with good books, trying new recipes, and sleeping in.

This warm, fuzzy feeling got me to thinking about the power and importance of gathering – of sitting down to a meal with the ones you love and soaking it all up.

Families bloom and grow
with God’s tender love, and together,
they are fed and nourished with His food
around His table.

– Mary Edna Pappalardo

My paternal grandmother wrote that poem in 2004 and has had it on the wall near her dinning table ever since. Here’s to great food, lingering conversations, and the many wonderful memories that have yet to be formed at your table.

This lovely submission from Darice Pauselius of  http://pauseli.us  is the last postcard in our Postcards from Camp series-connect with the oh so talented Darice (& Matt) on Twitter and Facebook. Thank you for inviting us to join you around the table, happy Labor/Labour Day! Come back tomorrow for some important changes & news for the OMHG community. 



  1. colleen attara says:

    I love this Darice and Matt. A move can be stressful, but I can feel all of your good energy with every bit of info you put out and I know that your move was pure joy. I am so happy for you all.

    • Darice says:

      Andi – it was! …and it’s vegan! …and my nephews asked for thirds! 🙂 Here’s the recipe: bit.ly/13wHGD (I doubled it for the bundt, and made modifications to the oil / sugar) but if you like rich, make the recipe as is and prepare for heaven.

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