Camp OMHG Printable Merit Badges #2

Time for the second instalment of our community designed Camp OMHG badge submissions, here are 3 more fabulous designs to add to your badge collection! Know someone awesome who deserves a badge (or four?) acknowledge all their  creative goodness by awarding them the badges you think they need. Don’t miss the first 3 submissions right here + design your own and submit it before July 31st to join the fun!

SHAUNA LYNN PANCZYSZYN, Type Nerd Merit BadgeType Nerds Unite! Celebrate your love of letters or commend a friend for their font of knowledge with this awesome illustrated badge by the wildly talented Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn.

Click here to download a full page Type Nerd badge by Shauna Lynn

Camp OMHG Entrepreneur Merit Badges, Geri Jewitt, The Languid Lion

As creatives we break barriers, share selflessly & work together in so many ways-Geri of The Languid Lion submitted a trio of badges to reward our small business skills!

“I designed these badges for those creatives that find it challenging to reach out and collaborate or ask for help (Teamwork Trooper), those of you who are fantastic cheerleaders and think nothing of sharing good news, links, support and a shoulder with absolutely NO EXPECTATIONS of anything in return (Selfless Sharer) and for those of us who challenge our comfort zones and break through those barriers that we find hard to break through – either created by ourselves, society in general or meanies (Barrier Buster). ”

Click here to download a set of 3 small biz badges by The Languid Lion

Camp OMHG Entrepreneur Merit Badges, Colleen Attara

Everyone should award themselves these beautiful mixed media badges from Colleen Attara to remember the importance of  shining  with confidence! Colleen shared the lovely inspiration behind her submission:

“At OMHG, we shine with confidence and lift each other up together. We shine brightly and we shine collectively. It is easiest to shine when you have support and friendship paving the way and you all place each other in the light.”

Download a set of 6 Shine With Confidence badges by Colleen Attara

What other badge designs would you love to see? Inspired to submit your own? Let us know in the comments! 

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