Camp OMHG! Summer Camp for Creatives


Pack up your tents and sleeping bags friends, June is here & it is time for our first ever multi-month theme on OMHG! This year we are doing something different and taking us all to camp for a summer of business growth + creative fun. The counsellors are friendly, the bunks are comfortable, and the lessons are importants ones. June is all about Survival Skills and basic training in essential business skills. Daily lessons from our contributors will help you earn your badges in everything from filing your taxes to starting fires. By the end of June you should be prepared for whatever entrepreneurship throws at you and have a bag full of tricks to help navigate through our next month at camp.

Once we have the basics covered and are prepared to survive anything we will venture out to where there be dragons to map our own way as entrepreneurs and creatives. July is Adventuring & Orienteering month and we are covering leadership, creative experimentation, adventuring,  colouring outside the lines and daring greatly. Entrepreneurship is so much more then just having the basic skills this is our month to talk about what it means to blaze our own path. We’ll provide compasses, star maps, and great company as we journey into the unknown to develop our confidence and orienteering skills.

August will be our Summer Break and we’ll wind down with pictures and thoughts on our summer adventures after our busy two months at camp.

Plan on coming to camp this year? Grab one of our badges or post graphics to add to your site or posts by right clicking and saving the badges below! Link it up to the Camp OMHG category and join in our assignments & challenges for extra credit (& some prizes too!). You can also follow our camping explorations with the hashtag #CampOMHG!


Camp OMHG, Summer Camp for Creatives, Oh My Handmade

Camp OMHG, Summer Camp for Creatives, Oh My Handmade

Stay tuned for ways you can join in through challenges + calls for submissions. Get ready for story sharing around the campfire, making new best friends, and having a blast at Camp OMHG!

Is there something you want to learn at camp this year? Share your post, tutorial, and challenge ideas in the comments. If you have an idea to submit for our themes pitch it in the comments too!  

Mega thanks to the super talented Gaia Cornwall for making the fabulous illustration for our theme.


  1. .tif smith says:

    Did I mention I’m obsessed with the Lunchbox font? Yeah. I’m glad I’m not alone. Love it.

    Also, I’m very nostalgic about summer camp (it’s where I met my best friend when I was 5 and we’re still best friends), so this will be a fantastic month!

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