Friendship Bracelet Pin Party!

friendship bracelet pin party

Nothing says summer camp style quite like an arm full of friendship bracelets! (Well, except maybe for bug bites, bed head and a mean crush on the male counsellors!)

Come join in the Camp OMHG fun as we make, buy, wear, trade and pin the best looking friendship bracelets (and friendship bracelet inspired products) around.

pin party


This month’s pin party is an arm load of summer fun. To join in, pin your friendship bracelet images, projects and products and tag #OhMyFriends, then let us know by sharing the link in the comments below or via Twitter and we’ll get them pinned to our Friendship Bracelet board. We’d also love to see your friendship bracelet pictures over on Instagram!

Looking forward to your creative contributions to our Friendship Bracelet collection. You can follow me on Pinterest here and Jessika here.

In the meantime, what are you waiting for? Get out that bundle of floss, brush off your macrame skills and knot away!



  1. Sarah Mones Friedman says:

    Just this past Friday, my childhood friend of 25+ years sent me a birthday package. She told me in her note that one item she had made, and one she had bought (could I guess which was which.) *adorable*

    I opened the package to find a friendship anklet she had made and a necklace she found in my Etsy favorites. I love this girl. Her friendship means so much. And yes, we can still be “5” and wear friendship bracelets.

    Happy Tuesday, Sarah

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