Letters from camp

OMHGCAttaraboxLet’s pretend we are all away at camp together. The air is crisp and a cool lake breeze blew gently through our cabin’s while we slept.  After the very deepest sleep, we awake feeling so rested. The joy is sinking in.  We are away. We are on holiday.  This feels so good.

We brush our teeth, splash some water on our faces and make our way toward coffee. We are all perfectly beautiful just the way we are here.  No makeup needed.


After breakfast we walk together toward a white tent that has scraps of colorful fabric tied all around the sides.  We belong here.

And then I show each of you where the magic truly is.

I ask you to reach into the bags that you brought to camp. You know the bags I am talking about. They are with you always. They are filled with bits and pieces…books you plan to read, mail you didn’t throw out and tiny notebooks with thoughts you want to remember.

These bags are filled with you.  And there are little pieces of string, fabric and buttons on the bottom.  I know this.

We would reach in and pull out all these little pieces and use them to create our letters and tags from camp.  And they would be amazing.  They would be enough. They would be us.

Colleen Attara, letters from camp, Camp OMHG

This is how I create the little tags that go on each package that I mail out with orders.

I look over my desk and use all the little pieces that are left over; pieces of paper touched with paint. A bit of string.  A stamp from a letter. These go out with orders.  These go out to friends.  And they go out to say thank you.

Colleen Attara, letters from camp, Camp OMHG

“Thank you for that lovely comment you left me on Etsy.”

“Thank you for supporting my business.”

“Thank you for your friendship.”

“Thank you for showing up here.”

I keep a pile of bits and pieces in a small box on my desk.  I go there to create.  This is where the story is.

Colleen Attara, letters from camp, Camp OMHG

It is in the pieces that are left over. Your story is in the pieces that fall to the bottom of your bag or lay on the side of your desk.  Sew them on a letter.  Glue them on the tag that you saved from a new dress.  Send out these magical letters from camp.

 Stay with me here.  Reach into your bags. Pick them up and turn them over.  Use all the scraps.  Play a bit. Write a letter. Add some string. Share it here. We will be at camp together in real time, but till then show me your magic here.


  1. April Heather Art says:

    I want to go to camp with you Colleen! How delightfully tactile it is to play with bits–sewing, writing, painting, fiddling. Especially in the digital age! And as the recipient of one of your little tags I can say how special it feels to receive this little bit o’ magic.

    • colleen attara says:

      Heather…yes! Camp indeed…me and you. I cannot wait to put some little tiny pieces of fabric, string and paper before you and see what you do with it. I can see one of your girls in a dress and hat made out of scraps of paper. It will be magical, like you….xoxoxo.

  2. This is so beautiful, Colleen! What a magical way to let people know they are appreciated! In this digital age, nothing beats the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you receive some heartfelt snail mail…it’s so real and tangible. Love this!

    • colleen attara says:

      Kimberly…so true. And I love just playing with the bits and pieces on my desk. Serendipity. And a bit of a game….”what can I make with this?”. Big rainy day hugs to you!

  3. Citlalli says:

    I loved this, Colleen! This made me want to go to camp with you, it sounds like a grand time!
    I love the personal touch you put into your packaging…magical and touching. Handwritten notes make me happy, which is why I include handwritten letters in my packaging along with some fabric scraps.

    • colleen attara says:

      Kindred spirits we are! It is always the small thoughtful things that are remembered. The small gestures. Those bits of fabric must delight your customers. And it is always fun to see someone’s true handwriting. Thank you for sharing with me.

  4. Jenelle Montilone says:

    As I read this, I recall stories of the enchanted and inspired weekend you spent at Squam- it fills me with joy, peace, and adventure all at once. Be still & go forward at the same time would be my note on scraps, bit, and bobs- missing you dear friend!

    • colleen attara says:

      Yes..Squam was so in my mind when I wrote this Jenelle. A magical place indeed. Following pompoms in the woods. Glorious. We gotta go to real camp….

    • colleen attara says:

      Lori-Ann..I do this with food too…invite friends over for dinner. We all bring a dish, but you have to use what is in your kitchen. So creative and fun. Wish you lived closer.

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