Pick Your Power(Balls!)


Summer is in full swing and so are summer camps! My son’s preschool is offering various week-long programs and this year I’m helping out with a few of them. Last week was Cooking Camp, but seeing as the children were all two to five years old in age, and letting little ones play with fire or operate stoves is highly frowned upon by the authorities, our “cooking” involved a lot of no-bake, but still tasty recipes and food crafts.

One of the recipes the kids made together at camp was energy balls. We have a version we make at home based on a Powerball recipe from the now defunct Wonder Time magazine, so for this month’s post, I doodled up the recipe for you. It’s high energy, big flavor, and totally adaptable to your tastes. PLUS, it’s no-baking, which makes it perfect for summer time “cooking.” My son is one of those “grab and go grazers” when it comes to eating, so these are great for getting something with some calories and nutrition in him!

To make Powerballs, you start with your basic ingredients…


Then pick your goodies to power them up!


Before camp I’d never had powerballs with coconut in them, but now that I have, it’s SO going in every batch from here on out (along with all the other goodies!)

So click here or on any of the pictures above to download the recipe. The illustrated recipe prints letter size, but there’s a 4″x6″ card in the center with just the ingredients and instructions that you can cut out for your recipe box.

Enjoy! And if you have favorite summer camp recipes to share or suggestions for yummy goodness to add to these powerballs, leave a comment below!

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  1. I can’t wait to try these. They look amazing. I’m running to my cabinets to see if I have all of the ingredients right now. Shucks, no oats. Now I’m running to the grocery store to get oats. I’m making this when I get back. Off I go vroom…vroom.

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