Postcard from camp: The freedom to adventure

Good morning, sunrise.

My brother (SoCal born + raised) texted me:  You busy the end of May? Can I come visit?

Me: Sure! 

Him: Tickets bought! Would love to see the Atlantic Ocean. Never been! How far? 

Me: Five hours to Charleston, SC. Let’s go!

Two weeks later, I picked him up at the airport at 10 pm and in our drive back to my house we decided to leave the very next morning for the Atlantic. We woke up, rented a car and started driving. I booked a hotel right on the beach (a crazy good price because it was…Thursday). When we arrived, we threw our stuff in the room, changed and ran out to the beach and jumped in. It was a random Thursday, we planned nothing and suddenly – we were in the ocean!

As I floated around, I decided that this is what I want from summer, self-employment, LIFE. The freedom to take off for 48 hours. The adventurousness to make it up on the fly. The trust that I know myself, my finances, and my businesses enough to listen to my instincts and act!

What do you need to trust yourself to do, to adventure, to explore?

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  1. Sara DiMantova says:

    Tara I LOVE this!!! This is exactly what I want from summer + life. You have put into words something I haven’t been able to express. Happy for you + your brother’s adventure. Love love love.

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