Postcards From Camp: Nature Is Good Medicine

Everyday Magic Postcards From Camp

It’s summer in Arizona, but instead of the usual intense and dry heat, there is crispness in the air and it smells like rain. My husband has Monday and Tuesday off and we are kid-free. It’s a workday for me, but we haven’t taken an escape to nature together in months, something that used to be routine on weekends, so we decide to pack up our gear and head to camp. The baby will be here in two months and these impromptu escapes won’t be as easy come October.

The car is loaded and we take the mountain pass along bumpy back roads to our lake destination – one of few bodies of water in Arizona. It feels magical. My guilt of my to-do list slowly dwindles as we leave it all behind. The green grass, the quiet lake, the sunset, the billions of stars, and the hammock- this is just what we needed.

I come home refreshed the next day. My brain is a little clearer. The world I left seems more vibrant and still in one piece despite my absence. I realize again how important these escapes are. Nature is good medicine.

What do you prescribe for yourself when you need to escape, refresh, and clear your mind?


  1. Yvonne Rhinehart says:

    It’s so good to just get away from it all for a few hours sometimes. I’m glad you had such a lovely time. Usually for me, it’s about finding a good song and just letting myself dance. Lately though it’s been about exploring the world.

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