Summer Break & Postcards From Camp

Camp OMHG, Summer Break, Postcards from Camp

It’s been a busy two months at Camp OMHG learning new skills and sharing our stories, but a great camp isn’t all busyness +  business. Lakeside chilling, hammock swinging, sweet tea slurping, laughing under the stars with friends- summer calls for us to slow down and enjoy the good life. So we’re taking our cue from Susannah Conway’s annual August Break and winding down to share a little slice of summer and a deep collective breath before September. Our #OMHG chats are on vacation until September too but we’ll still be visiting and having our forum hangouts for members!

This month we are ending Camp OMHG with a summer break and sharing Postcards from Camp-a simple daily post of a picture + paragraph or summer story from our contributors and community starting August 5th. We’ll be posting moments where we rested and took time out to revel in the summer. My refuelling station is a perfect beach day like the one up top with my girls gazing out into the Atlantic. Yours is maybe a quiet patio and a magazine, crafting in pj’s all day, cooking a simple meal or a gathering with friends. All our hard work building businesses can overshadow the need to simply enjoy life, I hope this little break encourages our whole community to unplug + slow down and helps my mind do the same!

I’ll be heading offline for most of August except to help Playful Learning go around the world on a tour I planned that launched TODAY (my tour post is up tomorrow) + visiting in the forums with members. I have plans of lazing around, snuggling my girls, climbing sand dunes, exploring beaches + making time to write letters and send out crafty Camp OMHG packages to online friends. Even if it isn’t summer where you are maybe we’ll inspire you to take time and rest up while we do. OMHG and I will be back in September well slept and sun soaked-in the meantime enjoy our postcards from camp or submit your own…


Join us in being not busy-submit one picture (can be a photo or illustration) and a paragraph of a moment where you truly rested or one that sums up your summer vacation. Share your postcard in the comments or upload it using our submission form at the bottom of this page & choose ‘other’ from the drop down menu. Submissions will be shared throughout the month on OMHG so we can all relax together!

What is your idea of a perfect summer moment? 


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