September on OMHG: Creative Communities

Creative Communities, Oh My! Handmade September theme

This month on OMHG we are exploring creative communities together! Where do creatives gather to make and connect? Let’s find out- take us on a photo walk of a creative spot in your neighbourhood (or one you love)! Introduce us to an awesome community leader, group or team! Illustrate your favourite creative space! Get creative and share your on and offline communities, making spaces, and gatherings by submitting a post for our theme (get all the details on our theme & how to submit right here!). Or tag your places, photos and stories on Instagram or Twitter #creativecommunities to share snapshots or snippets of life in your creative community. We’ll compile the photos and share your community pictures weekly on OMHG with a link back to you.

We can’t wait to learn:



  1. Janelle D says:

    I love this idea! I just joined a “creative playgroup”a little while ago. Just a group of ladies of all ages making art and creating together. It’s such a special part of my month when we get together!

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