Project 2014-Choose Your Own Adventure

Project 2014, Oh My! Handmade

Happy, happy, happy 2014 to our wonderful creative community of goodness! This month on OMHG we are celebrating the fresh start of the new year by creating and sharing our project plans for choosing our own adventures in 2014. For the month of January join us as we post projects of all sizes that we want to take steps toward, along with ideas, inspiration, support, and resources for following through on our plans.

To get us started here is a little printable inspiration for our workspaces to encourage us to be foolish and think big (but remember we can always start small!). Click here or the image below to download the PDF!

"Start a huge, foolish project" Rumi, free printable, Oh My! Handmade

I hope our Project 2014 theme inspires us all to get creative and gets the ball rolling for fun collaborative projects this year! This is a great month to plan a project/group challenge like a daily doodle or weekly photo, think up a strategy for starting your own Success Squad, reaching out and creating a product collaboration, or planning a crafty meet up or an annual event…just to name a few. I’m so excited to hear about and support your projects in the new year!

So tell us:


We would love to share your Project 2014 posts, plans and printables this month. Hop on over to our submission page and join in our theme + post your ideas and thoughts on great 2014 projects in the comments below to meet up with other creatives! 

Ready to join in the Project 2014 fun? Grab a 400×400 badge below (feel free to resize as needed!) & post it on your own site and share a project you want to plan this year & then let us know in the comments so we can cheer you on!


PS: For more collaboration with amazing creatives along with accountability and project planning support come join our OMHG member forums and get access to our new Project 2014 group + video member meet ups and email check ins starting this month.

Happy Project Planning!


  1. Kate says:

    2014 is set to be a very big year for me as I’ve left the day job (despite not making any money from my creative pursuits at present!). The primary aim of this is to spend more, better quality time with my son and improve our family’s lifestyle (with more time but a lot less money!).
    I have big plans for Mrs M though, to:
    – turn my fabric design work into a viable small business;
    – improve my blog and increase readership and engagement; and
    – exhibit my artwork more widely.
    I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s (undoubtedly bigger and better!) projects for the year!

    • Happy New Year Kate!! Leaving your day job for spending more time with your son and family while working on your small business is a wonderful project to dedicate your year to. There might be bigger goals but I doubt there are better ones 🙂 I’ll be cheering you on every step of the way!

    • Happy 2014 Lenore! I love your project of boosting your day-to-day creativity & spending more time cultivating artistic time + that you are joining in the Lu & Ed #creativedaily photo challenge! Hope that OMHG can help support and inspire you with your adventures in creativity this year 🙂

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