Question of the Week: How do you cultivate your business?


How do you cultivate (take care of) your business & creativity so you can do your best work? Do you set time aside for growing your business daily or weekly? Or doodle every morning to get your creativity kickstarted? Do you invest in events, classes or resources. Tell us how you keep your business + creativity growing!

This month on OMHG we are talking about growing our businesses & creativity from shoots to roots-help out your fellow creatives by sharing what works for you when cultivating your business & staying creative!

We’re trying out a new series of weekly questions based on our themes & our #OMHG chats every Thursday from 1-2pm EST! Meet up in the comments to talk about our question of the week,  connect with other makers + entrepreneurs to learn from each other and swap knowledge + stop by our chats to visit us in real time.

See you there!

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  1. Cherish Driskell says:

    I have been working on visual note-taking, sketching everything from organizing work projects to planning meals. I’ve been doing one daily sketch to help capture ideas, experiences, and memories.

  2. I usually start my week listening to something inspirational and motivating. I set clear goals of what I need to achieve on a daily/weekly basis & make sure I have some fresh air every day which helps me to be creative.
    I find I’m more creative in the mornings and so I leave the business stuff I have to do in the afternoons x

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