Shoots & Roots: Growing Our Businesses Together

April Theme: Shoots & Roots, designed by Gaia Cornwall


Growth is an erratic forward movement: two steps forward, one step back. Remember that and be very gentle with yourself.

Julia Cameron, The Artists Way

Hello April! Is it Spring where you are? Outside my window snow and ice are coating all the little buds and shoots in the garden, school is closed for a snow day, I’m starting to wonder if maybe Spring has forgotten us so it is the perfect time for a growing theme! Nurturing a business or garden is always easier when the conditions are right, the soil is rich, and the sun is gentle but doing the same work when the ground is frozen solid is a whole lot harder. Both challenge us to grow and change in different ways and need totally different tools if we want our creative gardens to thrive.

This month on OMHG we will explore the many ways we grow our businesses and creativity from the shoots to the roots. We’ll gather the tools we need to plant, tend, harvest and bring to market all our cultivated goodness while building our businesses in a mindful way-want to join us?

We’re looking for submissions on how business and gardening overlap from the shoots to the roots. Share your stories, illustrations and knowledge on:

  • Growing a creative business

  • Cultivating and nurturing our creativity/community/businesses/selves…

  • Tools & resources for creative or business growth

  • Printable inspiration for growing & blooming

  • Harvesting & preserving-once we’ve grown our business how do we preserve & ensure we’re ready for leaner seasons

  • Tips on growing in healthy, smart, sustainable ways

  • Are you a business owner + gardener/beekeeper/seed saver-tell us how those skills relate to your work

  • Interviews about growth with creative makers and entrepreneurs

  • Case studies of businesses growing beautifully or overcoming challenges in order to thrive

  • Survival tips on keeping your business healthy & resilient through hard time

  • Taking a step back or scaling down-stories of when growth is not the best option

  • Have another idea? Share it!


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The OMHG community has grown and changed so much over the last 4+ years, together we’ve taken crazy steps forward and also some steps back. I’ve loved watching so many of you grow your businesses in amazing ways and also been inspired when people have stepped back to focus on family or other dreams. The last 14 months have taught me that growing a business or a life that we love isn’t a straight line from start to finish, like Julia says-it is an erratic movement full of ups and downs, stops and starts. This month let’s share our stories and be gentle with each other as we grow, so even if there is ice and snow (of the literal or more businessy type) we know we’ve already prepped our gardens for the storm.


Do you think growing a business is like growing a garden? Share your thoughts in the comments & join in on our weekly #OMHG chats to discuss with other makers + entrepreneurs! 


  1. Rita Mireles says:

    I LOVE, LOVE your blog posts and relate it as much as possible to my
    “small side business”. I think it absolutely simulates the growing of a garden because we start with the idea (the seed) and little by little as we add to the idea to see how it grows and eventually what it blossoms into. And again, there may be hard parts of the growing business (stormy weather) or you don’t have enough time to give (too little water), then again, you may overdo it (too much watering), but eventually, the end result is your vision. You’re beautiful vision of what you have created, sculpted, and put your hard work into. No matter the season, we do what is needed to see that our little flower grows.

    • Thank you for this beautiful comment Rita! I love the way you’ve applied this idea so lovingly & how we can use this garden analogy for a business of any size! Your small side biz is like a little balcony garden that can bloom + bring brightness to even a small space-then maybe one day you’ll be ready for a larger plot of land!

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