A new home for the OMHG community

The new #OMHG community, powered by Communifire On July 1st OMHG announced it’s partnership with Communifire to build a new collaboration network for our community & we’ve been busy behind the scenes making it happen! We’re becoming a cooperative to unite the head, heart and hands of makers everywhere by crafting a social network of goodness where we can unplug from media that disconnects and plugin to a community that fills us up with connection.

A new home for OMHG

After over 4 years of supporting the maker and handmade communities OMHG is ready to grow up into a rallying point gathering all of us who are making lives of meaning together to craft a movement. The new space is powered by Communifire giving us all the functionality of Facebook, Google Docs & Calendar, a chat messenger, blogs, to-do lists, forums and other features but has been fully customized for us. It’s been years of searching for the perfect tool that would help us virtually work, play and live together as a community, now we finally have it!

Uniting the head, heart and hands

We have new categories for our posts and archives for the Head, Heart & Hands. These three things, or thinking, being, doing, are what make OMHG special and are the foundation for our community. We have a new editorial calendar of all our upcoming themes for the next 12 months to make it even easier to share your stories and skills with us. Head over to the Submit page to learn more or click here to download the 2014-2015 editorial calendar and start planning your submissions.

Our new community is ‘warm as soup & cozy as pie’ so if you aren’t already part of the OMHG family sign up to become a Community Citizen and move on into the new space with us. Members who haven’t visited yet, login to the forums for all the details on our big move. We’ll be doing a public launch of the community in September with videos, guides & all kinds of housewarming goodness once we have a chance to move over 864 topics and 13,150 replies from the old forums!

In a world that keeps encouraging us to shout to be heard we are choosing to listen carefully and work together instead of adding to the noise. We’re building meaningful connections, the kind that lift you up, inspire confidence, and offer you a safety net for taking action on what you care about most from crafting a lovely life to making positive change. Become

I hope you’ll be part of this next step for our community & the OMHG family, be sure to let us know your questions, ideas, suggestions & thoughts in the comments! 


  1. April Heather Art says:

    Fresh, uplifting, & innovative–that’s what OMHG always is! Excited to see how you once again bring us all together!

  2. Cody says:

    I am so very excited about the direction OMHG is going in & stoked to be a part of it! thank you for all your hard work, Jessika! I love the new community space!

  3. Genevieve says:

    I absolutely adore our new cozy digs! I’m so happy we partnered up with Communifire — they have made the most amazing set of tools to use!

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