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Petit Mail, The Petit Cadeau

Sometimes when you have a great idea, a brilliant idea, you really want to share that idea with a group of supportive, like-minded, creative friends. You want to ask, “do you like this idea too?”

Last Fall, I decided that I wanted to create a monthly snail mail subscription for young children. Canada Post was in the midst of announcing postage rate increases, and I suddenly felt my love of snail mail grow stronger. My daughter NJ (age 3) and I always go on “adventures” to our community mailbox – she loves to check the mail and help open the mail. While there are other subscription-type products for children, nothing I found felt quite right for the pre-school age group.


You know that quote “create the things you wish existed”? That’s exactly what I did, with the help of my creative friends along the way. On October 24, 2013, I jumped into the OMHG forums to share my idea and get some feedback. It’s the perfect place to plant a seed (an idea) and get wonderful input from other creative minds on how to nurture and grow that idea into reality.

The response from OMHG members was overwhelmingly positive, and that was just the inspiration I needed to take my idea from “just a thought” to an actual product. Forum friends provided input on how to handle the subscription start-up and made suggestions for printing options. There were many other wonderful suggestions for including little extras each month, and ways to keep families engaged with the monthly subscription, some of which subscribers will find in coming months! It was so nice to see OMHG members joining in to suggest boy and girl names for my “name the characters” contest. The winning suggestions are Oliver +Olivia. Each month, young children (ideally suited for ages 3-6) receive a letter from Oliver or Olivia with fun elements, like embossed textures for touching and feeling, bright colored envelopes, themed stamps, tape, and more!

Petit Mail, The Petit Cadeau


Petit Mail, The Petit Cadeau

Petit Mail (monthly snail mail for children) subscriptions are now available in 6 and 12 month subscriptions for Canada, US and International subscribers. You can read more about the product launch or pop over to the shop to check out the subscription options. The first letter “Olivia gets the mail” heads out to mailboxes around the world on April 15.

MANY thanks to the wonderful support from so many OMHG forum friends, your contributions have helped grow an inspired idea into reality. It’s truly like having your very own creative board of directors at your fingertips. The perfect way to nurture YOUR creative business ideas into reality.

Has sharing ideas with friends & supporters ever helped you grow? Share with us in the comments(PS: You can grab your membership to our forums right here)! 


  1. Alison @ The Petit Cadeau Blog says:

    Thank you so much for sharing my exciting story of how Petit Mail became a reality with the help of the OMHG community. It truly is one of the most supportive and helpful groups of creatives you could ever ask for!

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