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Oh My! MakerMail 2014 Gifting Edition

We’ve all been there: staring at the collection of knickknacks in the store, trying to find the perfect little gift for a friend or loved one. Finding a gift with a personal touch is difficult, especially in a marketplace full of things designed with profit first in mind. Enter MakerMail: a delightful new way to connect you with Makers across the globe via sweet moments and beautiful handmade objects. Each delivery comes straight from its Maker with a handwritten note, to create a precious and singular connection.


MakerMail is a collaborative project entirely created by the OMHG community of makers. We took an idea thrown around at an #OMHG chat and turned it into a beautifully-crafted movement directly connecting makers to buyers. Each item is handmade with love & shipped from the Maker to you, a series of sweet little goodies arriving to brighten your day & connect you with our community! We want your MakerMail to feel like a gift from a dear friend, so each package comes with a personal handwritten note.

There are two lovely options to choose from for the 2014 Gifting Edition:

Sign up for Letter Mail and 3 of our makers will send 3 flat mailers of pretty little paper goods, like prints and notecards, to your recipient (or you!).

Sign up for Packages and 3 of our makers will send beautiful handmade objects, wrapped for giving, right to your mailbox.


2014 Gifting Edition Makers

Your MakerMail products will be chosen at random for a sweet surprise at your door! More on our makers & how MakerMail works here

MakerMail packages ship November 19th with plenty of time for seasonal giving. Signups close November 10th and we have limited numbers of letter mail and packages available. Click the buttons below to choose your MakerMail and join our movement of moments.

MM_packages MM_lettermail