QOTW: Survival Skills for Creatives

Question of the Week: Survival Skills for Creatives

What skills are necessary for your creative survival?

Last week we packed our virtual backpacks for an adventure into the unknown and this week we are looking at the toolbox we carry around inside us to take an inventory of our survival skills. Adventures don’t always go as planned but even if we lose all the gear we’ve packed we can still be well equipped for exploration!

There are times in life & biz we find ourselves lost in the wilderness, needing to rebuild, start fresh, or find inspiration to keep going – that is when we need to reach in deep to pull out our inner Swiss army knife of skills.

Share in the comments at least ONE tool can you reach for when you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed & help your fellow creative adventurers stock up on their survival skills!

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  1. susan says:

    When I’m really stuck I take time to clean up my space (hmmm, now that I think about it I guess I don’t get stuck nearly as often as I need to…). I usually find scraps, supplies, other projects, etc. that I’d forgotten about and either they give me a new idea or sometimes seeing other things I’ve made gives me a boost of confidence to push on rather than doubt myself. And having a tidier work space doesn’t hurt my productivity one bit either!

  2. Cortney Nichols says:

    My survival skill/tool is knowledge! When I come across something that is standing in my way I know where and how to get the information I need to overcome it! I love that if I ever want to learn something or investigate something the information is readily available to me (thanks technology!).

  3. Karen says:

    My most important survival skill is the big Reset. When I get overwhelmed, overbooked, or under inspired, I stop. I take a Deep Breath. I look around and ask what’s the most important thing I can do, right this minute, to move my vision forward?

    It’s easy to take the very next step once I know what it is. I have Tara Swiger to thank for that!

  4. Barb Austin Lieberman says:

    When I get stuck, I go back to square one. I re-read blogs I wrote about the roots and inspiration of my business. I go back to the vision board I made. I recommend that touchstone in particular. Why did you start this? What has kept you going to this point? It is often just the spark you need to reignite your passion and fire.

  5. Rosalie Gale says:

    I get inspired when I plan everything out. I’ve got a complicated system of projects and tasks and am completely obsessed with David Allen’s GTD (Getting Things Done). When I’m feeling out of control, I re-evaluate my projects and goals and push somethings out to the future or decide not to do others altogether. It’s always a big relief.

  6. Melissa Wert says:

    My tool is a comfy pillow and a snuggly blanket! When I truly get overwhelmed and the project (or, life!) is big enough, I need a good night’s sleep to wake up with a different, clearer mindset. I know that if I stay focused on the task, I will keep overthinking it and will eventually make myself sick with worry. A new, fresh morning always brings me the clear perspective I am looking for!

  7. Anabella Zagura says:

    When I get stuck, I switch gears to a completely different part of my life that I love – dance, cook, walking in nature, playing with my daughter, etc. If I fully immerse myself in a very different kind of activity, I come back to my work with a fresh perspective, and new inspiration.

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