2015 Super Simple Intention Setter

Simple Intention Setter Image by Joyful Roots

It’s that time of year again where fresh ideas and a blank slate await! Do you find that wonderfully exciting or does it bring up some feelings of anxiety or down-right dread? For me, it’s a little of both.

This is my second New Year as a mom and with a very mobile toddler running around and little sleep, I’m looking for ways to plan my year and find some focus without making it very complicated. If you want to add some intention to your year but don’t have a ton of time or aren’t really into planning, I’ve created a printable that might help you, the 2015 Super Simple Intention Setter worksheet, which you can download below.

Each year, I start out by picking a word of the year. For good or for bad, I’ve never spent a lot of time choosing a word, but rather went with my gut instinct. Last year my word was “Focus.” This word was pinned to my brain the whole year and I actually managed to gain some focus by the end! While I intended the word to direct me into focusing my business, the word gained another meaning – I learned to better focus on life around me by being more present. Each time I felt my focus was at stake, it was like having a little bird on my shoulder to remind me of my goal.

This year, my word is “Organize.” It’s not the most exciting word but I’m really looking forward to de-cluttering my physical and mental space in order to start becoming better organized and a bit saner. Having a 15-month-old running around can create quite a bit of chaos, so I feel like I’m in great need of creating a little more zen in other parts of my life.

What will your word of the year be? Fill it out in big, bold affirming letters on the free worksheet. If you need help discovering it, Susannah Conway has a great little activity to help you find your word that you can access here.

After I have my word, I like to pick five actionable steps that I can take to live my word to the fullest that year. (Hint: Save your biggest, most bold, most courageous act for the end of the worksheet). These steps help to solidify and guide me by having a simple plan. Of course, as the year goes on, your steps might flux, but I think it helps to have a starting place.

For example, one of my actionable steps is going to be planning out major deadlines and things I want to accomplish in my calendar now, while also setting e-mail notifications so that I can stay on task. What are some actionable steps that you can take to make your word of the year take shape? Write them down.

Now here’s your chance to really push yourself. What’s that one big move that you know would really launch you forward, but you maybe have been holding back? For me, it’s showing my work to art licensing companies. I’ve been meaning to do this for the past two years, but this year I am going to make it happen! I’m writing it down on my worksheet so that it is set in ink and there’s no going back. I said it, so now I have to hold myself accountable! Do you have one big move you know you want to make happen this year? Write it down! Better yet, tell us in the comments for an extra layer of accountability.



Click here or on the image to download your PDF worksheet 

Happy New Year! I hope you make big dreams happen! What big move do you want to make happen this year? 


  1. Rosie says:

    This is such a great idea, I’m gonna print this out later and fill it in. My main goal for the year is to get organised as I would like to become self-employed within the next couple of years and there is no point unless I can become more organised.

    • Hi Rosie…I hope the worksheet helped you! It seems like Organize is a very common word this year, and an important one! Yes, I think it’s a huge first step and I wish, quite frankly, that I had done a bit more of it at the very beginning. Good luck!!

  2. Cherish Driskell says:

    Love this, thank you Kimberly. I also like the word organized but this year I am leaning towards the word focus to push myself along.

  3. Karen says:

    My work is Gentle. I need to continue to focus on kindness and patience toward myself and my goals, as well as my family. I’m also focusing on Presence, and my puppy and 365 days of Presence will help with that!

    • Karen, I think your word for this year is just perfect for you! I love that your whole business is embodied by the word Gentle and I think it’s such an important (yet often underrated) quality to put into the world! Happy 2015!

  4. Heather Green says:

    So many words to choose . . . Mine is Time (working towards being on time — or at least closer to it, maximizing the little toddler-free time I have, freeing up time to create art, finish projects before starting new ones, and being present when spending time with family and friends). I suppose organization and prioritizing are involved . . .

    • Hey Heather! I think your word of the year is really wonderful and I can totally relate. I especially think finding ways to create more time for ourselves will be very important this year. Also, being present is so important…that’s something I want to work on this year too. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  5. I agree with Heather Green, there are so many words to choose from. The word I finally settled on is Balance. I am working on finding balance between growing my business and taking care of myself at the same time. This includes balancing my inner critic with realistic expectations. Also, balancing time to work on my business and housework, at least until I can generate enough income to pay someone to come and do the housework! 😉

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