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Get inspired! Printables for Adventurers

Find inspiration for your next great adventure with these printables from the OMHG archives, take a look through all our printables here or submit your own. Thank you to all our contributors who have shared their printable awesomeness with us over the years, you are the best!

“Go out there & be awesome” print by Shauna Lynn

Oh Precious Heart printable (click for 4 colour variations).
“Start a huge foolish project” print 

Camp OMHG Party Pack by Geri of The Languid Lion

Camp OMHG Printable Merit Badges round #1

Camp OMHG Merit Badges round #2

“You can grow ideas in the garden of your mind.” by Kimberly of Joyful Roots

Today I Am Going to Be Amazing OMHG printable

Businessy launch planner + debriefing worksheets 

When life gives you lemons…make lemonade cupcakes! Cupcake set by Lisa of Moxie Pear. 

Happy adventuring!

Campfire tales: exploring new worlds

Mei Pak designs a line of scented food jewelry at Tiny Hands. She sells in over 70 stores across the USA, appeared on TV numerous times, was featured on glossy magazines like Every Day With Rachael Ray, InTouch Magazine & Earnshaw’s and is praised by the likes of Hello Giggles, Incredible Things, Cool Mom Picks and more. On the side, Mei also blogs at The Pragmatic Designer and together with her husband, developed Craftivity, a webapp that helps makers, artists and designers reach more of their goals and be more productive.

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QOTW: What do you truly treasure?


“I’m an adventurer, looking for treasure” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Do you often stop to pay attention to all the treasures you already have? What is it that you truly treasure more than anything, why?

This week on OMHG we’re adventurers on a treasure hunt to discover the goodness in our daily lives, come with us!

*Reminder: Jessika will be travelling during #OMHG chat from the 16-25 but you are all invited to meet up on Twitter or in the comments to discuss our questions of the week + be sure to join our member-only mini-retreat!*

Our weekly questions are based on our themes (this summer we’re on our 2nd annual Camp OMHG adventure) & kick off our #OMHG chats every Thursday from 1-2pm EST! Meet up in the comments to talk about our question of the week, connect with other creatives, learn from each other and swap knowledge. Want more? Stop by our chats to visit us in real time or click the banner below to join our members community.