OMHG is making a cooperative social network for the head + heart + hands. We are creating true community where we are citizens with a vote & not just members. Unplug from social media that disconnects and plug in to a community that fills you up with goodness, ready to make a difference, in your day and our world.


Social media can be like fast food, it fills us up, but leaves us hungry for the goodness under the surface. OMHG is cultivating true, meaningful connections. The kind that lift you up, inspire confidence, and offer support for taking action on what you care about most whether it’s crafting a lovely life, creating a business, making positive change, or mixing up your own brand of special sauce.

In a world that encourages us to shout to be heard we listen carefully and work together instead of adding to the noise. 

You don’t need to think you are a ‘maker’ to join us – we are not a club or a clique, everyone is welcome. OMHG is a friendly, respectful neighbourhood, we welcome and seek out diversity because true community is always inclusive.  Whether you make art or make change if you want to make more goodness in your life, pull up a seat at our table, and bring something to share.

Becoming a Citizen

We are committed to staying advertising, sponsorship, and financing free while being accessible to anyone. Give what you can monthly to become a Community Citizen, get a voice & vote in our future, use our powerful collaboration platform, and be part of making a new kind of social network.

Give What You Can

Our Give What You Can pricing structure is based on the honour system, please honour the thought + love + work that goes into offering this community space and we’ll honour your contribution, whatever it is.

Businesses and organizations with services, supplies or resources can join as marketplace members & receive a listing + community profile.


Membership is easy, citizenship takes effort. How many social networks invite you to be part of writing Terms of Use and policies, choosing where to invest resources, designing how things work/look, or what the next grand collaboration should be? Citizenship means no sudden policy changes, advertisements, or additional fees without community input and approval. How this community works is evolving and requires your participation-we need all kinds of thinkers, dreamers and makers to make a movement!

       Become a Community Citizen


The Platform

The OMHG community is fuelled by Communifire, a powerful toolbox of collaboration software. It offers us a nearly unlimited virtual playground: Facebook-style walls | Private messaging & notifications | Group forums + blogs +  wikis | Real time chat | File sharing | Calendars & events | Private groups & spaces | Photo galleries & video sharing | + more! Use just a few features and have a simple Facebook like experience or dive into the tools and really start making things awesome.

Who We Are

Since 2010 OMHG has been offering advocacy, support, resources, and gatherings for the creative community, learn more about us here. We’re developing a citizen-led community for the head, heart, and hands because we need more diverse, inclusive, warm, respectful, democratic communities on & offline. We hope to welcome you as a member and make a movement together.  


Why It Matters

Click here to read director Jessika’s thoughts on cliques, clubs, community + the future of citizenship online 


Community illustrations by Gaia Cornwall