Match + Maker: Sign Up to Meet Your Creative Match on Oh My! HandmadeThe wonder of the internet is that it allows our creative community to meet kindred spirits all over the world but sometimes we’d really just like a friend near by to meet up with for tea, make dates, collaborations (or revolutions) and hang outs. Often we don’t even know where to start making a friend like that or shyness keeps us from reaching out to someone we’d like to meet. Enter Match + Maker!

Match + Maker pairs up compatible makers for local visits and an interview/studio tour to be published on OMHG in February to spread the maker love. We get a great story, you both make an awesome new friend, and the creative community gets a little bit friendlier!  This service is open to all makers/creative entrepreneurs of all levels and abilities who are open to making a new offline friend and writing about them for us. Just fill out the survey below before November 15, 2014 to get paired up with another maker & receive your assignment + deadline. Ready?

Fill out our Match + Maker survey to get started!

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Hooray, thank you for joining in (you did, right?)! Once a compatible match is found your will be emailed an introduction and get info about how to submit your Match + Maker posts!

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