tutorial: make a yummy natural sugar scrub

moisturizing sugar scrub tutorial, anointment natural skin care

With the holidays around the corner and cold, dry winter weather upon us here in eastern Canada, I wanted to share a nice sugar scrub to make a great handcrafted gift for family and friends on your gift list this year. This scrub will tame the dry, flaky skin winter brings, and makes an excellent stocking stuffer.

Here’s what you need to make your own Moisturizing Sugar Scrub:

moisturizing sugar scrub tutorial, anointment natural skin care


  • Mixing Bowl
  • Kitchen Scale
  • Spoon
  • Towel (7)
  • Heavy Bottomed saucepan (5)
  • Pipette or measuring spoons (4)


  • 90 g white sugar (1)
  • 30 g brown sugar* (2) *You can substitute turbinado or demerara sugar for a coarse scrub
  • 45 g shea butter (honey can be substituted) (3)
  • 5 g liquid vegetable glycerine (optional)
  • 5 g jojoba or extra virgin olive oil (6)
  • 25 drops essential oil of your choice (some popular choices are lavender, sweet orange, and clary sage)
  • 2 Vitamin E capsules, broken and contents squeezed into recipe

moisturizing sugar scrub tutorial, anointment natural skin care

1. Carefully weigh all dry ingredients and mix together, making sure to remove all lumps.  Meanwhile, in a heavy bottomed saucepan, carefully melt shea butter, watching it closely, as it can begin to smoke and burn.

moisturizing sugar scrub tutorial, anointment natural skin care

2/3. Slowly mix melted shea butter, jojoba oil, glycerine, essential oils and Vitamin E into dry ingredients.

Spoon your Moisturizing Sugar Scrub into a decorative jar, add ribbon, a hand written tag, and voila, you have a personalized handmade gift or a wonderful addition to your regular skin care routine!

moisturizing sugar scrub tutorial, anointment natural skin care

  • http://homeconfetti.blogspot.com RoseMarie, Home Confetti

    What perfect timing! Planning a girls night IN and was planning on looking for something like this for all of us to make! thank you!!


  • http://pauletpaula.blogspot.com/ Peggy

    Oh thank you, not sure I will give this away 🙂
    first time I really will make sth like this myself!
    thank you…

  • http://www.ahmelie.com Ahmelie

    Can’t wait to try this, what a wonderful gift idea for DIY’ers!

  • http://www.exquisiteinvitation.com Chonte


  • http://www.thegoldenmeans.blogger.com maggie

    amazing! can’t wait to try out the recipe 🙂

  • Emma F

    This looks like the perfect gift for my sister-in-law’s birthday tomorrow. I have one question – I do not have any shea butter and my SIL is vegan. Would I be able to substitute coconut oil? Many thanks. I’m off to have a good look round this lovely website now, I came through from One Pretty Thing.

    • http://ohmyhandmade.com/members/ohmyhandmade/ Jessika Hepburn

      You could totally substitute coconut oil or cocoa butter instead of shea butter (which is vegan!) I would just try using a little less of the coconut oil then the recipe calls for. Welcome to OMHG!

  • http://maybethinking.com Shelly

    Looks lovely. Can it be stored at room temperature indefinetly?

    • http://ohmyhandmade.com/members/ohmyhandmade/ Jessika Hepburn

      Not indefinitely eventually the oils will go rancid-but it should last at least 6 months or more (if it lasts that long!)

  • http://randomrecycling.blogspot.com/ Emily @ Random Recycling

    Anyone know an easy way to convert the measurements to cups/tablespoons/etc?

  • Melanie P.

    I’ve been looking for instructions to make this! Can’t wait to try it!! 🙂

  • http://www.oxima-homemade.com/en.html oximahomemade

    wow)))its unusial)))its really interesting i thing
    I am addicted to needlework,handmade and crafting too…. if u want, u can check out my site http://www.oxima-homemade.com/en.html

  • chelsee

    So cool! Now if you use the honey instead of shea are you still supposed to melt it like you would the shea?

  • http://www.misscarrion.blogspot.com Heather

    I am so excited I found this recipe! I had been planning to make some sugar scrubs, and needed to know how to use the shea butter I’d bought 🙂 I’ve made gingerbread and Rose sugar scrubs for christmas gifts this year – your recipe really helped!

  • http://www.helium.com/users/524881/show_articles Colene

    This is a great recipe! I’ve only made it with regular sugar, but can’t wait to try this one out!


  • http://twitter.com/HeySugarStudio Dawn Nesta

    Did anyone else have a problem with the butter hardening after a few hours in the jar?