Since 2010 OMHG has been a gathering place for creativity, community, and collaboration led by organizer Jessika Hepburn. We’ve worked together to gather and celebrate our diverse stories, talents and knowledge while asking important questions through our site, chats and events. What started out as a resource grew into a community of kind, creative folk using their head + heart + hands to make good lives. To learn more about Jessika Hepburn or her work as a community organizer and consultant come visit her here. 

Community by Contribution 

For many years OMHG hosted a welcoming peer support community where we could unplug from social media that disconnects and plug in to a community that fills us up with goodness ready to make a difference, in our day and our world. This inclusive community space was offered by donation so makers could contribute what they can financially or with skills and time. The community space is currently taking a break, if you would like to be part of making an inclusive and accessible gathering places for makers online please contact Jessika.

Stories for our Heads, Hearts & Hands

Since 2010 OMHG has published over 1200 posts sharing the stories, skills and talents of the creative community. Here everyone is an expert but no one is the expert-what a difference that has made! For 5 years over 50 contributors from around the world explored making a life of meaning from all angles and are a welcoming place no matter where you might be at on your creative journey. Every month we took on a new theme from celebrations of awesomeness to living an ethical life, our diverse perspectives keeping things lovely & lively. Currently we are not accepting contributions but you can check out the archives.


For over three years the OMHG community met weekly on Twitter with the hashtag #OMHG. Click here to learn more about our chats.

The OMHG Story

To learn more about where we’ve been & how we got here read community organizer Jessika’s timeline of growing OMHG from a tiny seed into a community garden or visit her about page. Spend some time in our archives seeing how we’ve grown and finding food for the head, heart and hands.

Social media can be like fast food, it fills us up, but leaves us hungry for the goodness under the surface. OMHG’s goal was cultivating true, meaningful connections. The kind that lift you up, inspire confidence, and offer support for taking action on what you care about most whether it’s crafting a lovely life, creating a business, making positive change, or mixing up your own brand of special sauce.

In a world that encourages us to shout to be heard we can choose to listen carefully and work together instead of adding to the noise.

You don’t need to think you are a ‘maker’ to join us – we are not a club or a clique, everyone is welcome. OMHG is a friendly, respectful neighbourhood, we welcome and seek out diversity because true community is always inclusive.  Whether you make art or make change if you want to make more goodness in your life, pull up a seat at our table, and bring something to share.

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