A New Year’s Revolution

Dear loves & fellow makers, Why don’t we abandon resolutions on the garbage heap of good intentions and commit ourselves to revolutions instead? In the face of fear, intolerance, uncertainty, and rising rage I raise an overflowing glass to call in revolution, a toast to goodness, a cheers to the possibility of change. If “magic … Read more

Democracy is a Strong Seed

Democracy will not come Today, this year Nor ever Through compromise and fear. I have as much right As the other fellow has To stand On my two feet And own the land. I tire so of hearing people say, Let things take their course. Tomorrow is another day. I do not need my freedom … Read more

Outside of the Box

In today’s multicultural world, the truly reliable path to coexistence, to peaceful coexistence and creative cooperation, must start from what is at the root of all cultures and what lies infinitely deeper in human hearts and minds than political opinion, convictions, antipathies, or sympathies – it must be rooted in self-transcendence: Transcendence as a hand … Read more

It’s not talent, it’s just work.

People often ask me if I discipline myself to write, if I work a certain number of hours a day on a schedule. They ask this question with envy in their voices and awe on their faces and a sense of alienation all over them, as if they were addressing an armored tank or a … Read more

Go Do Some Great Thing

“What! Discouraged? Go do some great thing.” Crawford Kilian, Go Do Some Great Thing; The Black Pioneers of British Columbia This quote is the opening page to Lawrence Hill’s debut novel “Some Great Thing” – what are you reading or doing lately that inspires you to greatness? Further Reading:  Go Do Some Great Thing; The … Read more

Start Over Again

People whose lives have been shaped by history—and it is always tragic— do not want to talk about it, would rather dance, give parties on thrift-shop china. You feel wonderful in their homes, two leaky rooms, nests they stowed inside their hearts on the road into exile. They know how to fix potato peelings and … Read more

Draw a Larger Circle

I intend to do my part through the power of persuasion, by spiritual resistance, by the power of my pen, and by inviting the violence upon my own body. For what is life itself without the freedom to walk proudly before God and man and to glorify creation through the genius of self-expression? I intend … Read more

Make a Bigger Pie

We’ve changed the way we think of ourselves as citizens. We don’t think of ourselves as citizens in the old sense of being small parts of something larger and infinitely more important to which we have serious responsibilities. We do still think of ourselves as citizens in the sense of being beneficiaries – we’re actually conscious … Read more

Kindness, Rightness & the art of being equally wrong

I do not mean to encourage the guilt-ridden thinking that is always too glad to be “wrong” in everything. This too is an evasion of responsibility, because every form of oversimplification tends to make decisions ultimately meaningless. We must try to accept ourselves, whether individually or collectively, not only as perfectly good or perfectly bad, … Read more

You do, therefore you are.

I’ve known people with tremendous technical ability that haven’t gone very far. I’ve also known people with tremendous insight that never bothered to learn their craft. Craftsmanship is something that’s really going out now. The young people have no patience with craftsmanship any more. They think, therefore they am. It’s not enough. You don’t think, … Read more

#FellowMakers Part 1: Learning from History & the Triangle Factory Fire

Fellow makers, many of us have forgotten International Women’s Day began as International Working Women’s Day. The agenda? Changing conditions for the working women of the world and uniting the working class. On March 8, 1857, garment workers in New York City marched and picketed, demanding improved working conditions, a ten hour day, and equal rights … Read more

70 Ways to Build Community, Save Your Sanity, and Change the World

It’s become such a cliched phrase-something we say and recognize to be true but don’t often act on: “It takes a village to raise a child.” What does that even mean? I am asked all the time – “How can I possibly do it all?” The hard truth is you can’t. You can’t be everything … Read more

Smart Ideas’ Corner: Items To Do Out Of Playing Cards

If you are currently familiar with a small part of our work, we invite you to get to know us a little better by browsing our site and looking at extraordinary creativity sharing platform we have managed to build over the course of 5 years. we invite you to present your ideas to us and … Read more

Happy Birthday OMHG! Celebrating 5 Years of Community Goodness

On July 1st 2010 I pressed publish on my first ever OMHG post, I didn’t know it at the time but I was about to dedicate the next 5 years to championing handmade goodness and crafting a welcoming community of fellow makers. When I started my first handmade business eleven years ago there were very few places … Read more

100 Ways to Build Community this Summer

“Community” has become a popular word in marketing-speak and is used to describe everything from support groups to mentoring sessions making it harder and harder to spot real connection (you can read my full unfiltered thoughts about this here in ‘Community is Not Clubs’).  Speaking to the global maker community through OMHG has been incredible … Read more

Creative Bag: Good things come in pretty packaging

{A sponsored post by Lorrie Everitt from Creative Bag} I left my corporate day job in 2005 to purse my dream of starting my own creative business. While working for over twenty years as a visual merchandiser and marketing director for a number of large retail companies, I learned a couple of valuable lessons about selling anything. First, … Read more

Maritime Makers #CraftParty

Maritime Makers is a new volunteer collective founded when advocates of handmade from Atlantic Canada met at the Etsy Team Captain Summit in Toronto at this February. We saw a need for one main portal to connect the work of Maritime makers and maker culture in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland/Labrador, and Prince Edward Island … Read more

2015 Maker’s Retreat with Oh My! Handmade

Gather to make more community, kindness, comfort, friendship, family, warmth, delight and creativity. When we gather with the intention of nurturing honest connection we make room for real magic. The requirements for making magic are simple: a warm welcome, a beautiful place, kind diverse people, whole local foods for the body, and nourishment for the head, heart, and hands. Our … Read more

Ethical Guidelines for Blogging

Blogging seems simple enough! But did you know that you could get in legal trouble for blogging, or at least risk angering someone you admire? Consider some basic blogging ethics and understand the legal issues with blogging. Not only do you want to keep things legal, but you want your readers to trust and respect you. Here are … Read more

Make It Happen: 9 Stories from Working Women of the World

It isn’t common knowledge that International Women’s Day began as International Working Women’s Day as a response to the working conditions in garment factories where so many laboured. Intended as a day of solidarity for women of all classes to acknowledge the struggles of working women and join their call for improved conditions, wages, and equal rights the theme for … Read more

Be ethical inquirers this March with #OMHG

Every March OMHG explores ethics – from keeping our handmade community safe, reporting on the ethics of Pinterest, how to ethically pitch bloggers, the future of handmade, protecting your IP, fighting infringement, registering trademarks, and so much more in the archive. Since it is now Ethics Awareness Month and National Craft Month, for our 5th year we’re becoming ethical inquirers … Read more

{Match + Maker} Round 3: Australia – Italy – Tokyo

It is time for the last round of Match + Maker! As a community we spent February pairing up makers and making matches to help us all connect and create. Meet friends from Hong Kong to Halifax in Round 1, San Francisco to Quebec in Round 2, & makers from all over the world today. Pack your bags, we’re visiting Moldova, … Read more

Hanging Trees & Piracy: The Unapologetic Ethics of Seasalt & Co.

Note: All of the information shared in this post was posted publicly online and is speculative in nature, it is neither libel nor slander to republish publicly posted information, many items have since been deleted online and so screenshots to all referenced quotes are linked for further research. All the photos and screenshots have been archived … Read more

{Match + Maker} Round 2: San Francisco to Quebec

Meeting kind people with diverse creative interests is hard sometimes so this February we’re helping everyone match up and make new friends with Match + Maker.  As a community we are pairing up makers and making matches all around the world, meet our first 10 makers here & submit your own profile to play. Now it’s time to … Read more

{Match + Maker} Round 1: Hong Kong to Halifax

It’s time to play round one of Match + Maker with the first 10 submissions to our month of matchmaking. From Hong Kong to Halifax we’re pairing up makers and making matches, be sure to submit your profile to join in! How to Play Match + Maker: Make new friends by following each other, reaching … Read more

Make your match with Match + Maker

Last February we played Match + Maker and 100 makers around the world submitted to be matched up based on location and make new local friends. It was amazing to pair people up who lived on the same block in a major city or who lived minutes away from each other in small towns but had never … Read more

{Part 4} Dig A Business Foundation: Intellectual Property

Also in this series: {Part 1: Website}  | {Part 2: Contracts} | {Part 3: Structure} First off, I’m super proud of you for tackling each of the areas so far. We are going to wrap up with how you bring home the bacon: your business’ intellectual property. For the vast majority of creative businesses, your intellectual property … Read more

Give What You Can: Why community is not for sale & citizenship is for everyone

The community we’ve worked to create here has always been a culture of giving and openness. The people we’ve gathered are some of the most generous and open you will find anywhere, if you are kind we like you already. We are an example of how handmade can connect us across all sorts of divides … Read more

{Part 3} Dig A Business Foundation: Structure

Also in this series: {Part 1: Website}  | {Part 2: Contracts}  You are halfway through shoring up four critical aspects of your business foundation. Next we are going to focus on making sure your business structure is solid. This group of tasks is my least favorite; they have very little creativity and involve lots of red … Read more

Getting To Know – Krista Steel-Varsakis of RainCityKnits

The Getting To Know series features interviews with makers, artists, designers and small business owners at all different stages of their careers. I’m always interested in how other adventurers in the world of creative entrepreneurship run their businesses, get inspired and how they got started in the first place. I have the biggest crush on … Read more

{Part 2} Dig A Business Foundation: Contracts

Also in this series: {Part 1}  I’ll admit it; I’m a total contract nerd. I’m the one that goes off in the corner and reads through every last word when I’m buying a new phone and they hand me a contract to sign. So, I’m sad that contracts often get a bad rap. Since contracts … Read more

Music + Makers: Only The Mighty

Music + Makers is a new series that highlights musicians and makers to share how making can connect our heads, hearts, and hands across mediums.  We pick an album by a musicmaker who is crafting beautiful songs and pair them with handmakers who are also exploring similar themes or feelings in their work. Only The Mighty by Kim Harris Originally from Corner Brook, Newfoundland … Read more

{Part 1} Dig A Business Foundation: Your Website

Also in this series:  {Part 2: Contracts} | {Part 3: Structure | {Part 4:} Intellectual Property I bet you, like me, start off the New Year with huge dreams for what the year will hold. I like to pick a theme for the year. In 2015 I’m working on cultivating a strong community, both online and offline. … Read more

Play the Name Game for a New Magazine

We* are plotting a new magazine, to serve you, our craft-business-rocking friends, and we want you to help us build it right from the beginning. First, we need your help in naming it. We’re going to ask you to submit word ideas and in a week we’ll be back to ask you to vote on … Read more

2015 Super Simple Intention Setter

It’s that time of year again where fresh ideas and a blank slate await! Do you find that wonderfully exciting or does it bring up some feelings of anxiety or down-right dread? For me, it’s a little of both. This is my second New Year as a mom and with a very mobile toddler running … Read more

Make 2015 a Year Well Lived in Small Moments

Hello 2015! If you want to wake up to possibility every day this year I’m hosting 365 Days of Presence starting today and enrollment is open until the 15th of January. Here are a few of the presents I’ll be delivering this year:  For more information about 365 Days of Presence visit the course page here … Read more

#365DaysofPresence 1/1/15 : Wake Up

Welcome to the first day of noticing Presence in 2015, what did you wake up to this morning? Where will you choose to invest this precious day? Each month in 2015 we are exploring a new quality related to Presence. Download the monthly worksheet package with a character profile on our quality, questions to help … Read more

Slow Down Strategy: Find a SAFE Word

Kathy Stowell is a certified Simplicity Parenting and Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach turned Mama Bliss Coach. She is also the founder of Mama Bliss Coaching School. You can find more resources on how to take your first steps to blog for biz here. Kathy’s a Waldorf mom to two handknits-laden kids and wife to a rockclimbing-obsessed … Read more

Oh My! Gift Guide: Make It Merry

This holiday season, we’ve asked some of our favourite creatives, bloggers, makers and OMHG members to join us in rounding up great gift ideas. For our final week,  instead of gifts to buy, we’re rounding up lovely things to make during the holidays. This adorable printable garland and gift tag set from Evie Barrow is the sweetest … Read more

Book Week: Day 5

Thank you to everyone who participated in this awesome Book Week! For our final giveaway come say hi on Twitter & let me know your favourite book or author of 2014 and I’ll send you a link to download one of the OMHG digital books that will be retired in 2015! Visit us on Twitter to enter … Read more

Book Week: Day 4

Making doesn’t always have to be pretty, in fact, sometimes it’s better when it’s ugly. Join us on Facebook to enter this mighty fun giveaway to win a copy of Make It Mighty Ugly by Kim Piper Werker and vanquish your creative demons plus a set of 12 numbered notebooks from the awesome folks at Scout Books! … Read more

Book Week: Day 3

  Marisa of Omiyage coordinated all the awesomeness that is Book Week to run during my birthday/anniversary week and deserves a party all of her own! We first started collaborating in December of 2010 for our first real OMHG giveaway, it seems perfectly fitting to share this giveaway of her very own now – 50+ posts, 4 years, and … Read more

Book Week: Day 2

We couldn’t possibly be prouder of our long-time contributor and dear friend Joy Ting publishing her first coloring book, Joyful Designs! We teamed up with her publisher Peter Pauper Press to celebrate by giving away a copy of her book + Doodle Designs, Floral Designs and a set of 30 coloring pencils on Instagram. Visit us on … Read more

Oh My! Gift Guide: Book Week

This holiday season, we’ve asked some of our favourite creatives, bloggers, makers and OMHG members to join us in rounding up great gift ideas. This week, we’re all about books – books for little people, books for big people, books for creative people. Books, books, books! Make sure to read all the way to the bottom … Read more

Stop the Hustle: On Slowing Down, Stepping Up & Paying Attention

Read this post in full screen by clicking here.  hus•tle (ˈhʌs əl) v. -tled, -tling, n. to proceed or work rapidly or energetically. to push or force one’s way; jostle or shove. to be aggressive, esp. in business or other financial dealings. Slang. to earn one’s living by illicit or unethical means. Slang. (of a … Read more

Oh My! Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

This holiday season, we’ve asked some of our favourite creatives, bloggers, makers and OMHG members to join us in rounding up great gift ideas. This week we challenged our contributors to share tiny treasures and stocking stuffers that are $25 or under. Here’s what we picked: Marisa’s Pick – Angel Ornament from Alp & Ash “One … Read more

Winter Slow Down & #24DaysofPresence

This December on OMHG we are taking a collective deep breath and putting the brakes on for the great Winter Slow Down of 2014. Think of it as a season of slow, or a holiday without hustle, permission to ease into a winter of contentment and calm-even if life is swirling around us. Whether you are a maker, … Read more

Oh My! Gift Guide: For the Home

This holiday season, we’ve asked some of our favourite creatives, bloggers, makers and OMHG members to join us in rounding up great gift ideas. This week we’re sharing the loveliest gifts for the home – we dress our homes with things we love, why not gift home items made with love! Avril’s Pick – Wildflower Mug … Read more

The Gift of Presence: Slow Gifting

Alison is a Part-Time Creative, Maker, Contributor, Blogger sharing weekly inspiration for thoughtful gifting at www.thepetitcadeau.com. She also runs an online shop of handmade heirloom celebration calendars + other lovely goods and is the creator of #petitmail – a monthly snail mail subscription for young children.

Oh My! Gift Guide: Animals

This holiday season, we’ve asked some of our favourite creatives, bloggers, makers and OMHG members to join us in rounding up great gift ideas. Here at OMHG, we love animals… or rather awesome animal-themed things, so this week’s gift guide is taking a walk on the wildlife side! Isa’s Pick – Animal Softies from Petit … Read more

Getting To Know – Iveth Morales of The Angry Weather

The Getting To Know series features interviews with makers, artists, designers and small business owners at all different stages of their careers. I’m always interested in how other adventurers in the world of creative entrepreneurship run their businesses, get inspired and how they got started in the first place. Iveth Morales is the spirited silversmith … Read more

Amy Turn Sharp Writing Workshop

I met Amy Turn Sharp on an Etsy team in 2009 when we were both selling handmade goodness for kids and I fell hard for her wild words & smart mouth. We all have hearts full of stories we are afraid to tell and finding Amy’s truthful writing was like getting a permission slip from the … Read more

Oh My! Gift Guide: Kids

This holiday season, we’ve asked some of our favourite creatives, bloggers, makers and OMHG members to join us in rounding up great gift ideas. This week, we’re all about great gifts for kids to inspire their imaginations! Alison’s Pick – Hand Knit Crown from Lace and Cable “I’m mom to a pre-schooler and am a big … Read more

Making and Merriment with The Stumpers

Karima Cammell is an author, painter, and book publisher. In 2001, Karima opened Castle in the Air, a celebrated shop, studio, classroom, and gallery which recognizes the internal life of the artist and all those who dare to live their dreams. Her books have won several awards including two Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards and a … Read more

Meet MakerMail: Magda from Twisted Thread & Hook

Monster Making Mom from the Midwest! (I think I have a saved contributor bio?)

Meet MakerMail: Karen of Ink and Dirt Designs

Go behind the screens to meet the hands and hearts of MakerMail, our cooperative service that connects makers directly with supporters of handmade like you! Last week we got to know Jen of Pikelet Workshop and today we’re spending time with the lovely Karen of Ink and Dirt Designs. If you love her creations and want to sample them … Read more

Oh My! Gift Guide: Giftable Art

This holiday season, we’ve asked some of our favourite creatives, bloggers, makers and OMHG members to join us in rounding up great gift ideas. This week, we’re all about giving the gift of art:  Jessika’s Pick: Sakura Spirit Bear by Mount Royal Mint, Le Beast of Unfathomable Fabulousity by Le Animalé & Bear Totem painting … Read more

Hey Collage Artists! Join the Fun with the Collage Scrap Exchange!

Sara Barnes is a creative lady based in Baltimore, Maryland. In 2010, she started Brown Paper Bag, a daily blog that highlights illustration in its many wonderful forms. Sara is fond of ceramics, embroidery, and tattoos, regularly featuring them on her site. When she’s not blogging, you can find her making collages or baking.

Changemakers: Elle Roberts & the Artful Business Conference

Julie Gibbons blogs about the business of craft and surface design, offering a mix of inspiration and practical advice on all things visual business – everything from product design to branding as well as all the stuff in between. She’s on a mission to make the world a prettier place, and fully believes that with … Read more

Get a Look at Online Selling From the Inside: 6 Questions Answered by Successful MadeFreshly Sellers

Rachel is the resident content fairy over at MadeFreshly. Helpful and inspirational advice for eCommerce is her specialty there, but when she’s not busy writing, you will probably find her at a track meet or adventuring around California with her Canon T2i. Follow her on Twitter.

Oh My! Gift Guide: Creative

This holiday season, we’ve asked some of our favourite creatives, bloggers, makers and OMHG members to join us in rounding up great gift ideas. First up, great gifts for creative people. Michelle’s Pick – Pin Loom Coaster Kit from Purl Soho “I’m a huge fan of DIY kits, especially if they include top notch materials and a beautifully designed finished … Read more

November on OMHG: Merry Makers

Lettering by Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn for OMHG Happy November friends, it’s time to celebrate all the ways we make merry for our second annual Merry Makers theme! Warm yourself by our community fireplace as we share stories of merriment & good cheer. This month on OMHG we will be filling the internets with merriness as we gather to share … Read more

Meet MakerMail: Jen of Pikelet Workshop

Cody is a monster making mom for the midwest who is passionate about using textile discards & creating ecofriendly products!

Our Maker’s Retreat: a movement of simple goodness

This month a small band of movement makers gathered at Hollyhock for a week of sharing why making matters and to lay the foundation for community gatherings at our Maker’s Retreat. There were no schedules or panels of speakers and yet our days were filled to the top with story telling and skill sharing set against the … Read more

Getting To Know – Viktorija Semjonova of Andsmile Studio

The Getting To Know series features interviews with makers, artists, designers and small business owners at all different stages of their careers. I’m always interested in how other adventurers in the world of creative entrepreneurship run their businesses, get inspired and how they got started in the first place. Like quirky illustrations? Think Wes Anderson … Read more

Make a movement of moments with MakerMail

We’ve all been there: staring at the collection of knickknacks in the store, trying to find the perfect little gift for a friend or loved one. Finding a gift with a personal touch is difficult, especially in a marketplace full of things designed with profit first in mind. Enter MakerMail: a delightful new way to … Read more

MakerMail – an OMHG co-op project

MakerMail is a revolutionary co-op service delivering handmade goodness straight from our makers right to your door! MakerMail is the first collaborative project entirely created by OMHG community members!  The team took an idea thrown around at an #OMHG chat and used our collaboration tools to turn it into a beautifully crafted movement directly connecting our makers and supporters of handmade. Round … Read more

Useless but wonderful

Virginia Lindsay designs sewing patterns for Gingercake Patterns and Design. Her book, Sewing to Sell, is coming out in Novemeber with Stash books. She also has several of her sewing patterns published by Simplicity. Virginia is the mother of four and lives outside Pittsburgh PA.

Philadelphia’s Art Star Craft Bazaar

Megan Brewster graduated from Tyler School of Art in 2000 with a BFA in ceramics. She started the Art Star Craft Bazaar in 2003 with fellow Tyler grad Erin Waxman. In 2004 the duo opened up their Brick n’ Mortar shop called Art Star, which sells a wide range of handmade goods by artists from … Read more

Meet Rebel Craft Media & The WhipperCrafter Magazine

Kelly Biscopink, Courtney Kyle and I (Shannon Miller) formed Rebel Craft Media in March of this year. We each live in different Southern cities, and all three of us are former employees of a major craft publisher. Each of us comes to the table with different areas of expertise. Kelly (Charleston, South Carolina) is seasoned … Read more

Makers! Make A Movement this October

On the 17th of October we’ll be gathering to make our first Maker’s Retreat on Cortes Island in BC. There is still time to join forces with us and   say yes to five days of crafting community and collaboration! For everyone who can’t make it we’ll be bringing OMHG along as we dedicate October to sharing ways we can make … Read more

Community Is Not Clubs: How We’re Segregating the Internet & What We Can Do

Community is not clubs Lately there seems to be examples everywhere of how we are segregating the internet into exclusive cliques and clubs instead of communities where we share real human moments. Statistics from the 2014 Employee Diversity Reports for our major networks show that online giants like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, Ebay and Etsy all fail to hire employees or leadership … Read more

Print Your Life with AFRORETRO & The School of Uganglish

AFRORETRO are British Ugandan sisters Anna & Lilly. A fashion and craft cultural fusion brand, they design and make hand made jewellery, fashion and textile crafts using Upcycling, sustainability, natural Ugandan materials and London life as their inspiration. They love making so much that they have also developed a range of making kits. They hold … Read more

Aeolidia’s Pretty Massive Creative Business Giveaway

Hello, I’m Arianne, and I am “Captain & Founder” of a web and graphic design studio called Aeolidia. I’ve learned over the past few years to quit calling it a “small design studio,” now that there are 21 of us. Though I did get a little flustered introducing myself to someone over the weekend and saying … Read more

Celebrate Makers from A-Z at #EtsyMadeinCanada this Saturday!

OMHG has been buzzing to help organize the Halifax Etsy Made in Canada Market! This Saturday we’re expecting over 2000 lovers of handmade to join us in celebrating Canada’s creative culture and shop Halifax makers from A-Z with over 50 sellers representing Nova Scotia creativity from Angela Grace Jewelry to Zafira Apparel. Learn more about the event, shop … Read more

Take 100% Care

Late Monday night, I arrived home for good after traveling to and from my sister’s place (four hours away) over the last four weeks. I didn’t intend to be gone so long, nor did I intend to take that much time off of work. Though, I was able to squeeze in a few days here … Read more

One of the things we know about making is this…

One of the few things I know about writing is this: spend it all, shoot it, play it, lose it, all, right away, every time. Do not hoard what seems good for a later place in the book, or for another book; give it, give it all, give it now. The impulse to save something … Read more

Question of the week: How can we give good?

“I must be willing to give whatever it takes to do good to others. This requires that I be willing to give until it hurts. Otherwise, there is no true love in me, and I bring injustice, not peace.” ~Mother Teresa Last week at #OMHG we talked about why goodness matters and takes effort. We … Read more

That time I hid under a rock: When givers give too much

Sarah J. Bray is resident nation-builder at [&yet](http://andyet.com) and writer, teacher, and maker-of-side-projects at [sarahjbray.com](http://sarahjbray.com). She loves toast, idealism, and good people like you.

Oh My! Presents: Etsy Made in Canada

On Saturday, September 27, OMHG is teaming up with the local Etsy community & Fatema of Silver Lily Jewellery to host the first-ever Made in Canada event in Halifax at the Halifax Forum from 10-3pm!  23 locations across Canada are hosting a one-day marketplace, bringing together local Etsy sellers and communities in celebration of our country’s maker movement. Our … Read more

Giving Gratitude or How to Put Your Creative Ideas in Check

Kenna is an outspoken indie soap & cosmetics formulator, instructor, & saponification to success biz mentor. She’s addicted to caffeine & working at 3 am (because that’s when her three kidlets are asleep!) She owns Modern Soapmaking, and hosts the annual Central Soapers Workshop conference.

Interview with Annabel Wrigley of Little Pincushion Studio

Ready for some handmade goodness? Please allow me to introduce you to creative entrepreneur and author, Annabel Wrigley. She runs Little Pincushion Studio just 10 minutes from where I live in Warrenton, Virginia where she teaches local classes, leads Creative Bug workshops and is currently working on her fourth (!) book in the We Love … Read more

Bamboletta: a Community-Minded Business Made With Crafts(wo)manship and Love

We at Aeolidia were first introduced to Bamboletta when we designed the Bamboletta website for Christina in 2007. We were charmed by her handmade Waldorf dolls, and amazed at how quickly they sold and how frenzied some of her customers seemed! There was always such a rush and crowd on doll “upload days” that for many years, … Read more

What goodness is & why it matters to me

I wrote this piece on how goodness is hard work and a daily choice that requires effort after our OMHG chat last week where we asked “Why Does Goodness Matter”. I had to skip out of the conversation early to pick up my girls from their first day of school and all my thoughts came … Read more

Preparing Your Shop for the Holidays (Not the holidaze!)

Look at this, it’s already September! Just when the leaves begin falling and I find myself dropping the boys off at school in the crisp morning air- relieved that I can finally sip coffee and talk to myself without interruptions… I’m reminded- Christmas is coming. Cue the Jaws soundtrack. I’ll be the first to admit … Read more

Getting To Know – Yas Imamura of Quill & Fox

The Getting To Know series features interviews with makers, artists, designers and small business owners at all different stages of their careers. I’m always interested in how other adventurers in the world of creative entrepreneurship run their businesses, get inspired and how they got started in the first place. As a stationery lover, I’ve been … Read more

Why does goodness matter to you?

What do you define goodness as? Why does goodness matter to you, your community, and our world? How can we cultivate goodness in our every day lives? Who inspires you to think, do, and be good? Dictionaries define goodness as “the quality or state of being good” from the Old English godnes meaning “goodness, virtue, kindliness”. The idea of … Read more

Featured Member: Alison of The Petit Cadeau

Welcome to a new feature where we get to know one of our amazing community members, today we’re spending some time learning about Alison Butler of The Petit Cadeau! In one paragraph tell us about yourself and what you do! The Petit Cadeau is all about creating and celebrating more thoughtful moments in our lives. I … Read more

Enroll in the Academy of Goodness this September

Welcome to the Academy of Goodness where everyone is a teacher and the curriculum is doing good, being awesome, and learning about what matters. The OMHG is building a cooperative community and our October Maker’s Retreat is gathering to make a movement-these are big steps and we have so very much to learn. This September we’re going back … Read more

QOTW: What is your summer story?

What is your story of this summer? Make space for September by saying goodbye to August and gathering around the campfire to share our summer stories. The last week of August marks the end of summer for many of us & the end of our two months of Camp OMHG! We’re getting together to tell stories … Read more

Our Montana Summer Road Trip

Hi! My name is Kathy and I am the designer/owner of Kiwi Tini on Etsy. I create hand made paper items for weddings and parties. When I am not in the studio I am busy with my family.

Buy good things from real people!

This August OMHG packed up and ran away from home to join in on the first ever Etsy Road Trip! From Montreal to Ottawa, Kingston, and Toronto we got to travel Canada meeting lovely makers, falling in love with local neighbourhoods by staying in awesome Airbnb’s and spreading the handmade love. Check out this sweet road trip video of our adventures … Read more

Getting To Know – Ros Lee of Polkaros

The Getting To Know series features interviews with makers, artists, designers and small business owners at all different stages of their careers. I’m always interested in how other adventurers in the world of creative entrepreneurship run their businesses, get inspired and how they got started in the first place. Ros Lee is the Singapore-born, Tokyo-based designer and consultant behind … Read more

A new home for the OMHG community

On July 1st OMHG announced it’s partnership with Communifire to build a new collaboration network for our community & we’ve been busy behind the scenes making it happen! We’re becoming a cooperative to unite the head, heart and hands of makers everywhere by crafting a social network of goodness where we can unplug from media that … Read more

Lessons Learned from my First Year in Business and a Road Trip

Hi, I’m Anne – creator, designer and everything in between at Totally Design. With a passion for customer appreciation, obsession with modern design, and an inherited love for beautiful packaging, I’m on a mission to help online shop owners (just like you and me) leave a lasting impression with their customers.

#EtsyRoadTrip, Hola Toronto!

Toronto, the final stop on our #EtsyRoadTrip was an explosion of people and sounds after the quiet streets of Kingston (catch up on our previous events in Ottawa/Kingston & Montreal)! Darice and I hit the town once we were settled into our cozy Kensington Market Airbnb that screamed all things Canada from the Hudson’s Bay … Read more

Weaving with a common thread: community, creativity & compassion

This summer I travelled home in so many ways-home to the place where I know the skyline and the smell of the ocean like I know the curves of my daughter’s faces. Home to myself, that brave revolutionary adventurer who I’ve been searching for (forgetting that I can’t misplace who I am, silly me). Most of … Read more

#EtsyRoadTrip: Hello Ottawa & Kingston!

After having a grand time in Montreal, Darice and I hit the road to start the next part of our adventure. We rolled into Ottawa the day before our event and met up with a new friend I met at the Hollyhock Summer Gathering who took us on a tour of the city and Gatineau, … Read more

#EtsyRoadTrip Bonjour Montreal!

Bonjour amis de Montréal! Hello my friends from Montréal! The first stop on our #etsyroadtrip was packed with handmade goodness and creative community. My road trip partner and assistant editor Darice and I met for the first time and dove right into our adventures (& a deeper friendship) heading straight from our beautiful Airbnb in … Read more

August Road Trip with OMHG (& Etsy!)

In case you missed the big news OMHG is tagging along with Etsy.com, the online marketplace for handmade and vintage goods, on it’s first-ever road trip in a 30-foot custom AirStream to launch #EtsyRoadTrip, a four-city Canadian tour. From August 1 to 9, mobile marketplaces will pop-up in Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston and Toronto featuring Etsy sellers, musicians and local food trucks alongside concerts, product giveaways and more. This AirStream and the surrounding area it parks in will be completely … Read more

QOTW: What are your road trip essentials?

OMHG is going on an #EtsyRoadTrip this Friday! Help us pack by sharing your road trip essentials! This week we’re heading to Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston & Toronto for the first ever Etsy road trip! If you were hitting the road for 9 days with a good friend what would you bring? Also be sure to let us … Read more

Our Community Treasure Hunt {Part 1}

This month our community has been adventuring near and far to find the every day treasures around us for our first ever Treasure Hunt challenge! Beautiful photos, memories and thoughts have been shared by fellow hunters of goodness and new connections have been made as we get a chance to see what each of us … Read more

A Camp Fire Tale: The Year I Lassoed My Dreams

A few months ago on my blog I published, If I Knew I Could Not Fail, I Would … in which I listed all the things I would do right now if I knew I could not fail. I forced myself to dream big and think a little outside of the box. I wrote down everything I could think of, … Read more

Adventures in Branding: What is your brand personality?

My friendly web design studio, Aeolidia, is well-known for creating custom Shopify websites for creative businesses – handmakers, designers, and crafters of all types. It is always thrilling when a client comes to us who really understands what her business is all about and what the personality of her business is, but she hasn’t been … Read more

Get inspired! Printables for Adventurers

Find inspiration for your next great adventure with these printables from the OMHG archives, take a look through all our printables here or submit your own. Thank you to all our contributors who have shared their printable awesomeness with us over the years, you are the best! “Go out there & be awesome” print by … Read more

On The Road Again

“It’s a road trip! It’s about adventure!” John Green, An Abundance of Katherines Just as she returns home from making preparations for the Maker’s Retreat this October, Jess will be out the door + on the road again – with me at the helm. On August 1st (that’s less than two weeks), we’ll be hitting … Read more

Friendly Friday July Meet Up

It’s time for our July Friendly Friday meet up, gather here to connect, make new friends & share your work + news with the community! Here is how it works: 1. Every month we post a Friendly Friday meet up post on the blog & Oh My! Facebook page. 2. Stop by and say hi in the … Read more

Campfire tales: exploring new worlds

Mei Pak designs a line of scented food jewelry at Tiny Hands. She sells in over 70 stores across the USA, appeared on TV numerous times, was featured on glossy magazines like Every Day With Rachael Ray, InTouch Magazine & Earnshaw’s and is praised by the likes of Hello Giggles, Incredible Things, Cool Mom Picks … Read more

QOTW: What do you truly treasure?

“I’m an adventurer, looking for treasure” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist Do you often stop to pay attention to all the treasures you already have? What is it that you truly treasure more than anything, why? This week on OMHG we’re adventurers on a treasure hunt to discover the goodness in our daily lives, come … Read more

Camp OMHG Treasure Hunt Photo Challenge

VISIT HERE FOR OUR 2015 TREASURE HUNT! Camp OMHG lettering by Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn for Oh My! Handmade We’re going on a treasure hunt & you’re invited! Join OMHG to uncover the treasures that are all around us if we take time to notice them. From little things like your favourite cup to a photograph that you … Read more

Come on a Virtual Mini-Retreat with OMHG

Lettering by Shauna Lynn & pattern by Joyful Roots for OMHG   It’s Adventure Time! I’m heading to Cortes Island on Wednesday for 10 days of unplanned adventuring, some all by my lonesome and the rest connecting with other creative minds at the Hollyhock summer gathering. This year the theme of the gathering is Focus … Read more

A Beacon for Success: How to Shine Your Light of Expertise

On my first visit to Camp #OMHG, I shared how to find your true north and claim your expertise. You see, I’ve come to understand that we’re each made to be brilliant at something, and it’s too often a greatness most of us never realize we’re living. Sadly, people don’t always go inward to find … Read more

QOTW: When do you unplug & connect?

“Doing nothing means unplugging from the compulsion to always keep ourselves busy, the habit of shielding ourselves from certain feelings, the tension of trying to manipulate our experience before we even fully acknowledge what that experience is.” ~Sharon Salzberg When is the last time you unplugged so you could really connect-with yourself, family/friends, and world … Read more

Craft Show To Do List Template: Don’t Start From Scratch

Rosalie Gale is a waterproof Shower Art maker (http://www.showerart.net), ex-stand-up comedian and blogger who is currently obsessed with German board games, Bikram yoga and free-motion embroidery. She created and maintains Unanimous Craft (http://www.unanimouscraft.com) and EtsySaver (http://www.etsysaver.com) – websites for the indie craft community. In her spare time, she opened a retail shop, Ugly Baby and … Read more

Schedule Some Adventure!

Laura “Lupin” Howard is a designer/maker, craft writer and blogger who lives near London, England. She’s the author of two books about felt crafting (Super-Cute Felt and Super-Cute Felt Animals) – she loves hand stitching and making things with felt, and the more bright colours she’s working with the happier she is! When she’s not … Read more

QOTW: What is your adventure story?

What is the story of your creative adventure & what lessons have you learned on the road so far? Whether you just started (or are thinking of starting) a creative project or have been working towards it for years your story is valuable! What are the mountains you’ve climbed, struggles you faced or lessons you learned as you’ve … Read more

Happy Birthday OMHG! 4 Years of Community & a Big Announcement

 Image by the super-talented Emily of Em Dash Paper for our Community Art Print project Dearest friends, this is the fifth July 1st that I’ve sat down to write for OMHG – a full 1460 days of community goodness requires some serious cupcakes and confetti. This year was a huge one so I’m going back in time to the day I … Read more

Adventures in Branding with Tara Swiger

I recently had the experience every designer dreams of-an enthusiastic client who was able to clearly explain their brand story & customer + had a love for spaceships! From the second Tara Swiger emailed me about redesigning her branding and website I knew we were going to have a grand time working together, so even though I wasn’t … Read more

Ride the Wave: Bookkeeping & How To Upload a CSV

As small business owners we wear a lot of hats, and ‘the bookkeeper’ hat seems to be one of the least favorite out there. What I’m about to share with you might just change that. Friends, meet Wave… What is Wave? Wave is an awesome, cloud-based, integrated software and tools for small businesses. So far, … Read more

Crafting Community at our Etsy Craft Party + a DIY Photo Transfer Tote

On June 6th makers around the world gathered to celebrate craft and community for the annual Etsy Craft Party, OMHG included! I teamed up with Bryanna Chapeski & Etsy Canada to host Halifax’s first official craft party in a gorgeous downtown flower shop. With the help of our friends the event was an awesome success with … Read more

Camp Challenge: Describe Your Dream Boss

Pattern by Joyful Roots for OMHG   A few weeks ago during an OMHG Twitter chat, Jessika prompted our discussion by asking: How can we be better bosses & set ourselves up for maximum awesome (however that looks for you)? #omhg In creative business you wear many hats, and the most important one is the … Read more

Exploring Creative Business with Megan Jackman of Ragmaw

Alison Butler is a part-time creative, a wife, and mother with a passion for thoughtful gifting. She blogs weekly inspiration at www.thepetitcadeau.com and is the creator of Petit Mail – a monthly snail mail subscription for young children.

A simple way to change your life in 3 minutes a day

Does that title sound really informercially? I don’t mean it to, but it’s totally true. For the past couple years I’ve been doing something that, in just a few minutes a day, has radically shifted my life by shifting my perspective on it. It’s the lens through which we view our life that determines how … Read more

QOTW: What is on your summer bucket list?

Do you have a list of things you love/must do in the summer? Help us brainstorm the ultimate creative summer bucket list! Share your favourite summertime adventures or things you hope to do this year in the comments.  Sleeping under the stars, campfires, beachside wandering, picnics – what is your recipe for the perfect summer?  In our community space the … Read more

{Desktop Wallpaper} Law of the Campfire

Law of the Campfire Seek beauty Give service Pursue Knowledge Be Trustworthy Glorify Work Be Happy Camp Fire Girls Handbook 1914 Kimberly of Joyful Roots created this gorgeous pattern for our Camp OMHG theme, isn’t it the perfect backdrop for these simple laws for a good campfire (& life)? These rules come from an old … Read more

Loving the Now: “Beauty In The Blooming” Tour

As small business owners, and especially as creative small business owners, it’s often so easy to get lost in the “next” – the next stage of our business, meeting our next goals, fulfilling the next project. Most often, the meeting of one “next” turns into the creation of another. We cross an item off of … Read more

Friendly Friday: June Meet Up

It’s time for our second Friendly Friday meet up, gather here to connect, make new friends & share your work + news with the community! Here is how it works: 1. Every month we post a Friendly Friday meet up post on the blog & Oh My! Facebook page. 2. Stop by and say hi in … Read more

Finding Your True North: How to Claim Your Expertise

I was recently working with one of my dream clients, and I asked her to write down a few things she was an expert at in personal life or business. She answered, “I’m sorry, I can’t answer that. I’m not an expert at anything.” If you would say the same, I’d bet you also struggle … Read more

QOTW: Survival Skills for Creatives

What skills are necessary for your creative survival? Last week we packed our virtual backpacks for an adventure into the unknown and this week we are looking at the toolbox we carry around inside us to take an inventory of our survival skills. Adventures don’t always go as planned but even if we lose all the gear we’ve … Read more

Terms & Conditions: Protecting Your Online Business

Genavieve Shingle is the Founder of Genavieve Shingle Law. She left the corporate law world in order to help small business owners and entrepreneurs protect both their businesses and their personal assets. To learn more, subscribe here: http://eepurl.com/RHTtf.

Getting To Know – Jessica Sanchez of Santa Isla

The Getting To Know series features interviews with makers, artists, designers and small business owners at all different stages of their careers. I’m always interested in how other adventurers in the world of creative entrepreneurship run their businesses, get inspired and how they got started in the first place. I’m super excited that Jessica Sanchez of Santa Isla … Read more

Why Mainstream Retail Marketing Tricks Aren’t For You

There are a lot of ways to promote a business. I’m sure you’ve seen a big flapping “balloon man” at Jiffy Lube, had a pizza flyer hung on your doorknob, or read about a local business in a coupon pack mailed to CURRENT RESIDENT. These marketing tricks undoubtedly work, or people wouldn’t continue to spend their … Read more

QOTW: What do you pack for adventure?

Imagine you are heading off alone on your biggest adventure & you have just one backpack you can bring, what do you pack? What essentials do you really need to survive as an explorer? This month we’re off to Camp OMHG with our second annual virtual summer camp for creatives! Every creative is also an adventurer and as we learn we … Read more

Oh My! Etsy Craft Party Halifax

This Friday from 7-9PM come and get your craft on with OMHG & the talented Bryanna Chapeski of www.bryannachapeski.com + www.doubledare.co for Halifax’s first ever Etsy Craft Party! We are so excited to invite you to an evening of making at the beautiful Flower Shop in downtown Halifax. Join us to spend some time meeting new friends, … Read more

Maker Mail Launching in 5…4…3…2…

Maker Mail is a revolutionary co-op service delivering handmade giftables and goodies straight from our makers right to your door! Maker Mail is a collaborative project entirely created by OMHG community members in our forums. The team took an idea thrown around at an #OMHG chat and turned it into a beautifully crafted movement connecting makers and supporters of … Read more

Welcome to Camp OMHG!

Welcome creative campers to the second year of Camp OMHG! We’re setting off on a two month long camp adventure to explore leadership, learn new skills and make lifelong best friends! Our Camp OMHG theme is packed with awesome: camp craft tutorials, a badge design contest, assignments + challenges and plenty of gathering around the virtual campfire to swap … Read more

QOTW: How Can You Improve Your Systems?

Do you feel your current systems for organizing + operating your life and business are working for you? Whether it is the way you manage your inbox or schedule your days how can you tweak, change or improve to make sure your systems play to your strengths? This month on OMHG we spent the month talking … Read more

De-clutter Your Brain in 3 Easy Steps

Recently I listened to a wonderful book on productivity and getting your life and office in shape.  Getting Things Done by David Allen breaks down the art of stress-free productivity in a way that can apply to anyone’s situation.  All of the tasks that build up in our everyday lives can manifest into an endless … Read more

Give Your Studio Space A Makeover

Clutter and chaos stifle creativity, but I think we as creatives tend to be pretty messy folk sometimes, huh? At least I am but clutter disrupts my inner peace, it silences my muse and depletes my motivation. Of course, we always try to tidy up, to put things in their proper place, but when you … Read more

My DAY-to-DAY scheduling strategy to get things done

I’ve been trying for awhile to really figure out how best to schedule my days. Organization is my worst skill- I’m continually surrounded by piles, I have more unfinished projects than days left on the earth and I feel like I’m always trying to catch-up. I’m realizing that a large part of it is because- … Read more

Blog Organization for Creative Businesses

Many of you will have blogs that relate to your handmade and creative businesses. You know they can be a great marketing tool, and you know that you need to spend some time working on them. But I’m guessing that for at least some of you, there’s always that pull telling you that you should … Read more

How to motivate yourself when you work at home

######## About the Author Nicoletta Donadio, founder of Fanchimp I’m an Italian girl living in London and passionate about baking and crafts. I run Fanchimp, a company that helps small and medium business to manage their social media. I designed the service and I’m in charge of the customer support. Drop me a message at … Read more

Growing & Organizing Your Subscriber List: Interview with Caylie Price

I’m going to be honest, I’m not the best at being organized. Yes, I’m that typical creative bird with her mind off in the clouds so much of the time. So when I read about the theme this month my first inclination was to find someone else to interview who is much more organized than … Read more

Productivity and Goal Achieving Hacks for Creatives

Mei Pak designs a line of scented food jewelry at Tiny Hands. She sells in over 70 stores across the USA, appeared on TV numerous times, was featured on glossy magazines like Every Day With Rachael Ray, InTouch Magazine & Earnshaw’s and is praised by the likes of Hello Giggles, Incredible Things, Cool Mom Picks … Read more

Designing a collection – how to stay sane and organised

When you’re creating a new range or collection there are lots of elements that need to come together and it’s easy to lose control of one or more of them if you don’t stay organised and focused. Here are a few organisational tips I learned during the creation of my latest Wondercook collection. . Getting … Read more

Friendly Friday: May Meet Up

Happy Friday friends, we’re starting something new on OMHG to help us meet up, make new friends & share our work + news with the community! Here is how it works: 1. Every month we’ll post a Friendly Friday meet up post on the blog & Oh My! Facebook page. 2. Stop by and say … Read more

Organize Your Heart and Mind

Vanessa blogs over at Mixed Martial Arts and Crafts. She writes about knitting, kung-fu and how she kicked cancer’s butt. She’s @MMAAC on Twitter and sells body parts as Survival Organs on Etsy.

QOTW: Do you need to say no or let go?

This month on OMHG we are sharing thoughts and resources on organizing everything including how to keep things from total chaos during times of stress or crisis. Overwhelm is something everyone struggles with at some point no matter what kind of work we do or how well organized all our things are. Sometimes awesomeness happens and we … Read more

Steps for Organizing Your Professional Goals

Not only does organizing your professional goals help to make your working hours count, it also prevents your creative business from growing like a hearty weed into every nook and cranny of your life. You must give your business boundaries and tend to it the same way you’d nurture a lush garden. This takes a … Read more

Organization tools I can’t live without!

Being a small business owner is crazy sometimes, thinking about everything you NEED to do outside of actually making your product can make your head spin…or leave you running for your big fluffy bed wanting to pull the covers up and hide. While it is a lot easier these days to get your name out … Read more

Death, Taxes, and Your Dirty Mind

April 15th was tax day here in the US. For some folks, tax time is a breeze: they take a box of papers to their accountant + head out for a coffee. For others, it’s only slightly less horrifying than their get-up for the senior prom. Oddly enough, I enjoy the process and the paperwork … Read more

A Quick Guide to Storing Files in the Cloud

At Aeolidia, I work with a team of 21, and we often need to share files, which is what started me using Dropbox and Evernote, both “cloud-based” solutions to storing files and data. My laptop is on its way out, and I’m planning to switch from a PC to a Mac (gasp!). Moving things from … Read more

{Desktop Wallpaper & Print} 4 Simple Rules

  To jump-start the bringing of order into your home, here are four old-fashioned rules that can change the quality of your daily life beginning today. Repeat this recipe for contentment out loud every morning and evening for twenty-one days. Let it become your personal mantra to maintain serenity. Write these instructions on index cards … Read more

May Theme: Operation Organization 101

Let’s face it, things pile up. To-do’s like paperwork, bills and daily chores plus stuff take up space until suddenly it doesn’t feel like we have room to think let alone make new plans.  This May we’re setting off on a month long clutter-busting operation to ORGANIZE EVERYTHING! From our thoughts, to our desktops, to … Read more

Let’s throw a party & start a co-op!

It’s AGP time, download your Agenda of Awesome and get started! Last year on this day our member community launched & I wrote: “Today is all about us friends-we are the workers, makers, builders, and this year we take today for our very own. May Day is symbolic because of the spring celebration of renewal and … Read more

Join our Annual General Party May 1st!

  Tomorrow morning at 7am EST – 7 pm EST OMHG begins it’s biggest adventure yet: become the first member co-operative for makers & creative entrepreneurs. Get ready for May 1st by downloading our Agenda of Awesome & take a chance to read over our changes before the big day tomorrow. All the details on the … Read more

Organizing for Business & Personal Growth

I have my hands full with a brood of children and a few business ventures, Joyful Book Art and Tin Tiara. I love handmade jewellery and folded books as well as the new age spirituality.

Your Own Brand of Happy

This month’s theme is Shoots + Roots…truly one of the best metaphors for a happy business + life if we ever heard one. It begs the question: how does YOUR garden grow? If we had a nickle for every time we’ve heard someone say “follow your heart” and mean it, really mean it, right down … Read more

5 Tips to Crush The Chaos to Allow More Creativity

There is a pretty big chance that if you are reading this and you are part of the OMHG community, that you are a creative soul. Colours, shapes, patterns and designs rule your world and it is also quite possible that all that creative goodness overflows into your home but it manifests itself as clutter … Read more

Meet me in the garden May 1st to plant the future OMHG

How long have we slept,  How long have we wept,  There’s work to be done in the garden. Soundtrack for reading: The Garden by Ruth Moody (lyrics) Spring has finally sprung here and with it renewed enthusiasm for planting dreams. This site has always been a grand experiment in how we can use creativity, community … Read more

Getting To Know – Jennie Walker of A Little Vintage

I’m really excited to be starting a new series of interviews here on Oh My! Handmade.  Interviews with makers, artists, designers and small business owners at all different stages of business. I’m always interested in how other adventurers in the world of creative entrepreneurs run their businesses, get inspired and how they got started in … Read more

How to Run A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign to Grow Your Business

Crowdfunding has become an increasingly popular approach to raise funds in support of a project to grow your business. Rewards-based crowdfunding, where you solicit pledges from your customers, family and friends in return for special deals on your product or service,  is appealing as a debt-free way to raise capital. But there are also other … Read more

Social media: the compost of our creative garden

Cody is a monster making mom from the Midwest who turns textile discards into colorful storage solutions for kids. She loves chocolate, kids, animals and random acts of kindness!

#OMHG Question of the Week: How do you deal with the thorns?

Every business + creative life no matter how well planned has thorns (problems), weeds (tiresome tasks), pests (negative influences), drought (slow seasons), or storms (big crisis). Inevitably there are going to be unpleasant bits to deal with! How do you cope with the thorny side of your business or creative life and stay positive? This … Read more

How Much Green Does Growth Require?

…not as much as you might think. Last year, I went into our local AT&T store to cancel my wireless account and was greeted with pleasantries until they discovered why I had dropped in. Once my intentions were known I was questioned rather tactlessly about my decision. I assured them that I had considered all … Read more


Spring has finally flung (at least where I’m from up here in southeastern Canada) and with it comes new growth, flourishing nature, nourishing sunshine, a surge of ideas… and chocolate! Of course, I’m talking about those wonderful little Mini Eggs from Cadbury.  I can’t get enough.  So, when Marisa of Omiyage suggested a post about … Read more

Question of the Week: How do you cultivate your business?

How do you cultivate (take care of) your business & creativity so you can do your best work? Do you set time aside for growing your business daily or weekly? Or doodle every morning to get your creativity kickstarted? Do you invest in events, classes or resources. Tell us how you keep your business + … Read more

Cultivate Your Business: Plan & Plant for Growth

I might have missed my calling as an editor. In the spring, the sight of my empty garden beds gives me the horticultural equivalent of writers’ block: So much space! So many plants to choose among, and yet none of them seem quite right! ~Susan Orlean We all start with an empty plot, a vast … Read more

Growing New Ideas in the OMHG Forums

Alison Butler is a part-time creative, a wife, and mother with a passion for thoughtful gifting. She blogs weekly inspiration at www.thepetitcadeau.com

Flashback Friday: from the April archives

Come for an adventure into the April archives to see what was happening on OMHG this month through the ages to help you grow your business & creativity… 2013 Why Spring is SO Awesome for Your Business by Jenna Herbut of Make It! University Reimagine Mentorship: Each One Teach One by Jenelle Montilone of TrashN2Tees … Read more

#OMHG Question of the Week: What do you need to grow?

Do your business & creativity need more mentorship and support in order to grow? Do you need certain tools and supplies, or maybe just regular quiet time, paper + pen and a cup of tea? Do you feel like you have what you need to grow and cultivate your success? This month on OMHG we … Read more

Shoots & Roots: Growing Our Businesses Together

  Growth is an erratic forward movement: two steps forward, one step back. Remember that and be very gentle with yourself. Julia Cameron, The Artists Way Hello April! Is it Spring where you are? Outside my window snow and ice are coating all the little buds and shoots in the garden, school is closed for a … Read more

The Truth Test: Staying True to Your Ethics

A project manager by day, and a small business owner by nights (and weekends!), Melissa is the creative force behind Print Therapy, a husband and wife run stationery business. Living in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, with her husband Nick and their puppy love Sawyer, she finds nothing to be more happiness-inspiring than a snuggly blanket cuddle fest, … Read more

Ethics in Marketing: Use Your Marketing Superpowers for Good Not Evil

Ever notice yourself with credit card in hand about to buy an insanely expensive unicorn horn warmer? Something you clearly don’t need since you live in the tropics, but you purchase anyway? Marketing at its core is persuasiveness. The ability to make your customer feel understood, liked and excited. In the wrong hands though it … Read more

The Ick Factor: When Your Personal & Business Ethics Don’t Align

Shopping small and local as much as possible is very important to me. When I started seriously making chainmaille, I decided to buy my supplies from a family-owned shop I came across on Etsy. I loved that my money was going toward supporting a fellow small business.  Because I was new to making jewelry and … Read more

Trademark Registration: What Happens When You Skip It

Have you considered going through the trademark registration process? I run a web design studio, Aeolidia, and we just last week had a client get all the way to launching her new site when she discovered that a business in her field was using a name so similar to hers that she didn’t feel comfortable … Read more

Let’s spread gratitude through creativity

Sydney is a web designer and front end developer from Vancouver, Canada. When she’s not busy making websites, she loves climbing, reading, treats, and filling her sketchbook with calligraphy and lettering practise. She’s the founder of thxproject (http://thxproject.com), a blog/showcase dedicated inspiring gratitude, creatively.

{Essential Ethics} Paying Late: A Victimless Crime?

You’re expecting money from a major client, when you receive an email. “Looking for your cheque?” it reads. “Afraid we’ve changed our payment terms. You’ll be being paid every six weeks from now on. Hope you don’t mind. If you do, of course, we can always find someone else to supply us.” But what about the … Read more

The Ethics of Excellent Customer Service

Customers are the best part of running a business. When your items end up in the hands of someone who truly loves what you make it is the best feeling ever. Then there are the times that it isn’t so magical. Running a business means we get thrown into a lot of different situations that … Read more

Oh My! Maker’s Retreat: October 17-22, 2014

As makers and entrepreneurs we create something from nothing every day. Our hands make logos and lunches, business plans and works of art. We craft our dreams into reality and have started an entire maker movement but we don’t make time to gather often enough! This October you are invited to be part of creating … Read more

Fifty Creative Women Who Inspire & Inform

Happy belated International Women’s Day! To celebrate I rounded up a list of 50 women who have inspired and informed me this year + who I think everyone should know and love. From well known artists and authors to entrepreneurs doing their very best in the face of daily challenges, these women all contribute to … Read more

Marketing for Pinterest: Must Haves in Every Pin

Part 2 in a series – read Marketing for Facebook here! Pinterest is hot! But before we even get to that point I know you’re thinking, “I’m on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  Social media already overwhelms me…do I need to be on Pinterest too?”  I think so, here’s why: Pinterest is referring more web traffic … Read more

HouseRaiser: The Ethics of Home

Art by Colleen Attara I’m starting off our ethics theme by sharing a new project that is close to my heart in so many ways. Since getting home after my mom’s illness I have not posted an update, because though the scary life or death part is hopefully over, my mama has not had a … Read more

Let’s Get Ethical at The 4th Annual Oh My Ethics Expo

Illustration by Lauren Hardage for OMHG Hooray for March! If you’ve been reading OMHG for awhile you’ll remember that we’ve been making ethics fun again every March for the last four years. This month we’ll jump into the juciest bits of entrepreneurship and living the good life to celebrate ethics awareness. Ethics might not sound … Read more

{Tutorial} Getting to Know Your Camera

Hello OMHG community! I’m Rachel Alison, and I work as a video professional doing branding, launches, trailers, and the like. 

Jessika had said that a post with tips for bloggers and entrepreneurs on how to make better online videos might be handy. To be honest, to break it down with any depth at all would … Read more

3 Ways to Unstuck Yourself Like An Emotional Ninja

In every hero story, there comes a point where the hero she reaches a mental or emotional roadblock in training. It happened to Rocky when he had the chance to fight Apollo Creed (yo!).  It happened to the Ninja Turtles when they hid out on April’s farm before Leonardo was able to psychically connect to … Read more

#OMHG: Resource Swap!

Join OMHG today from 1-2PM EST for a Skill Swap chat inspired by Arianne’s post! We’ll be sharing what tools, software & apps that we couldn’t live without and other tips + tricks we can easily share with our community. Tweets about “#omhg” Missed the chat or wondering what the heck #OMHG is? Visit our chat … Read more

Software & Apps That Save My Bacon

Before dishwashers, clothes washers, robot vacuums, microwaves, takeout, grocery delivery, etc., it wasn’t easy to run a household. You needed a person out making money and a person at home keeping everything livable. With all of these tools making it easier to take care of our homes, those responsibilities now take less time and we … Read more

Match + Maker: Meet Your Creative Match!

Have you ever had a tough time making new creative friends in your community? Lots of makers have! The wonder of the internet is that it allows our global handmade/small biz community to meet kindred spirits all over the world but sometimes we’d really just like a friend near by to meet up with for … Read more

Match + Maker: Mariko + Jessika Studio Tour

Mariko Paterson of Forage Studios  Last month I got an email from one of my Canadian creative icons, Janine Vangool of Uppercase Magazine, asking if I would like to interview a ceramic artist living in my very own town for Issue #21 coming out in April. After doing my thisisreallyhappening happy dance I speedily said YES … Read more

Skill Swap: DIY Brown Sugar Scrub

Hello, my name is Cherish and I am the main formulator for OperationSoapbox.com.  I craft this sugar scrub recipe almost weekly at home to help moisturize my hands and feet during dry & cold weather spells. Quickly learn this skill too and whip up your own to treat yourself or someone you love this month! … Read more


It’s been a while since I’ve traveled to these fair parts and for that, I apologize. I’ve missed the warmth and kindness that the OMHG community overflows with and it’s nice to be back. Like many of you, I was deeply moved by Jessika’s open and humble call for support. Both she and her mother … Read more

#OMHG February 6: Skill Swap

Can you easily name 5 skills or talents you can teach? Owning our skills can be tricky but thankfully we have our friendly community of cheerleaders to remind us of all we are capable of. Come swap your skills with us today and get a confidence boost from #OMHG! Today from 1-2PM EST at OMHG … Read more

Marketing for Facebook-What to Do About Fans Seeing Fewer Posts

Facebook admits it.  Fans are seeing fewer posts.  They do have good reason for this; Facebook wants to maintain the quality of the Newsfeed (which personally I think most of us want too). In 2012, I mentioned that fans were seeing fewer posts.  Studies of 4,000 Facebook Pages showed that only 17% of fans saw … Read more

Teach & Learn at the Oh My! Skill Swap

Join us this February to teach and learn new skills with OMHG! Our community is a marvel of collective knowledge and creative talents – we have entrepreneurs of many kinds, ceramists, master crafters, designers, illustrators, lettering superstars, writers, published authors, editors, bloggers & makers of all manner of goodness. This got me to wondering-if we … Read more

#OMHG Chat Update + New Weekly Posts

It has been a wild month and our #omhg chats + regular posts have been totally wonky -matters of life and death tend to mess with our best laid plans! But I’m easing back into things and most importantly getting back to chatting with my #OMHG loves! Last month I learned that Twitter lets you … Read more

I Am: Beat Your Bullies with Positivity (+ a printable too!)

I originally posted this on 1/23 but wanted to rewrite it & tell my story to help you learn to love your true self a little bit deeper, to appreciate yourself in 2014 so that you can embrace your positive character traits and nurture them, to grow into a self assured & confident entrepreneur, so … Read more

Tomorrow is A New Day

OMHG is on a break from our usual businessy goodness and sharing Stories for Stephanie to support her recovery & fund. This story of finding hope and light in the darkness comes to us from the lovely Tori who was brave enough to share her story with us, please show her some love in the comments! … Read more

Stories for Stephanie: The Sisterhood of Strength

  OMHG is on a break from our usual businessy goodness for a couple of weeks while I ensure my mama Stephanie Douglas is safe & stable in her mental + physical recovery after a life threatening illness. This is the first in a series of posts for her and includes carefully worded references to suicide, abuse, … Read more

A Story for Stephanie-Gathering Stories & Support During A Scary Time

“All things great are wound up with all things little.” ― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables   Oh loves, I try to start and the tears come but the words are slower. Where to even begin? I’ll go with the facts because they are concrete…My mama Stephanie Douglas has been in the ICU on … Read more

Yearly Planning: Under Promise & Over Deliver

Photo credit: Original image by Andrew Bonamici When looking at the blank slate of a whole new year, It’s tempting to make all kinds of ambitious plans, but I would argue that it’s a good idea to take a ‘less is more’ approach. I find that most creative business owners have tons of ideas, but … Read more

100 Ways to Build Community in 2014 & Beyond

The first week of the year has come and gone! Now that we’ve worn a little bit of the shiny off 2014 it is time (for me at least) to take steps towards making plans into reality. My Project 2014 is to gather our community for a week-long Maker’s Retreat in the most magical place ever this … Read more

Build Your 2014 Buyer’s Packet & Get Ready for Wholesale!

I’ve been a maker for ten years now and the things I’ve learned along this journey could fill enough volumes to start my own library. Upon reflection, I suppose I have started my own library of sorts via my consulting company. I like to think of it as an entrepreneurial toolbox: an answer to all … Read more

#CreativeDaily Photo Challenge

Stay inspired daily in 2014 with #creativedaily, a new monthly photo-a-day challenge geared specifically towards creatives, artists & small business owners! The goal of #creativedaily is to inspire people to document their life and indie biz journey through daily photos & snippets of text, encouraging them to fill each day will a little bit of … Read more

Happy New Year + Printable Planners!

Happy New Year! I love this time of year… it’s like a big “reset” button for life.  It helps me step back and look at the past year and set some goals for the upcoming new year.  I don’t know about you, but I’m a big planner/list maker… It helps me keep track of what … Read more

Project 2014-Choose Your Own Adventure

Happy, happy, happy 2014 to our wonderful creative community of goodness! This month on OMHG we are celebrating the fresh start of the new year by creating and sharing our project plans for choosing our own adventures in 2014. For the month of January join us as we post projects of all sizes that we … Read more

Adventures in Merry Memory Making

“Merry” lettering by Shauna Lynn for OMHG “I sometimes think we expect too much of Christmas Day. We try to crowd into it the long arrears of kindliness and humanity of the whole year. As for me, I like to take my Christmas a little at a time, all through the year. And thus I … Read more

Free Printable! Fold + Cut Kirigami Snowflakes

I’m in the midst of a not-so-secret love affair with kirigami. Hand me a piece of origami paper and I get to itch to cut it up! Of course, most of us have dabbled in this art of cutting and folding paper – usually when making paper snowflakes as (or with) children.  Christmas is the perfect … Read more

Crafting Holiday Traditions to Share with Friends

I have stepped away from the kitchen, and am writing this as the smells of holiday baking drift from my oven to where I sit at the computer. I am baking 6 dozen cookies to share with my girlfriends.  Last Christmas, we started the tradition of gathering for a cookie exchange, and it looks like … Read more


I’ve been making my own holiday cards for as long as I can remember; it started out as a creative outlet to the mass-produced alternative and has now become one of the things I enjoy most about the holiday season! I always tend to wait until the weather changes and it actually feels like the … Read more

How Quilting is Like Creative Web Design

I used to spend a huge amount of my time designing and coding websites. I found that when my creative web design company, Aeolidia, grew enough that I was in a management role and could no longer do client work myself, I needed a replacement creative activity. Today I’m taking a break from my usual … Read more

Handmade Holiday Shop: Freshie & Zero

Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Beth “Freshie” Lawrence was always crafting from a very early age; she began making and selling jewelry when she was just 10 years old! Upon receiving a Studio Art degree from Belmont University in 2000, she worked in art and craft galleries in Atlanta and Nashville but was always … Read more


Now who said this? Does anyone know? I’ve seen it referenced several times, but never attributed to anyone… It’s so sweet and the sentiment seems perfect for our month of merry-making! Into Each Day Put: One Teaspoon of Good Spirits, a Dash of Fun, a Pinch of Folly, and a Huge Heap Full of Laughter~ … Read more

Handmade Holiday Shop: Porcupine Hugs

Hi! I’m Dorkys Ramos, a New York City-based writer who decided to pursue her little dream of designing stationery with the creation of Porcupine Hugs. After a childhood of drawing cartoony faces and flowers all along the margins of my school notebooks, I started making cards, paper gifts, even hand-drawn wrapping paper to celebrate my … Read more

Handmade Holiday Shop: One Girl Circus

Karen LePage is offering Handmade Loungewear for the Whole Family! Whether you’ve got a family tradition of giving new PJs for the holidays or you’d like to start one, Karen’s got you covered. This collection of nostalgic, natural loungewear includes pieces for all ages from infants through adults. Start building your own treasured memories this … Read more

Handmade Holiday Shop: Colleen Attara Studio

I am Colleen Attara of Colleen Attara Studio and I am a treasure hunter/eco-artist.  I love to use salvaged materials that others see no value in and create something full of hope and color. Click through the pictures below to visit the shop and find a treasure of your own: I  hand-script words from salvaged … Read more

Handmade Holiday Shop: The Chatty Press

The Holidays bring us joy, wonder and maybe even a little snow. But they also bring lots of lists! Grocery lists for that holiday party, children’s wish lists for that jolly elf, and the ever important holiday card list. I’m not a very good cook, but I can help you out with that Holiday Card … Read more

December on OMHG: Merry Makers

Big thanks to lettering extraordinaire Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn for creating the lettering for our theme this month-isn’t it just beautiful?   Happy December Merry Makers! This month on OMHG we will be filling the internets with cheer as we gather to share stories, recipes, tutorials + inspiration to help us all have a joyful holiday season. … Read more

Following an idea from Cornwall to New York

This time last year, I had a vision of a participatory Story of Mum exhibition celebrating motherhood. I had never hosted an exhibition before, I had no idea how to budget or deliver one, and I didn’t consider myself in any way an artist. But I went ahead and made an application to the Arts … Read more

Shop Small for Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday & Cyber Monday!

Image source art via CreativeMarket   This weekend, there will be sales-a-plenty both on and offline for Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday and Cyber Monday. Why not support your fellow creative businesses by shopping small this weekend? Here are some great promos from our community + add yours in the comments! ART & PAPER GOODS … Read more

Handmade Holiday Shop: Sew Beastly

Hello, there! I’m Citlalli, the gal behind Sew Beastly. Sew Beastly focuses on providing handmade accessories that are eco-friendly, functional, modern and fun! Sew Beastly got started after I attended my first and last sewing class; little did I know then that I I would soon find myself immersed in the craft of sewing. I taught … Read more

Handmade Holiday Shop: Ahmelie

Ahmelie is a modern day Viking girl zig zagging thru a handmade, technology infused life. Fabric addict, lover of all things handmade and vintage, sewista with a “thing” for vintage sewing machines, and designer of {Sleeves + Sox = Slox}! Sewing is a fabulous winter hobby and Ahmelie believes the cold weather in Viking Land (aka … Read more

Handmade Holiday Shop: CharlieBoy Press

Hi! My name is Geri Jewitt and many of you may remember when I used to be fairly frequent visitor to these here parts… well, I’ve been off learning a new trade and streamlining my business to better serve you! I’ve recently refocused my Design Studio (The Languid Lion) to primarily focus on branding and … Read more

Make 2014 A Year of Community with our Letterpress Calendar

To order your copies of our community calendar CLICK HERE!  We’re making 2014 A Year of Community with our letterpress community calendar illustrated, designed & printed entirely by our diverse crew of makers! We’ve worked together for over 6 months in our forums to create 12 months of art around the theme of community to … Read more

Starting Your Own Success Squad Part 3: Finding Your People

This is Part 3 in the Success Squad series-catch up on Part 1 & Part 2! Sarah and I didn’t know it then, but this whole small business adventure we were about to embark on was going to be full of ups, downs, and to be honest failures.  I think I still have a major fail … Read more

Handmade Holiday Shop: Sam Osborne

I am a UK based graphic designer, surface pattern designer and illustrator creating bold, colourful, modern, geometric based prints and illustrations. I worked as a commercial graphic designer for nearly 10 years developing my love of colour, texture, shape and typography. Two years ago I started my own business where I now work as a … Read more

{FREE SCREENSAVER} On Dealing With Holiday Prep

Ah the holiday season, full of joy and cheer– and a time of stressful craziness and general insanity for many sellers out there.  Sound familiar? As we share holiday survival tips and focus on streamlining our holiday prep, perhaps these wise words from Mr. Einstein himself will buoy us: “Out of clutter, find simplicity. From … Read more

Handmade Holiday Shop: Operation Soapbox

This is the 1st of our Holiday Shop features, find out more & get involved here!   Hi OMHG! I am Cherish Driskell of Operation Soapbox and I am “mommy” to some of the most awesome kiddos and pets around. We have lived in Abilene, Texas for ten years. I was medically separated from the Air … Read more

{Pre-Sale On Now!} 2014 OMHG Community Letterpress Calendar

I’m about to burst at the seams with pride and happiness to share the first ever OMHG collaborative HANDMADE product! In May of this year Tif of Stubborn Press & Co. suggested we team up to create a letterpress calendar for 2014 and we’ve been working together in the OMHG forums ever since. During that time we’ve … Read more

Oh My! Gift Guide Pin Party

It’s the shopping holiday season and the perfect time for an OMHG Pin Party over on Pinterest. Here’s your opportunity to support makers and other small businesses by nominating, repinning and purchasing. Join Jessika and I as we compile the ultimate handmade and indie business pin board. You can find our pinworthy picks over on the Oh … Read more

Grab Customer’s Attention on Your Website in Less than 15 Minutes!

Getting your website ready for the Holiday rush can sometimes feel overwhelming (like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done). I mean seriously….how in the world is it already November?! Well, I am here to give you a quick and easy way to grab your customer’s attention and add a little … Read more

Handmade Pop Up Shop + Letterpress Calendar + Gift Guide, Oh My!

This month we are talking about lessons learned from seasons past, one big thing I learned from last November’s Holiday Survival theme is that at this time of year many makers/entrepreneurs invest most of their holiday prep time into production and leave marketing, promotion, and advertising to the last minute. Last year I made a plan to … Read more

Thanking Your Biggest Supporters

The holidays are a busy time for most of us – the hustle and bustle and cheer of preparing for our own celebrations, plus meeting deadlines and filling holiday shopper customer orders. We often think a lot about meeting our customer’s needs.  How can we give them a positive shopping experience and make them happy? … Read more

Don’t Lose Your Holiday Customers

I talked to a crafter at a local event about what she thought was her big break – getting featured on Etsy. My biggest turning point was being Featured Shop on Etsy last year. The feature was a big boost to my confidence and something I never really expected. The timing was great because it … Read more

November on OMHG: A Businessy Story of Seasons Past

Happy November lovely friends, time to welcome a new theme + enter the final countdown to the holiday season! This can be a stressful time for makers and entrepreneurs (+ people in general)-some of us are getting slammed with unexpected sales or press, others are getting all ready for the season and hearing crickets, and some … Read more

Let Them Howl! DIY Wolf Mask Tutorial

Happy Howlween! Ila’s fairy obsession gave way to more wolfish pursuits this year, so this month for her 9th birthday I made her a wolf suit and she made mischief of all kinds in it. When Renae of Benzie Design spotted it she suggested a tutorial, sent off some gorgeous wool, and I set about planning … Read more

Social Media Branding for Indie Biz: Facebook

Photo Credit Here’s what we’ve covered in this branding mini-series thus far: YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. Which means today it’s time to tackle the mother of all social media (so far as branding is concerned): Facebook. It’s oddly appropriate that we’re talking Facebook during Halloween week, because it can be a bit scary: there … Read more


Jason Fried is the cofounder of 37 Studios which develops Basecamp, a must have communication/organizational tool for many companies, so I thought this was an apt sentiment for our theme of DIY Branding and design: You don’t need to outdo the competition. It’s expensive and defensive. Underdo your competition. We need more simplicity and clarity. … Read more

Logo Design Tips: Allowing Your Designer to Shine

After ten years in the web design business, I’m taking a turn being the client. I’m taking our lessons to heart and getting out of my designer’s way by sticking to our guidelines. After being involved in hundreds of design projects, this is about as insider-y as logo design tips get, so read on to … Read more

Social Media Branding for Indie Biz: Google+

Photo Credit Thanks for joining us for the social media branding mini-series. This week we’re going to bounce over to Google+. Since creating images of a specific size isn’t all that important with Google+ (all of the elements are dynamic) we’re skipping the video + template this week. Not to worry, there are lots of … Read more

Mismatched is only cool if you are 5 years old

I remember when my daughter first wanted to dress herself. Like all 5 year old little girls, she wanted to be fiercely independent, especially when it came to her wardrobe. Most days she would come out of her room wearing a fluffy pink tutu, her favorite cowgirl boots, a long sleeve shirt with some sort … Read more

The Future Of Handmade Is In Our Hands

Did Etsy sell out? Is the DIY + handmade + maker movement over?  What does handmade even mean anymore?  How can makers protect the ethics of handmade as we scale?  I’ve been seeing a lot of discussion in the creative community on these questions and more sparked by the fall-out from Etsy changes to Seller Guidelines and … Read more

Starting Your Own Success Squad Part 2: Off & Running

Read Part 1 in the Starting Your Own Success Squad Series by Lisa & Sarah here. Sarah and I met in July of 2011.  I was vending at Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco for the very first time. She was playing roving photographer and working toward starting her own photography studio.  It was a time … Read more

Social Media Branding for Indie Biz: Twitter + Pinterest

Photo Credit It’s a 2-for-1 today as we continue our mini-series on social media branding for indie biz. We’re slowly working our way into image heavy social media with Twitter + Pinterest. Let’s start with the birds… “Twitter is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news about … Read more

{Printable Cards} Say Thank You For Everything

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian readers! In our casa we celebrate with a big dinner and a day of numbering our blessings-we have so many, many reasons to be thankful. Today I am extra thankful for friends, for family, for community, for home & a place to gather people close, for the great wide … Read more

How I began to learn about design (& how you can too!)

A couple of years ago, I was considering going back to school to get a degree in Graphic Design. I was seeing all of these cool designs out there in the world and I said to myself, “I want to do that!” However, I’d just finished a master’s degree program studying yoga and creativity and … Read more

Formulating A Plan for Your Dreams with Mad Scientist & Seamstress Erin

At your day job, you’re the type to knit through staff meetings, sketch your co-workers while on the telephone, or read photography blogs on your lunch break. You dream about running your own creative business in the future but you’re not ready to take the leap right now for any of a number of reasons … Read more

Social Media Branding for Indie Biz: YouTube

Branding is not just about pretty colors + the perfect font (although they are certainly part of the whole!) Branding really encompasses all of the little bits that represent your company. It’s everything from your logo to your packaging; your customer service approach to your social media presence. Yep. We said social media. Having a … Read more

Branding DIY: An Insider’s Guide

I’ve been a graphic designer for over 10 years and in that time I’ve worked with and created many brands. Along the way I’ve learned a few pretty important things that help get the best results from all branding projects. The best thing is that these rules apply as much to your own brand as … Read more

DIY Product Packaging: The Petit Cadeau

Why do customers buy handmade products online, from someone they have likely never met in person? For me, as a customer, it’s partly about supporting someone’s life and dreams, partly about the quality that handmade has to offer, and partly about the experience. There’s anticipation.  I like to call it the “snail mail factor”.  The … Read more

{Printable} Hey You! Go Out There & Be Awesome

Need a mid-week reminder of just how awesome you really are and some encouragement to share it proudly with the world? Maybe you need a boost to give you the confidence to believe you can create your own DIY Designs? Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn, lettering genius, OMHG forum member and all around awesome artist has you covered! Click … Read more

DIY Design: A Month of Brand Building on OMHG

  Happy October friends! Our Creative Communities theme made September fly by in a joyful blur of gathering, friendship, and connection-if you missed all the wonderful contributions be sure to check them out here. A new month means it is time for a new theme on OMHG, for October we are revisiting our popular DIY … Read more

A Community of Stories: The Story of Mum

Two and a half years ago, my mother and I launched Story of Mum in memory of a lost friend: a young mother, a creative inspiration, and the heart of our community. It has already grown into more than we imagined together. A creative community of mothers, supporting each other as we play – online … Read more

Crafting A Creative Community At Home

I was so excited when I saw this month’s theme here on Oh My Handmade Goodness! When I read the question “Where do creatives gather to make and connect?” I was filled with joy because as of June the answer is “my house!” This summer, after moving into a new home, I finally had the … Read more

{Free Screensaver} On Communities…

Jessika shared this quote with us during an #OMHG chat a couple weeks ago and I knew it would be perfect for this month’s screensaver: Snowflakes, leaves, humans, plants, raindrops, stars, molecules, microscopic entities all come in communities. The singular cannot in reality exist. ~Paula Gunn Allen The above illustration is available as a screensaver.  Click … Read more

Build Your Community (& your business!) with Creative Marketing

Hi, I’m Cody, owner of Lu & Ed. I make eco-friendly toy storage solutions for kids in the form monsters, all from upcycled fabrics. I’ve been a part of the handmade community for almost four years and I adore the OMHG community so when I was invited by Jessika to contribute a post about my … Read more

It Takes A Community To Grow An Artist

Before I decided to focus on my jewelry business, I worked at a family support program in the city in which I live. The work emphasized the importance of community in parenting. One saying I heard repeatedly was “It takes a village to raise a child.” As a staff member, I always felt like I … Read more

6 Eye-Opening Business Lessons From School House Craft

While I’m a homebody, I’ll admit that nothing compares to getting out and meeting your colleagues, clients, and community in person. We spent a recent weekend doing just that at School House Craft in Seattle. Shoshanna and I set up a booth for Aeolidia (with our new branding, ee!), taught two classes, attended classes, ate … Read more

The Three Communities You Need

Having the right community surrounding you is the surest, sanest, and most sustainable way to create the business you want. The right community can support you, encourage, even buy from you! But no one community can do everything for you. We (usually) can’t get our need for belonging filled by the same people who meet our … Read more

Old Art Supplies + New Friendships: A Story About Community

It all started with an electric outage. After a few hours we realized the lights weren’t coming on anytime soon (nor was the well pump or the water heater), so we packed the cooler and our suitcases and headed for New Jersey. This isn’t normally what we do when we are without electric, mind you. … Read more

Lumberjack Attack! An OMHG Collaboration

I had a gut feeling that advertising in the Oh My! Handmade Creative Marketplace would be one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made, but I had no idea how much goodness would come in the way it did. When I signed up, I wasn’t aware that I’d also get a membership to the … Read more

Success Squad: The importance of community + peer review when it is just me, myself, & I

It’s true what they say; it’s lonely at the top.  And for small business owners and bloggers it can often be lonely at the bottom and middle too. Working for yourself comes with incredible benefits, but sooner or later we all reach that moment when we can’t remember the last time we stepped outside of … Read more

Creating Your Community: Step 1- What is your vision?

Pictures from top to bottom: Colleen Attara’s Brooklyn brownstone flower project, Makeshift Society in San Francisco, Lunenburg Makery window display by Micheline Courtemanche Spend some time envisioning your ideal creative community with us today! The first step in any community development project is usually to figure out what the ideal vision is and where to … Read more


This sponsored post is written by: …the founders of CraftLaunch. Austin, Texas is mainly known for three things: live music, barbecue, and the thousands of bats that fly out from under the Congress Street bridge every night. What people may not know is that it also boasts a vibrant crafting community. While many of the … Read more

September on OMHG: Creative Communities

This month on OMHG we are exploring creative communities together! Where do creatives gather to make and connect? Let’s find out- take us on a photo walk of a creative spot in your neighbourhood (or one you love)! Introduce us to an awesome community leader, group or team! Illustrate your favourite creative space! Get creative … Read more

Etsy Shop Photography: Advice for New Shop Owners

Is it really already September?  If you read my previous post Feature Perfect: Etsy Shop Product Photography back in May, I had all intentions of writing this post here to go live in June.  Yet, somehow it’s no longer June, is it?  Well, for those of you who have been following my posts, starting with … Read more

The OMHG Community & I Need Your Help

 Jean Vanier, Community & Growth  Lovely friends, I almost wish I was just announcing a new theme with my same exuberance for a fresh month of adventuring with you-at the same time I’m anxiously excited to share some changes for OMHG and I. Today I was supposed to be teaching about community at the Artful Business … Read more

A Postcard from The Table

August 1st was moving day – we relocated 130 miles south to be nearer to the people and places we love. In our short time here, we have hosted and attended quite a few dinner parties. One of those parties was in celebration our daughter’s 4th birthday as well as my maternal grandmother’s 76th (the … Read more

A Postcard From Dorset, Vermont

  This photo of my parents sums up a wonderful weekend we had recently in Dorset, Vermont.  Tucked into a grove of pine trees, my cousin and his lovely bride were married in an outdoor chapel they built with their friends. The night culminated in hours of dancing under a gorgeous tent covered with sparkling lights. The … Read more

A Postcard from the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

It had been nearly 10 years since I dipped my toes into this pristine lake in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. As a young girl I had spent 1 week each summer with friends and family in a beautiful open A-frame cabin on the lake- days were spent fishing on the lake, jumping off the … Read more

Postcard from Camp: Free as a bird in Aquinnah

Free as a bird! I snapped this picture on a lovely foggy day on a quiet beach near Aquinnah, on Martha’s Vineyard. A long winding beach trail led us to the secluded rocky beach where we walked and talked and played. Later that day we ate lobster in a little fishing village–sitting outside watching the … Read more

An Illustrated Postcard from Bryce Canyon, Utah

This illustration was one of my favorites from my summer road trip to Southern Utah. I try to sketch on my trips rather than rely on photos to remember places but sometimes it’s difficult to do so. We were on a tour through Bryce Canyon and we stopped at the Natural Bridge for only about … Read more

Greetings from Lech, Austria

I spent a long weekend with my husband and some good friends in Lech in the beautiful Austrian alps, two and a half hours from where we live in Munich. I was a TOTAL stress case before we left, and was grumping and complaining all the way out the door that I didn’t have time … Read more

A Joyful Postcard from Cornwall

My son perfectly illustrating how kids are a direct channel to joy. Yet again, his delight reminded me to appreciate the sheer thrill of a day at the beach with friends, chasing each other round a field chucking hay until dad’s delivery of steaming salty fish and chips. Together, we sat blissfully at the top … Read more

Family & Freedom: A Postcard from the Dominican Republic

A few weeks ago my siblings and I fulfilled our father’s longtime wish to travel back to the Dominican Republic with his three children, something we hadn’t done together in 20 years. One of my reasons for staying away as long as I did was the fact that I spent practically every childhood summer visiting … Read more

A Postcard from Ogunquit, Maine

I could take twenty thousand pictures of Queen Anne’s Lace; I found this one on the coast of Maine in Ogunquit during my recent vacation there. I love how it looks as it’s unfurling!  What small treasures have you found this summer? Editor’s note: this beautiful postcard and picture were submitted by Leigh Hannan of http://skellychic.com, … Read more

A Postcard from Italy with Love

In August of every year, we closed our sweet handmade B&B in the wine hills of Northern Italy for two weeks to enjoy the peace and serenity for ourselves. In back of our 400 year old farm house, there’s an ancient well. I love to sneak out in the early morning and catch the sun’s … Read more

Postcard from a mission trip to Grand Bahama

This summer, my daughter and I went on a youth mission trip to Freeport, Grand Bahama through my friend’s church.  As my dear friend (pictured to the right of me above) explained, “it is like going to an island and passing through a really poor area on the way to the resort, only this is … Read more

A Postcard from PEI

I think we all breathe a collective sigh of relief when our feet touch the sand for the first time when we arrive in Prince Edward Island. . We have been drawn back to this beautiful beach on the south shore and to a cottage that we have adopted as our own for eight summers. … Read more

Postcards From Camp: Nature Is Good Medicine

It’s summer in Arizona, but instead of the usual intense and dry heat, there is crispness in the air and it smells like rain. My husband has Monday and Tuesday off and we are kid-free. It’s a workday for me, but we haven’t taken an escape to nature together in months, something that used to … Read more

A little summer souvenir…

Dear Summer: Thank you for showing up again and shining your radiate light. You always have such a subtle way of reintroducing me to peace and happiness; of reminding me how good a long day can be with just a little extra light; of reconnecting me to the power of earth energy that supports my … Read more

Postcard from camp: The freedom to adventure

My brother (SoCal born + raised) texted me:  You busy the end of May? Can I come visit? Me: Sure!  Him: Tickets bought! Would love to see the Atlantic Ocean. Never been! How far?  Me: Five hours to Charleston, SC. Let’s go! Two weeks later, I picked him up at the airport at 10 pm … Read more

Let’s Take Our Kids Around the World with Playful Learning

I’ve been working with Mariah of Playful Learning to create an experience for children that inspires their love of exploration and discovery while teaching them to be compassionate global citizens. Together we connected with over 20 wonderful bloggers from around the world who signed up to share a look at play in their corner of … Read more

Summer Break & Postcards From Camp

It’s been a busy two months at Camp OMHG learning new skills and sharing our stories, but a great camp isn’t all busyness +  business. Lakeside chilling, hammock swinging, sweet tea slurping, laughing under the stars with friends- summer calls for us to slow down and enjoy the good life. So we’re taking our cue … Read more

Oh Precious Heart-Printable Reminder For Explorers

“Oh precious heart, you think you’re lost, look down look down and find your feet. The next step is the path you’re on…” ~Veda Hille, Precious Heart Sometimes when we trek off into the wilderness or confront our deepest fears we can get lost and end up where we least expected. I’ve seen lots of writing … Read more

Camp Craft: Happy Campers Camera Strap Tutorial

All summer long we’ve been working towards turning off our electronics, getting back to nature, and earning our merits here at Camp #OMHG. Whether you’ needed the gentle reminder to shine with confidence, cultivate ambition,  or you’re just here for the camp crafts– this experience has brought us back to basics and serves as a … Read more

Let’s Create A Repeat Pattern In Photoshop!

Are you ready to learn a new skill at the Oh My! Handmade summer camp and grab your “Create A Repeat Pattern” badge? Caution: Pattern making may be addictive. Side effects may include spending endless hours in front of your computer, squinting, doodling incessantly, and feeling giddy. I honestly am not sure what spurred my … Read more

The Poppy Barley Story: Traditional Craft Meets Modern Style

Last time we saw you, we were chatting CREATIVEstyle and Poppy Barley’s made to measure boots  (did you see OMHG editor Jessika rocking The Everyday City Boot in Kaki?). Today, we want the Oh My! Handmade Goodness community to get a behind-the-scenes look at Poppy Barley’s custom ballet flats—from initial sketches, to production at our … Read more

How to Overcome Fear & Failure to Transform Your Business

Fear of failure and ACTUAL failure can be debilitating experiences. I know…because I have been there, at rock bottom. A miserable failure! Like BIG time failure! I’m not kidding… Naturally entrepreneurial (it pretty much runs in my blood), I’ve always known that I was destined to be a business owner. Once I took my first … Read more

Oh My! Adventures in Rebranding

These last two months at Camp OMHG have been filled with all the things that make our community so wonderful: gathering and sharing stories, getting creative, and adventuring through life and business together. For my contribution to our exploration theme I’m sharing the biggest voyage I’ve ever set out on-planning and investing in the new … Read more

Making Your Little Business Bigger

Do you feel like you’re ready to be a bigger little business? Read on! If you love lists as much as I do, you will enjoy this method of planning how to free up your own time. In seven years, my web design studio, Aeolidia, has gone from being just me on my couch, to … Read more


Summer is here and with it comes pool parties, barbeques, outdoor celebrations and camp (of course!).  Those of us with creative businesses often find the summer to be a bit slower and a great time to catch up on all those pesky tasks that we can’t seem to find the time for during the busy seasons, … Read more

When Adventures Take You Where You Least Expect Them To

A little over 12 months ago I realised that I was stuck in a rut and needed a huge goal to help me find a way out of it. I was approaching my 27th birthday, the same age my mother was when she passed away, and I wanted to do something big, bold and adventurous … Read more

Hosting A Blog Challenge Is An Adventure

 {Clip art via The Inknest, designed by Sabrina} Summer camp. Huge in North America. Barely heard of in Australia. Don’t think for a minute though that we aren’t very adventurous. As soon as temperature warms up many of us head ‘out bush’ with the tent, barbie and case loads of mosquito repellent. (Just to clarify, … Read more

Camp Craft: DIY Neon Rope Bracelets

Time to get crafty campers! Today we are making our own rope and using it to create friendship bracelets for wearing and sharing. This is a fun summer craft that uses just a few supplies you probably have around the house. I learned how to make rope when I was working with preschool kids and … Read more

Run Away to Craft-a-Way Camp

Remember how great camp was as a little kid?  Going to camp was my very favorite activity. I awaited camp with giddy anticipation many weeks before it was scheduled to start. I live in Michigan, so as a young Girl Scout camp meant getting out into the woods (with my very own can of bug … Read more

Camp OMHG Pin Party!

Sleep Under The Stars – The Wheatfield / Boreal Perfume Oil – Long Winter Soap Co Slingshot – Hella Slingshots /  Golden Arrow Knife – Elemental Child Felt Campfire – A Heart for Crafts / Campfire Candle – Coco & Bubbles Canoe Earrings – Cabin & Cub Design / Macrame Bracelets – BohemEden Ah – the … Read more

Camp OMHG Printable Merit Badges #2

Time for the second instalment of our community designed Camp OMHG badge submissions, here are 3 more fabulous designs to add to your badge collection! Know someone awesome who deserves a badge (or four?) acknowledge all their  creative goodness by awarding them the badges you think they need. Don’t miss the first 3 submissions right … Read more

Pick Your Power(Balls!)

Summer is in full swing and so are summer camps! My son’s preschool is offering various week-long programs and this year I’m helping out with a few of them. Last week was Cooking Camp, but seeing as the children were all two to five years old in age, and letting little ones play with fire … Read more

Amelia’s Double Album & Community Quilt

My name is Amelia and I am a composer, entrepreneur, and musician. I am in the midst of recording a double album project – one for kids & one for grown-ups. This project is highly inspired by my mum, a quilt artist – when I was 7 she encouraged me to continue playing piano by … Read more

Cultivating Ambitions & Mapping Possibilities at CAMP

{All photos by KC Cooper Sears unless noted} I grew up away from Los Angeles, back east in North Carolina with a single dad who wanted to keep me out of trouble by filling my summers with camp. I was told it was going to build my character, but what I liked the best was … Read more

History Explorer Badges: Adventures Through Time

Click here or above to download your Sam Osborne history explorer badges As part of the research for my next collection I’ve been reading a lot of stories of adventures, explorers and triumph in the face of adversity. As I was reading these stories it became clear to me that a lot of the lessons … Read more

{Free Printable} Camp OMHG Merit Badges #1

In June we launched our Camp OMHG Merit Badge design challenge & now it is time to reveal Part 1 of the awesome! Download the badges, print them out, award them to yourself and your friends then sit back and congratulate yourself for all the hard work you do! Our first submissions was an  OMHG Badge of … Read more

Three Easy Ways To Make The Most Of A Campfire

There’s a sacred connection to campfire storytelling and it lies in pulling the veil back so that you share a piece of yourself by the crackling flames. You share your struggle, your fears, your hopes, your dreams. The connection is made in the stillness of your truth. And in doing that you find that truth … Read more

An Explorer’s Guide to Packing for Adventure

If you’re a small business owner, or an artist, maker, or writer, you are an explorer! You explore your internal world with creativity and curiosity. You explore the external world, through sharing your work, chatting with customers, and assessing what works. You explore your own path to success by watching what works (and doing more of … Read more

Come Adventuring with OMHG!

{Thank you to the genius Gaia Cornwall for our theme graphics!} Hello Campers! Our first month of Camp OMHG whizzed by as we buckled down to learn and refresh our basic biz survival skills. This month we are taking those essential tools and heading out beyond ‘where there be dragons’ to chart our own path … Read more

Preparing for summer camp is a lot like planning your biz

As a kid, I just loved going to camp. My parents sent me away for the summer and as I grew older, I even became a camp counselor. The beginning of summer always reminds me of my time in camp. A few weeks ago, I was helping my nieces plan for summer camp. We packed … Read more

Basic Photography Survival Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs

It wouldn’t shock any one of you to hear that great product photography equals more online sales. Period. If you run an online business, you simply can’t afford to have poor images of your products. But how do you consistently create stunning images? Here are some tips to help you move forward: Tip #1 – … Read more

A Maker’s Most Precious Tool (And How to Care for It)

Whatever it is that you use to do your craft, you take care of it, right? You keep your sewing machine shiny and clean. You make sure to wash the bristles of your paint brushes carefully, so they don’t break and fall out. You keep the caps firmly on your pens so they don’t dry … Read more

mini-retreat, part deux

Last June, Sarah and I travelled off to the mountains for a glorious (and hard-working!) mini-retreat weekend away. We knew that we wanted to do it again, so by last fall, we had a date nailed down and started inviting creative business friends to join us. Nicola and Billi were in right away! And off … Read more

Bursting with ideas? Idea Organization 101

I know you are bursting with ideas and big plans for your business, right?  Ideas come in the most unlikely places and often when you least expect it.  Ahh the creative mind… As a designer and blogger, I carry a small sketchbook (the old fashioned paper kind) with me most of the time. I use it … Read more

Self-Discipline: Be the Boss of Yourself

Like many (many!) of us, you may feel like there is not enough time in a day. Maybe you’ve become stressed or disappointed in yourself for not making the best use of that time? Do you find yourself continuing with bad habits or having a hard time implementing good habits? Welcome to the club! If … Read more

Friendship Bracelet Pin Party!

Nothing says summer camp style quite like an arm full of friendship bracelets! (Well, except maybe for bug bites, bed head and a mean crush on the male counsellors!) Come join in the Camp OMHG fun as we make, buy, wear, trade and pin the best looking friendship bracelets (and friendship bracelet inspired products) around. … Read more

Service, Socialize, Spider Repellant, and Sparkle – Lessons from Camp

When I was in 5th Grade, I got to go to summer camp for the first time. With a mixture of fear and excitement, I ventured away from home for two weeks to “rough-it” camp style. After the initial shock of being “on my own” and some bouts of homesickness, I settled into the experience … Read more

{Free Screensaver} The Magic of Summer

Did you go to summer camp as a kid? I went to sleep-away camp for a few weeks each summer for several years. And while I was there I always felt some sparkle in the air. And now thinking back –the bonfires, s’mores, singing, the big skies, the water, the friends– those were magic times. … Read more

Letters from camp

Let’s pretend we are all away at camp together. The air is crisp and a cool lake breeze blew gently through our cabin’s while we slept.  After the very deepest sleep, we awake feeling so rested. The joy is sinking in.  We are away. We are on holiday.  This feels so good. We brush our … Read more

Summer Camp Reading: The Big Enough Company

So what is Summer without a good book? If you’re like me, it is probably some business type book with a little Shades of Grey on the side when your eyes start to glaze over. Nothing like that book to jolt you back to your senses! Anyway, I digress…there will be no need for Shades … Read more

Passion Projects: basik 855

A Passion Project submission from the team at basik 855 A couple of months ago, I realized something that was both sad and striking: upon informing people that basik 855 is based in Cambodia, they tend to assume we’re either a knock-off novelty company or that we run a sweatshop.  Neither assumption is true, but it … Read more

Camp OMHG Badge Design Challenge

Time to fire up your computers, break out the pencils, get out the sewing kit, and play with paints! We are hosting a Camp OMHG merit badge design challenge and you are invited! For all the things we do as an entrepreneurs and all the things we need to remember as people, we need a badge … Read more

Feed Yourself! Making Lunch A Priority

At least once a week, sometimes more, there’s a flurry of “Oh crap, I forgot to each lunch!” tweets. In the interest of full disclosure, I’m often one of those people. Lunch, and breakfast!, seem to be the most overlooked meals of the day particularly for work from home types. Why? I conducted a very … Read more

Printable Blog Post Planner + Marketing Worksheet

Marketing can be a tricky and time-consuming venture when you’re the owner of a creative business; I mean, you’ve got orders to fill, products to make, services to provide, books to keep…But, it’s an important tool and skill to develop that will help get you and your business out there and recognized. One of the … Read more

Business and Bug Spray: An Entrepreneurial Field Guide

Business & Bug Spray, that might be an appropriate title for a memoir someday. I’m an avid outdoors-woman; lover of nature, hiking, kayaking, fishing, and wondering deep into the forest where there is zero cell phone reception. My adventures have lead me to cross paths with foraging black bears, poisonous berry (accidental) consumption, and unearthing … Read more

Camp OMHG! Summer Camp for Creatives

Pack up your tents and sleeping bags friends, June is here & it is time for our first ever multi-month theme on OMHG! This year we are doing something different and taking us all to camp for a summer of business growth + creative fun. The counsellors are friendly, the bunks are comfortable, and the lessons … Read more

Booth Strategy // Convey your message

It’s show season! I love doing shows. Part party, part networking- they are a fantastic way to meet new friends, get in front of new customers, and connect with store owners. What is the best way to start? I am a firm believer in starting where you are. Every show you learn. Every show is … Read more

The 4 P’s of Marketing or Please stop calling it self-promotion

I’m allergic to the term “self-promotion.” Many crafters refer to sharing-their-work as “self promotion” and I cringe every time. I bet you do to. Self-promotion sounds gross. In fact, just promoting yourself, telling everyone how great you are, is kinda gross. No one wants to be around the girl who can’t stop talking about how hot she is. (You know the … Read more

What is A Line Sheet + Secrets To Wholesale Success Giveaway

Read on for an opportunity to win a seat in my LBU: Secrets to Wholesale Success mentoring program, worth $849! If catalogs and order forms were to fall in love and have a baby, line sheets would be their love child. A line sheet is a sales tool designed to communicate virtually all of the … Read more

Meeting the Makers: Dedalos Art Dolls

My name is Patty, I’m 28 and I am a dollmaker from Italy. I live in Florence, where I graduated in Painting two years ago at the Academy of Fine Arts. Florence is an amazing place for the incredible quantity and quality of art masterpieces, not only in the famous museums but also displayed all over … Read more

{Free Screensaver} Start Something Small Today

With May more than half way over, how have your marketing efforts gone? I, for one, definitely drag my feet when it comes to promoting my work–even though I know how important it is. If any of you are in the same boat, I thought you might appreciate this quote from author Karen Lamb: A … Read more

What marketing really is (and how to stop avoiding it)

  Dear sweet makers, From your comments about marketing, on the blog and in the Twitter chat, it sounds like the biggest thing keeping you from sharing your own handmade goodness with the world is the you are terrified by “marketing.” So let’s clear this right up! Marketing = all communication with the people who … Read more

Navigating Custom Orders for Your Handmade Business

Navigating the waters of custom orders for your handmade business can sometimes be tricky, but it’s also a great way to boost sales and establish deeper connections with your customers. I’ve been offering custom orders for more than 4 years, and I know first hand both the struggles and satisfaction of creating personalized and unique … Read more

LABSHOP: Open for handmade business!

    It’s finally open and what a great group of artists so far. The LABSHOP is my curated marketplace featuring some of the most talented handmakers in the creative universe. I still have plenty of spaces open and I wanted to extend an invitation to all of you fab handmakers over here in OMHG … Read more

DIY: Neon Polka Dot Tea Towels

I have a weakness for tea towels – I want to buy them, make them, display them, love them.  So, needless to say, I was pretty excited to discover Noble Walters – supplier of high quality cotton tea towels – and Canadian, to boot! Based in Vancouver, Noble Walters began as an idea for creative … Read more

Tools & Tips for Creative Blogging

I’ve been publishing a post on OMHG almost every day for 3 years now and have hit publish on nearly 900 posts in that time (we are coming up on our 1000 post next month!). Along the way I’ve learned a few things about how blogging creatively can help you to build community, market your … Read more

Finding Your Marketing Voice

image credit Oh Dier  Marketing. I admit it. When I first thought of marketing my brand five years ago, I imagined phony phrases, fast ads, and shouts about awesomeness. Flashbacks of my short- lived career as a telemarketer paying my way through college came to mind.  But I learned effective marketing is not about gimmicks … Read more

Feature Perfect: Etsy Shop Product Photography

Treasury Curated by Amber of Red Tile Studio In my blog post last month Grow Your Etsy Shop with Treasuries, I explored the world of Etsy treasuries and how this tool can help your business thrive.  As a co-leader of the treasury team Elite16 on Etsy, I tapped into the extensive knowledge of the team … Read more

Your Mailing List: Why You Need It, and What To Do With It

For a while, I struggled with my newsletter, and wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. I didn’t really understand what the difference was between email subscribers, Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and people reading my blog. What to do, what to do? It turns out an email newsletter is a very valuable marketing tool, … Read more

Oh My! It’s a Biz Share Pin Party

Oh my! It’s time for our next pin party! Have you joined us yet? It’s been great to discover new-to-us products from OMHG makers each month. Since May is marketing month, we thought it was a great opportunity to market out businesses to each other! We’ve met you in the comments, in the forums or … Read more

Call for Submissions: It’s A Banner Day Project

“It’s A Banner Day” is an exhibition hosted by Hygienic resident artist, Patti Murphy, and local artist, Kat Murphy. The exhibition will open on June 1st, 2013 and will be on view until June 29th at the Hygienic Art Galleries in New London, CT. In addition to Patti and Kat’s exhibits—which will explore symbols and … Read more

Put-Ups & Put-Downs: Teaching Kindness with Playful Learning

For our May theme I am sharing a sponsored post and giveaway every week that is creative, collaborative, and community focused as a little gift for us all to celebrate our grand opening. This post for our sponsor Playful Learning is the second in the series, find the first post here & check back at the end of the … Read more

You might be a marketer and not even know it!

I know marketing is something that many creative people shy away from. They feel like it’s slimy, inauthentic and pushy. But the good news is that you don’t have to impersonate the ShamWow guy to be an effective marketer! Currently my boyfriend Neil and I are working on a documentary about the handmade community called … Read more

Celebrate Your CREATIVEstyle with Poppy Barley & OMHG!

I am so not a fashion blogger but I do love where fashion, handmade, and creative business intersect. After seeing so many posts of perfectly styled outfits (especially when I was shopping to go to Altitude Summit) I started taking notes for a series called CREATIVEstyle to profile the style of diverse creatives. Around then … Read more

Our May theme is Marketing Madness!

  Thank you to Gaia Cornwall for creating the illustrations for our monthly themes!  We are celebrating the grand opening of the new OMHG website and community forums with a fun Marketing Madness theme. After months of building the new site, marketing our community campaign and launching first the new blog then marketplace I know … Read more

Oh My! Grand Opening & Community Launch

Welcome! Welcome! To the grand opening of the new OMHG and the launch of our membership community! Today is all about us friends-we are the workers, makers, builders, and this year we take today for our very own. May Day is symbolic because of the spring celebration of renewal and because of the international labour … Read more

Scars, Thorns, & Negative Seeds: Healing through Planting Together

“When you open yourself to the continually changing, impermanent, dynamic nature of your own being and of reality, you increase your capacity to love and care about other people and your capacity to not be afraid. You’re able to keep your eyes open, your heart open, and your mind open. And you notice when you … Read more

Pauselius: Bloom + Grow Forever

A sponsored post from Matt & Darice of Pauselius, a Holistic Creative Studio Our clients, friends, and family are probably wondering what we’re doing, altering our business identity + mission yet again. In fact, we’re pretty sure we can hear the head scratching. Before we went through our recent change, we were struggling with our … Read more

Our OMHG Journey: A Lion’s Tale & “A Petit Story”

Starting your own handmade or creative business can be an exciting & scary thing.  There are lots of things to research, many steps to take and a sea of information out there.  It can be incredibly daunting, especially if you’re tackling it alone or that your friends & family, while being loving & supportive, don’t … Read more

Pruning Your Product Garden- time to trim the hedges!

Spring has started to shine her lovely face upon us here in South Carolina, after a dreary winter that I am thrilled to be bidding adieu.  The warmer weather has me thinking not only of my physical garden, but of my proverbial product garden as well.  When was the last time you whipped out the … Read more

How to harvest your business garden growth

In the garden of your business, one of the hardest parts of cultivation is managing growth of your harvest. Your crops are your products and services, and even if you think you know when to they’ll be ready to harvest, they seem to have a mind of their own. The harvest is for you (selling that … Read more

How To Scale Your Creative Business from One-Person Show To Small Team

Imagine this: you’re a small maker, designer, or creative biz owner. Pondering how to scale your business from solo act to small team? You’ve built your business up from nothing: from unformed idea to rough outline to struggling start-up. And now, the day has come: your Inbox is overflowing with orders. Your phone’s been ringing … Read more

Grow Your Etsy Shop with Treasuries!

Terrarium Postcard Set image courtesy of Quill and Fox on Etsy I have a small garden out in the front of my house and every year I savor those magical spring days when the bugs have yet to come out and I can work outside into the evening.  The basic structure of the garden remains … Read more

{Weekend Goodness} Desktop Garden D.I.Y

Our garden is green, shady and lush when it’s in full swing. Nothing beats the feeling of serenity, fresh air and abundant green life of an outdoor space. You can bring those feelings inside to your studio space even if you don’t have big picture windows and lots of natural sunlight. I promise it will … Read more


Are you putting off a fun collaboration because the timing isn’t quite right? Or maybe you don’t have the top of the line tools? Your process could be streamlined even more… If you only had X more followers on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook… Then you could launch that new jewelry line/ approach a new vendor/ send your sample posts out to that … Read more

Seeing The Forest For The Trees

image credit :: eloise renouf Like so many other creative entrepreneurs, I love the details in business.  All those little things we do to keep it going on a daily basis.  Making, answering, shipping, problem-solving, sharing… it’s what we do. I mean, writing my to-do list is one of my favorite bits of the day (truly!) … Read more

Putting Down Roots: Humans of Sackville

An accidental community photography project leads to personal and business growth in unlikely ways. Ian Chew, a 21-year-old self-taught photographer and full-time International Relations student at Mount Allison University was inspired by a project he saw on Facebook and turned it into a powerful  community gathering place and platform for his own personal and business … Read more

You Can Grow Ideas In The Garden of Your Mind

Sometimes I feel as if my life takes place in a secret garden full of winding paths, dead ends, and exquisite surprises. I’ve been lost in this garden quite a few times but also found brilliant inspiration, blooming possibilities, and paths that have led me to incredible places. PBS published a remixed song out of … Read more

Soil Tilling, Soul Fulfilling

I began my garden (creative biz) on a whim while on maternity leave with my son. I had little idea what I wanted to plant or what type of garden I was looking to create, just that I wanted to be home with my son and to plant lots of fun stuff. So I started … Read more

Stick to your roots and overcome

Note – My original post for this month dealt with my forte of web design but after speaking a little bit with Jessika via email, I decided to go in a different direction entirely. It seems a lot of us in our community are dealing with crazy and sometimes devastating issues in our personal life … Read more

Creating an ethical eco-based business

I am an eco-artist and a treasure hunter.  I see “yes” where others see “no”. * I see possibility where others see trash. I paint vibrant cities on glass, plant colorful window box gardens in vacant cities and I hand-script affirming words as wall art.  Salvaged plastic is used in all my work. 31 million tons … Read more

Goodbye Google Reader-Hello FEEDLY

In case you haven’t heard, Google announced that on July 1, 2013 it is doing away with the old standby blog feed reader we’ve all grown up with…Google Reader. If you are currently following Oh My Handmade through Google Reader, you have a new option for how you can easily continue to receive all our … Read more

It’s A Playful Patterns Pin Party!

one – falconwright / two – blockshop textiles / three – thief & bandit four – ceramica botanica / five – slide sideways / six – mengsel I’m having a love affair with pattern – how about you? Bold, geometric, delicate, floral – I want them all! As you can see from my patterned picks, as a customer, I find myself more likely … Read more

Growing Your Online Shop with Facebook & Twitter

A sponsored post by our advertiser Claudio Carnino of Fanchimp   In 2013, if you’re not using Facebook or Twitter to make promotions of your Etsy store, you’re probably missing a huge opportunity. In fact, many shops are already doing it. Thousands of online shops are using Facebook because it drives more sales and sometimes it also … Read more

Reimagine Mentorship: Each One Teach One

Image credit: The Way You Live card by PinWheelDesigns Priceless. The value of encouragement and support, inspiration, insight, and even perhaps a swift kick in the pants. If you ask any successful entrepreneur or leader about their journey, undoubtedly they’ll reference a mentor, a coach, a teacher, or a community that helped nurture these seeds … Read more

Why Spring is SO Awesome for Your Business!

I know for many designers and crafters it’s the holiday season that really gets them excited. It is when the majority of sales are made so it’s easy to spend the bulk of your time and energy gearing up for this lucrative time of year. But, I think this approach is backwards. Springtime should be … Read more

Our Marketplace for Creative Entrepreneurs is HERE!

Party time, excellent! Today has been nearly a year in the making and everything has led up to this: our marketplace is finally here! Bust out the party hats and noise makers friends, this deserves a celebration! The very best services and supplies to grow your creative business are now all gathered into one friendly … Read more

Shoots & Roots: Growing Our Gardens

Thank you to the incredible  Gaia Cornwall for our monthly theme illustrations! Happy Easter and Hello Spring! I’m always sad to say goodbye to our Ethics theme but now its time for a fresh new month. Here in Lunenburg the town is exploding with green after a long white winter. Nothing is more inspiring to me … Read more

Don’t Be A Fool-Protect Your IP April 1st!

Tomorrow, it’s both April Fools Day and “Don’t Be a Fool!” Day. While everyone else is horsing around playing pranks on each other, we are going to tend to business. Are you ready? Right click to save your Don’t Be A Fool badge designed by Abigail Page . Step 1: Register at least one copyright with … Read more

Deanne Fitzpatrick: 22 Years of Authenticity & Creating Beauty Everyday

Editor’s note: This is a sponsored post from OMHG advertiser Deanne Fitzpatrick of www.hookingrugs.com. I just wanted to preface this post with a big applause for Deanne’s honesty and heartfelt integrity. Instead of sharing an advertorial for her sponsored post she gifted us with her wise words on staying true to your art for our … Read more

Taming The Infringement Beast (without straightjackets or spendy lawyers)

Let’s Get Ethical image designed by Lauren Hardage for OMHG Ever felt as though you wouldn’t actually need your business if you only had a dollar for every time someone swiped a product picture or borrowed your web copy? You’re not alone. If you’ve been in business for more than a hot minute, you’ve probably … Read more

Sweet Eventide’s Infringement Casestudy & Resources to Protect Yourself

Sweet Eventide’s Loads of Ranunculus photograph shared with permission Editor’s note: The lovely Jessica of Sweet Eventide started coming to our #OMHG chats recently and like always I visited her website to learn about the story behind the tweets. When I got there I immediately wanted her to visit us this month to share her … Read more

The Power of Thank You

A little package arrived at the LAB yesterday. Inside was an unsolicited note of thank from a handmaker for a post I did a few weeks ago, as well as two handmade tokens of their gratitude. It’s not the first time I’ve received a gift like this and, knowing the kind-heartedness of the handmade community, … Read more

Dive into Business Ethics: What’s Beneath the Surface?

Summer Swim illustration courtesy of Weather Girl Shop on Etsy Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about all the systems that surround us.  Just take a look at the booklet that comes with a new charge card and imagine the intricate web that supports all those terms & conditions.  Now, expand that … Read more

How to Follow Music Copyright Law in Your Videos

Music copyright laws can become confusing. Watch the video below to see what I do personally to ensure that my videos have music that isn’t violating any copyright infringements. { Can’t see the video? Click here: http://youtu.be/wdEMUyDDH7Q }

The ethics of your shine

When you think about ethics you think about the rules of conduct related to business, community, society at large. If you consider ethics at a micro level, though, you need to consider the ethics of you first. Your ethos is the pathway for a truly blissful life. This is the framework of your soul. A … Read more

Community Challenge: Create Every Day Acts of Happiness

At our last #OMHG chat we talked about how we apply our ethics to our  lives and businesses. The one thing that came out loud and clear is that we all believe in spreading love and sweetness to help create a kinder world. After our chat I read this beautiful post by Colleen Attara on … Read more

{Free Screensaver} So Simple, But So Good

This quote from Maya Angelou ties in perfectly with this month’s  Entrepreneur Ethics theme: Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better. Repeat. That’s what it’s all about, right folks? The above illustration is available as a screensaver.  Click the image to download and dress up your computer with … Read more

DIY Business Card Case

Your business cards are a labour of love, so why not show them a little love? Stop throwing them in the bottom of your purse (or is that just me?) and slip them into a fun handmade case. I am lightening up our ethics theme with this simple DIY project for a felt business card … Read more

Servant Leaders & Tempered Radicals: Fumbling Towards Ethical Leadership

  Click here to download a printable copy of Einstein’s quote!  One thing editing OMHG has taught me over and over again is that none of us know what we are doing but all of us can learn from each other along the way. I didn’t set out to turn OMHG into a community that … Read more

Keep Your Day Job & Run A Creative Business

Editor’s note: I met the lovely Mina of Bohemian Vintage because we were on the same Alt Summit panel! We were chatting in the airport on the day we left SLC and I invited her to come share the story of how she has balanced keeping a day job she loves with her creativity. Successful … Read more

The USPS and Your Business: An Examination

Meet Ruth.  She’s the postmaster at our local post office in Woolwich, Maine where we drop off our product to be shipped out to our customers in the US and abroad.  You don’t have to be on a first name basis with your post office to use this service or appreciate its value.  As a … Read more

Let’s Get Ethical with our 3rd Annual Oh My! Ethics Theme

Entrepreneurship isn’t always all cupcakes and sparkly unicorns…sometimes without even realizing it we step off the edge of what we know and end up past the “Here there Be Dragons” signs. When we are confronted with these icky sticky situations our natural instinct is to retreat and head for safer ground but being our own … Read more

Aeolidia is Hiring: Calling All Talented, Organized, Enthusiastic Creatives!

We have a wonderful job opportunity afoot, and what better community than Oh My! to reach out to? It would be a dream to work with a knowledgeable, creative, and friendly OMHG denizen! Jessika agreed that there were certainly some folks with the skill set we’re looking for here, and I’m thankful to her for … Read more

Taking A Little Break (but we’ll be back soon!)

It has been the busiest month of all time for our little family! I’ve tried super hard to keep all the balls rolling with moving into our new house and brand new site but our sweet new house turned out to be waaaaay more work then we had thought and we’ve uncovered all sorts of … Read more

How to make the name-your-own-price model work

Last year I launched my first product, and rather than giving it a static sticker price, I choose to make the price adjustable as a “pay what it’s worth to you” option. The launch greatly exceeded my expectations, and while I don’t think name-your-own price (aka NYOP) is a good model for every product, it … Read more

For Love And Brooches-A Pin Party!

hello brooch – nicenicenice / embroidery hoop brooch – dandelyne / house brooch – andsmile spirit fox pin – the knotty owl / starry sky brooch – twenty fingers / tiger cat brooch – sketch.inc polyhedron brooch – olulu / teapot brooch – kimono reincarnate / brooch notebook – tandem gifts I know, I know, you’re thinking – those are some mighty fine looking brooches Marisa, but … Read more

Help Choose A New Logo for Story of Mum!

Story of Mum has never had a logo. Just words blandly spelling out our name. But as we’ve grown to understand what we are, and what we could be, (with the help of the Oh My! Handmade community) we’ve realised that we need to step into a clearer identity. To help us take that step, five … Read more

Pricing your Products: Competition vs. Cost

(hand stamped bracelet courtesy of ChrisClosetCreations) I will admit something to you guys…I HATE pricing. I think it is one of the hardest things to do as a business owner. So many questions to ask… Am I charging too little? Is it too much? Am I devaluing those around me? So before we all need … Read more

Know Where to Go: Money Resources for Creative Entrepreneurs

Admittedly, I’m no expert on the topic of money or business building. I’m not rocking some widely successful business (yet), and in fact, I only just recently returned to the business of moving Three By Sea forward after a year and a half long hiatus. But here’s what I do know so far: I’m not … Read more

Budgets & Boundaries: The Delicate Art Of Compromise

Clip art by Denise of Nisee Made via The InkNest  . Love + Money! In your handmade business, you can’t have one without the other. But of course you’re not ALONE in your love, you’ve got partners (romantic + business), family, and relationships with everyone from your customers to the press. But money is still … Read more

A chat about money and creativity with maven, Luna Jaffe

When we heard from Jessika that she was looking for posts around money this month, we were like, hmm…what could we say about money? What do we know about money? We came up with a collective, “uh, not much.” We are mavens in many ways, but mavens in money matters? Not our specialty. But you … Read more

Welcome! Welcome! To The New OMHG

Hello friends! Come right on in and get comfortable in our beautiful new online home! The team at Aeolidia pooled all their skills to craft us a site that took our little old blog and transformed it into the first virtual community centre for creative entrepreneurs! We’ve moved over here to the new site and … Read more

The Quest for Balance: A chat with Betsy Thomas of Bummis

Running a business while raising children is no easy juggle! April of Anoinment chats with Betsy Thomas, the owner of Bummis to get her insight on business and family!

Today is the Day! New House, New Site, Cadillac!

Today is the big day for our family & the OMHG community! Our financing campaign ends, we get the keys to our new home, & lots of movement on the new site is happening behind the scenes. Help spread the word & fill up our last few marketplace spaces!

Keep Emotion Out of It! Passion & Reason in Pricing

Pricing is an emotional subject wrapped up in guilt, fear, and self-doubt but what if you took emotion out of it and let reason take over? Allisa Jacobs has a beautiful post for us today to help us do just that!

Tracking Your Expenses + Printable Expense Tracker

Are you tracking your expenses for your year-end book-keeping? Stay on top of your receipts & expenses with this awesome post from Geri of The Languid Lion + her lovely printable expense tracking envelope!

‘I Like Big Books & I Cannot Lie’ Printable Bookmark Valentine

My 8 year old likes a boy for the first time (eek!) so I had to put my foot down on lovey V-Day cards & make my own + share them with you! Download these “I Like Big Books & I Cannot Lie” bookmarks and spread some geeky hip-hop silliness this month.

Pricing Happiness, part 2: Address Your Fears & Raise Your Prices

We’re talking about pricing! Please see the first part of this series (& the lively discussion in the comments!): Pricing Happiness, part 1: You Should Charge More So now that we know the perils of undercharging and the thrills of charging what you’re worth, let’s see how you feel about your current pricing. How many … Read more

Profiting From What You Love: On Whims & Money-Making

Lori-Ann of Boreal Trim planned a retreat of awesome with Alexandra Franzen & she is actually making a profit. She loved making the workshop happen so much-why feel bad about making a little money? Have you ever struggled with making money from something you utterly love? Come share!

The Handmade Heart of Craftcation Conference + Get Creative & Win Your Ticket!

Dreaming of California today? Don’t miss this beautiful post from Nicole, the handmade heart behind the Craftcation Conference happening this March in Ventura. Plus share what inspires you to build your business & enter for a chance to win your ticket!

Media Coverage + Cash: The Surprising Things you Need to Know

As a creative business owner you’ve probably heard plenty of publicity myths: “You need it. You don’t need it. You need to hire an expensive publicist. Expensive publicists are a rip-off.” Today our sponsor Melissa Cassera is de-bunking 3 major PR myths & introducing us to her new course: Making Headlines!

How Talking to Your Readers Will Transform Your Craft Blog

Get ready to take your online connections offline and transform your craft blog with this amazing guest post by Abby Glassenberg! Also packed with ideas for all the non-crafty bloggers out there!

10 Days + 100 Spaces + $150: The OMHG Campaign!

OMHG & I need your help! Starting now we have 10 days to fill 100 spaces at $150 each to launch our new Oh My! Marketplace & the first online community centre for creative entrepreneurs ever! Let’s do this thing together.

Pricing Happiness, part 1: You Should Charge More

Setting prices for your work might be one of the hardest things to do! Charging what you are worth can involve lots of big decisions so Arianne of Aeolidia is here with a 2 part series on pricing happiness to help you keep on loving what you do!

Romance + Finance: A February Fling

We’re having a fling and you are invited! This February on OMHG we are spending a whole month exploring the theme of Romance + Finance and how to make a living while loving what we do.

Exceeding Expectation: My Alt Summit Experience

Affluence vs. abundance / desire vs. deserve, these are the thoughts I have been chewing on this week. I’m sharing my Alt Summit experience and while it might not meet your expectations of me the questions just demanded to be asked. I hope you will come and talk them out with me!

Track Your Goals with A 2013 Goal Mandala

For the last decade, I’ve been slugging away in the entrepreneurial trenches. During that time, I’ve learned innumerable lessons about life, liberty and the pursuit of an empire. I’ve been on television and splashed across magazines. I’ve sat in thatched roof huts in West Africa and been flown to Dubai for press junkets. I’ve also … Read more

Healing Loss Through Art: A Recipe for Letting Go

“Have you ever written a letter you knew you could never mail but you needed to write it anyway?” Our new contributor Colleen Attara invites us to learn how she transformed the loss of her mother into a work of art & offers us the tools so we can create our own.

Take Care of Yourself & That To-Do List Too!

Jenelle of TrashN2Tees is a homeschooling, entrepreneurial superhero! She believes that self lovin’ is the secret to maximizing your effectiveness & is visiting to share some tips to help you take care of yourself and your to-do list at the same time.

7 Tips For Keeping That Holiday Momentum

So, how do you navigate the peaks and valleys of the year and keep your momentum going through the slow times? Here are 7 tips from Marisa of Omiyage for making the best of the year!

Ready, Set, Achieve Altitude!

I am ready to take off for Altitude Summit but I can’t go without trying to take you along with me! I am thanking you for making this dream possible and sharing the ebook of our presentation for friends who wont be there. I love you all!

Rid yourself of the past to step into a fresh new year

Get ready to reboot & get rid of your past so you can step into a new year! Jen + Jenna of The Maven Circle are sharing a beautiful ritual for letting go of what is holding us down. Ready, set, release!

#OMHG – Jan. 17: Risk-Taking in 2013

Last week’s #OMHG chat was all about risks… identifying them, defining them, justifying them, taking them & sharing their burden. Taking a leap can be terrifying but having a supportive group to share your fears with can make a world of difference!

Organizing Everyday Inspiration

How do you keep your workspace inspiring without letting the cutter take over? Debra of Vintage Paper Parade is helping us stay organized in style with this beautiful post full of beautiful ideas for keeping your creative space clutter-free!

Project 300: Less Perfection, More Satisfaction

I am in awe of 365 Projects. Committing to doing one thing every single day for an entire year? WAY impressive. However, outside of basic grooming, eating, and tending to my kiddo, there is little else I’m in the mood for on a daily basis. Which is probably why my own attempts at 365 Projects … Read more

The Art of Inspiration

Katie Daisy / Colleen Attara / twiggs designs / the print design studio

Oh My! Sponsors: Launch Grow Joy-Product Marketing Breakthrough + $999 giveaway

Do you want to see your products in stores & magazines but are not sure where to start? Our sponsor Andreea Ayers of Launch Grow Joy is visiting to announce her new 6 week class, Product Marketing Breakthrough, and offer you a chance to win a lifetime membership (valued at $999)!

Get Your Love On with Date Nights

In our busy biz lives sometimes we forget to make time for important things like nurturing our relationship. Thankfully we have Geri of The Languid Lion to keep us on track with a beautiful free printable calendar and all sorts of great date planning advice. Ready, set, romance!

Get S#!T done in 2013! Reduce Overwhelm + Increase Profits

Tracey of Flourish & Thrive Academy is sharing an action plan for getting S#!T done in 2013 + a video of a breathing exercise to help us reduce overwhelm and stay focused on all the fabulousness we want to accomplish this year!

#OMHG-Jan.13, 2012: We Are Doing Everything Right

What do Dyana Valentine, Helen Keller, Ru Paul, Tank Girl, and Dolly Parton have in common? They all came to our last #OMHG chat! Sort of. Get the highlights of our best chat yet + a printable worksheet- come play along with us and remember how you are doing everything right.

Emerald – The Hot Colour for 2013

Do you follow colour trends when creating for your business? Marisa of Omiyage rounded up some handmade goodness + a good biz tip to get us inspired by Emerald-Pantone’s Colour of the Year!

Confessions of a Redneck Mom

Renae of RichMomBusiness.com wanted to guest post for us reaaaaalllllly badly and created this video to show us just how much she wants to join the gang! How could I possibly crush her OMHG dreams by saying no? Be sure to watch her hilarious video, enter the giveaway + cheer her on for being brave … Read more

Branding Lucky Break Consulting (+ A Lucky Giveaway too!)

Prepare to get lucky! I collaborated with the fierce & fabulous Lela Barker to birth her new brand + bring her entrepreneurial wisdom to creatives everywhere. Check out the full branding adventure and enter to win a copy of her new book (designed by ME!)

How to Bend Time Like Doctor Who (& make space for the things you really want to do)

Wish you could bend time like Doctor Who & make more time for the things you really want to do…like sitting in a bubble bath with a juicy novel? PR rockstar Melissa Cassera has some fun ways to help us make time for what we love!

JANUARY=Intention: Don't Compare Your Inside to Someone Else's Outside

Today I’m sharing the first post of 12 posts & prints on my monthly focus words for 2013! January is all about setting intentions and I intend to stop comparing my insides to other people’s outsides + the perfectly styled images we see on the web. How about you?

#OMHG – Jan. 03, 2013: Sharing Plans & Finding Support

On Thursday we all came out of our holiday comas & sugar highs to ring in the first chat of 2013 by sharing our plans + predictions for the new year. We packed our time with so much energy #OMHG was a trending topic on Twitter!

{Passion Projects} How To Be A Gold Star Mama*

This one is for all the mamas in the house- Pippa from Story of Mum has written us a beautiful & funny post about mothering and her reward chart ebook inspired by an #OMHG chat. Get a big dose of mamalove + give yourself a gold star (or ten)!

My New Year Fairy of Businessy Goodness

Lisa of Moxie Pear has big plans for 2013 and this year she is getting a little help from a Goddess! Learn about Leonie Dawson’s 2013 Create Your Incredible Year Workbook Planner & how it is helping Lisa chart her course to an incredible year.

From Inspiration to Logo: Oh My! Branding

Arianne of Aeolidia is visiting to show us a behind the scenes look at the process that has gone into rebranding Oh My! to take us from inspiration to logo + get a peek at the new site design coming soon!

Whispering to the Moon: My Predictions for 2013

On New Year’s Eve I whispered a prediction for us all underneath the biggest disco ball ever-come find out what I dreamed for us + share your own predictions! What struggles do you intend to leave behind or overcome? What does your happy, healthy year look like? What wishes would you whisper to the moon?

Wishing You All A Happy Healthy 2013!

Happy New Year friends! We’re saying goodbye to 2012 with an explosion of colour, free printables, and a little wee gift from me to you to help start 2013 off to a happy, healthy start-let’s make this the best year yet!

Course Charting for 2013 – DIY Journal and Printable Sticker Download

Chart a course for a fabulous 2013 with Allisa Jacobs and her DIY journal and printable sticker download-a perfect project for the weekend before a new year!

now we are forty

As we wrap up 2012 and our month of celebration Lori-Ann Claerhout of Boreal Trim shares with us some wisdom and lessons from the other side of turning 40 and sees us into a spacious year full of grace.

Reflection Rocks!

Ready to wrap up 2012 on a positive note? Take some time to reflect on the last year with Robin of Flourish & Thrive Academy and remember to thank yourself & those who helped you!

I Wish You A Merry Everything!

Are you hunkered down for a cozy Christmas or drinking mojitos somewhere warm? However, wherever, whatever you celebrate I’m wishing you the very happiest of days and merriest of seasons!

#OMHG – December 20, 2012: Happy Holidays!

For our last chat of 2012 we put aside our business agendas to spend an hour with friends, celebrating big news, nostalgic reminiscence about Christmases past, holiday traditions both old and new and, of course, holiday recipes!

Part 2: In Which My Heart Breaks Open To Fill Up With Thanks & Love

In part 2 of the birthday madness my mama conspired to connect with some of my dear OMHG friends to give me the best birthday present any one could possibly hope for-and my heart grew 10 extra sizes to make room for all the love!

Part 1: 10 years of birthdays, adventures in loveland & a hilarious engagement

Oh my goodness it’s my birthday! I’m 30 AND I’m getting married! Come visit to join in Part 1 of our adventures into loveland, birthday magic, and a video of most epic awesome!

Share your favorite holiday yummies!

It is party time on OMHG! Come share your favourite holiday treats & download some sweet printable recipe cards from Joy of Creative Mamma before our big party post tomorrow!

#OMHG – Dec. 13, 2012: Finding Peace & Shining Your Light

In difficult, stressful, or chaotic times it can be hard to remember how magic we are and how brightly we shine. Thankfully we have Tracey Selingo to remind us-she joined #OMHG as co-host last week for a magical chat of peace + sparkle-tastic cupcakes!

Recipe for Press Birthday Giveaway!

To wrap up our celebration week of giveaways the lovely Amy Flurry of Recipe for Press is sharing her OMHG story and giving away 5 copies of her amazing book Recipe for Press, thank you Amy!!!!

Wrap it Pretty with Custom Wrapping Paper from JukeboxPrint.com

I teamed up with the fabulous folks of Jukeboxprint.com to showcase their custom kraft wrapping paper + give you a chance to win a roll of your very own. Brown paper packages will never be the same again!

On shedding your light this holiday :: A prayer for the creatives among us

Need a time out to remember your magic during this hectic holiday season? Tracey Selingo has written a printable prayer for all us creatives to remind us to shine our light and know our own genius. Sparkle on beautiful friends!

Develop Everyday Magic with Marmalade Moon + A Giveaway!

As a creative entrepreneur you pour all your creativity and most of your energy into your biz. But what happened to that spontaneous, playful creativity? Not to be shipped and packed and invoiced. Just for you. Enter Marmalade Moon + Creative iPhoneography-come learn about the course + enter to win a special OMHG giveaway!

A Creative Lab Sneak Peek & Giveaway

Does your logo need some loving? Want to DIY your way to a better brand? Lisa of Moxie Pear is giving us the inside scoop on her new Creative Lab project + a logo giveaway to celebrate the goodness that is December!

Cozy Things To Make, Bake & Buy

Snuggle into the second week of December with Marisa of Omiyage! She’s rounded up the sweetest collection of cozy things to make, bake & buy this year-stop by, get inspired & tell us: how do you like to hunker down for the holidays?


Meet the bright and beautiful Kalyn Johnson of effie’s papers to learn about the style and inspiration behind her gorgeous line of stationery designs! Kalyn’s designs all sorts of glamourous-leopard print heels? Oh yes!

Take Note This Holiday Season: Christmas Me-Mo Cards

It can be easy to get distracted and forget to capture the little things but the holidays are all about memories. Take note of the special moments big and small this holiday season with Nicole of Three By Sea & her printable Me-Mo cards!

Prep Your Biz for the New Year: 10 Things To Consider Before 2013

Have you started prepping your business for 2013 yet? If the answer is no, don’t panic-our guest Megan Eckman of Studio MME is helping us look forward to January 1st so that we can hit the ground running after the holidays!

Sea Elves! A Fantastical Collaboration

Prepare yourself for the awesome that awaits! Come visit the magical world of the newly discovered Sea Elves & get a behind the scenes peek at the fantastical collaboration between Laura Johnston of le animalé & Jessica Swift!

Handmade Holidays Gift Guide

Let’s give a big OMHG welcome to our newest contributor Donaville Herrick of Discover Paper & Dearest Nature! For her first ever post Donaville went above & beyond to create a beautiful Handmade Holidays gift guide (be warned: it is swoon worthy!).

30 Days of Goodness (& a birthday too!)

December is here and it is time for 30 days of goodness + a birthday celebration too! We’re sharing all the things that make us happy this month on OMHG & we hope you’ll join us to celebrate the season of sweetness!

#OMHG – November 29, 2012: Rocking Your Holiday Sales

Earlier this month Jenna @makeitshow shared a great post on rocking your sales & with Jess’ first question on Craft Fairs/Trade Shows we were off to races! Question #1: Let’s dive in! Have you ever sold at a craft fair or trade show? What was your biggest lesson learned from the experience? @tif_smith: @missprissypaige i … Read more

Community Critique #2: Re-Wood Toys

It is time for the next Community Critique! Last month I focused on how creating a cohesive visual brand through your logo and identity can make a huge difference for your business. This month we are zeroing in on investing time to create amazing photographs and showcase your handcrafted works. Natalie of Re-Wood Toys wrote … Read more

How to Stay Sane During the Holidays…

Crazy busy? Need to remember to take time for little moments of peace? Geri of The Languid Lion has a beautiful printable to help remind us to take time out for what matters!

5 Foolproof Ways to Prevent Burnout During the Holiday Season

Holiday burnout is a very real worry at this time of year but Tracy Matthews of Flourish & Thrive Academy has got us covered! She is sharing 5 foolproof ways to prevent burnout from sneaking up on us!

Redefining Success: Still Making Mistakes – A Book Review and Giveaway

“Never be afraid to fail. Be afraid of not learning from mistakes.” April of Anointment reviews Still Making Mistakes, a new book from Canadian businessman W. Brett Wilson, plus enter to win a copy of your own!

impermanence + a breath of love

In this time of busyness and rush Lori-Ann of Boreal Trim has given us a very special gift-a lesson in impermanence and a gentle breath of love.

#OMHG – November 22, 2012: Giving Thanks

Our last #OMHG chat fell right on Thanksgiving for our US friends so we spent some time giving thanks for all our blessings! Then moved onto planning a happy, healthy 2013 + what we are hoping to cultivate for our selves & businesses in the next year. Question #1: What are you feeling thankful for … Read more

Shop Small! OMHG Black Friday-Cyber Monday Deals

Happy Small Business Saturday! We’re rounding up specials and promotions from our readers, come add your own and do a little community shopping!

Handmade Hero: Naomi's Big Hearted Holiday Mission

Above: record clock by Naomi & Tim of Starfish Quay When I scheduled this post I was not at all thinking of Black Friday-it was my first available spot in our calendar so I slotted it in. Early this week I was questioning the wisdom of publishing it today on a day when the US … Read more

Plan for a Happy Healthy 2013 with our new Entrepreneur Planner!

Bust out the pom-poms and the confetti-we are going to plan the healthiest, happiest year yet with the 2013 Happy Healthy Entrepreneur Planner! 100+ pages of printable planning goodness to help us be our own dream bosses all wrapped up with love from me to you <3

Gift Guide for Busy Entrepreneurs

Take a time out for a little mid-week retail therapy for busy entrepreneurs! Debra of Vintage Paper Parade has rounded up some great finds for giving (or maybe even gifting to yourself!)

The Holidays- Planning for Plan B

You’ve got the holiday season all under control until IT happens…an unavoidable glitch in your best laid plans. The always-wise Allisa Jacobs is sharing lessons learned from Christmases past and a gentle reminder to create a plan B (& possibly C).

How to Apologize Like a Pro

Holidays are the time to really show off your customer service- but what if you have a customer who is most definitely not happy with you? Learn how to apologize like a pro (& not take it too personally) in this must-read post from Arianne of Aeolidia!

#OMHG – November 15, 2012: Planning Holiday Success on our Terms

What does holiday success mean for you? At our last #OMHG chat we dove into that question + brainstormed ideas and inspiration for our own seasons of success!

DIY: Glittery Felt Advent Calendar

We have such a treat for you today! Marisa of Omiyage teamed up with Renae of Benzie again this year to create a beautiful felt advent calendar tutorial of glittery goodness, come be inspired to get your craft on!

Planning for Holiday Success By Slowing Down

I’m planning for holiday success by slowing right down and making time to get cozy with my snail-self. I want a holiday season filled with contentment instead of crazy-making. Share your own recipes for a successful season in the comments + at today’s #OMHG chat!

Why Do You Do What's on Your To Do?

When panic sets in and your to-do lists start piling up nothing is more important than taking a big, deep breath and remembering the WHY of your lists and agendas. Thankfully, Nicole of Three By Sea is helping us pause with a printable & post packed with goodness!

Holiday Help for Super-Moms

Hey super-moms! We see you trying to do it all; packing orders into the wee hours of the morning, running off to meetings with cereal in your hair, crafting up holiday magic. We don’t have house elves for you but we do have a post of amazing holiday help from fellow super-mom Jacqui of Mee … Read more

8 Ways to Boost Your Sales Starting Now!

What happens when your business is evolving but your products aren’t selling? Jenelle of TrashN2Tees has 8 actionable tips to help you boost your sales and get out of that slump, starting now!

#OMHG – November 8, 2012: Your #OMHG Community Wish List

We are planning an amazing new website and online community for OMHG (how completely awesome is that?!) & at this week’s #OMHG chat we brainstormed ideas + shared wishes for the creative community of our dreams!

What is On Your OMHG Community Wish List?

Our new Aeolidia redesign is on the way & it is time to share your OMHG Community Wish List! Take a look at the new logo & illustrations by This Paper Ship, our new homepage design, and weigh in on what you would like to see in our new community!

Rock Your Christmas Sales!

The Christmas season can be a time of nerves, anxiety and all-nighters but Jenna of Make It! University & Market is here to tell us how to rock our sales before, during, and after the holidays!

Editing as Art: A Before & After

Editing is more then keeping an eye out for comma splices or spelling error-editing is an art form & Lori-Ann is a master! Watch her help Jemma of Squidge & Bean transform her writing and tell her story + get tips on how to edit your own work. Ready, set, write!

iPhone + PicMonkey = Awesome Product Photography

You don’t need a fancy DSLR and Photoshop to take awesome product photos! Lisa at Moxie Pear is showing us how to take great product pics using an iPhone 4S and PicMonkey!

Contests to Boost your Creative Biz!

Who doesn’t love a good contest?! I’m rounding up 3 awesome opportunities for your creative business from UncommonGoods, Valpak, and Shopify-happy submitting!

#OMHG November 1, 2012: Holiday Survival Strategies

For our first Holiday Survival themed #OMHG chat we kicked it off by sharing our top survival strategies for making it through the holiday season. Packed with great tips & tricks from new & veteran biz owners!

November Theme: Holiday Survival Guide

A new month= a new theme! This November we’re packing the month full of Holiday Survival tips, stories, and tutorials to help us all thrive during the festive busy season!

Oh My Happy Halloween!

OOh spooky! It was a delightfully frightening Halloween night in historic Lunenburg, come visit our goulish family + come trick-or-treating and tombstone rubbing with us!

Strategically Planning a Site Map

The most important part of any website is how content is organized & navigated-thankfully we have Arianne of Aeolidia here with her compass and map (+ some awesome free printables) to help us chart a course and create our own site maps!

Community Critiques #1: Jus Shar Designs

It is time for our first ever Community Critiques post! Random.org chose Beth of Jus Shar Designs who has been struggling with creating a cohesive brand and today we are going to give her the help she needs. Come share your thoughts + enter to win your own review!

Beyond DIY: Reinventing CHILDISH

What happens when your business is ready to go beyond DIY? Sarah of CHILDish visits us to share the story of reinventing her brand and going pro + how it has helped her business grow!

A Very Simple Wish: End Sex Trafficking

  Last year when Erin Giles invited me to share an essay on Love and be a part of her End Sex Trafficking campaign I was excited to support her and lend my voice to her call for freedom. In the past year I have watched her build this campaign from a small idea to a … Read more

#OMHG – October 25, 2012: DIY Web Design

For today’s #OMHG chat we talked all about DIY’ing our own way to website awesome, we had a bunch of web designers on hand to help answer our questions + share their knowledge. While our lovely transcriptionist Geri is away on vacation I thought I would try a new way of rounding up our highlights-did … Read more

The DIYers Guide To Holiday Business Branding

DIY your own holiday branding & get festive for the season with Meagan Visser! She’s sharing 5 holiday business branding tips to help you deck the halls of your biz in a way that reflects your core values.

DIY Branding – Shopping For Supplies

From labels to boxes to our favourite sources for twine, Marisa of Omiyage has rounded up a huge directory of sources for DIY branding supplies to help you print + package your goodness. Dive into the awesomeness + share your own suppliers & help our list of resources grow!

Submit your Business for a Community Critique!

Ever wish you could ask a group of smart, supportive, and talented friends to give their kind feedback and suggestions on the areas you need the most help with? Now you can! Introducing Community Critiques-a new way to give support + get the support you need!

Meeting the Makers: Megan Eckman

When Megan Eckman of Studio MME heard only 10% of art students make a living from their work she was determined to be part of that percentage. Today she is sharing the inspiring story of her journey to get there and a look at her beautiful work!

#OMHG – October 18, 2012: DIY Packaging

Yesterday’s #OMHG chat was all about DIY Packaging & we filled the hour with ideas, examples + sources for prettifying our packages. Come read the highlight post by Geri of The Languid Lion and share your own packaged goodness with us!

Packaging Peppersprouts- A Story of Brand Evolution

Jen of peppersprouts is visiting us today to share the story of how her DIY packaging evolved over time. Learn how she has developed her packaging and brand since 2009 & the final product of all her hard work!

Write The Handmaker Manifesto

Come write The Handmaker Manifesto! Brett from IAMTHELAB is visiting to invite us to create a new term and manifesto for our eclectic creative community, share a basic principle that defines our fabulousness & be part of this adventure!

We Need Your Help! Let's Find Myrtle!

Calling all OMHG’ers! We have a mission to help reunite our lovely new contributor Danielle Maveal with her lost pup Myrtle, come learn 21 ways you can help turn this sad story into a happy reunion of awesome!

Making Do for Makeshift Society

The incredible Rena Tom is joining in on our DIY branding fun to tell us about her new coworking space + clubhouse for creatives in San Franciso, Makeshift Society! Designer Julie Kostreva worked on the branding of their member kits and she’s sharing the glorious details today!

#OMHG – October 11, 2012: Visual Branding

Did you miss our #OMHG chat on DIY visual branding? Don’t miss the highlights post packed with links and resources for DIY’ing your way to a beautiful brand!

Visual Toolbox: Creating A Visual Brand

Learn the foundations of visual branding with branding rockstar Sarah of CHILDish! What is the difference between white sweep and lifestyle photography? Come find out!

The Graphics Governess: Sourcing creative files

The Graphics Governess is back with a special post for our DIY branding theme on how to ethically source creative files for your projects-from free images to stock photos Anile of Girlfriday is sharing a pile of awesome resources to make your graphics shine!

DIY Branding: A Maverick's Digital Toolbox

Learning to build your own website? Laura Simms of Create As Folk is sharing some awesome website DIY resources to help you put your design skills to work and prettify your website. Have you already pulled your hair out building your own site? We want to know what is in your digital toolbox!

A Taste of Ila's DIY Cat Craft Fever Birthday!

Hey you crafty cats! Check out a sneak peek of all the goodness from Ila’s craft cat fever 8th birthday party (hint: there are cupcakes, Eiffel Tower cookies, a whole lot of cuteness & an overabundance of DIY Momzillaness)!

#OMHG – October 4, 2012: Get to the Heart of your Brand

At our October 4th #OMHG chat with co-host Moxie Pear we kicked off our DIY branding theme with an hour packed with insight on getting to the heart of our brands. Geri of The Languid Lion rounded up the highlights-stop by and get inspired!

Teaching Type: The Foundations

Serif or sans-serif? Font, typeface, or lettering? And what on earth is an ’em’ anyway? Zoe Rooney is unravelling these mysteries and your questions in a new series of posts called Teaching Type!

Get to the Heart of Your Brand

Get to the heart of your brand with Lisa of Moxie Pear! She’s sharing a printable worksheet to help you define your brand + joins us as co-host for our October 4th #OMHG chat-let the branding fun begin!

Ask Daniellexo: A Tale of Two Etsy Shops

‘Tis time for a tale of two shops & our first ever advice column from Daniellexo of Creative Little Beasts! She answered a question from one of you dear readers and her insight is BRILLIANT (as always) + she’s got a job for you too!

DIY Branding, Oh My!

Hello October & a new OMHG theme! This month we are taking on DIY branding and packing our theme with ways to beautify your brand using everything from pixels to paint brushes. Tutorials, inspiring DIY brands, step-by-steps, branding guides, sources for supplies, expert advice + printables and more, oh my!

What the OMHG Community Taught Me This Summer

My mamasita recently joined OMHG as a contributor to help with our Kitchen Party, this month she shares how our community has supported her on her journey back to herself, I am so proud of my brave hearted mama!

#OMHG – September 27, 2012: Managing Time + Overwhelm

Image Source: SHOULDA WOULDA COULDA by Maria Bergström Following on from their post on Sep. 26, 2012, co-hosts Tracy & Robin of Flourish & Thrive joined us for a lively discussion on time management strategies, dealing with overwhelm along with defining our self-worth, valuing our time, creating boundaries and taking care of US! ohmyhandmade Soooo hands … Read more

Turning Mistakes into Moments to Shine

Mistakes are a fact of life but we can choose how we react to them. Allisa Jacobs shares four wise ways of turning our mistakes into everlasting, glowing impressions!

Setting Boundaries & Dealing with Overwhelm – How “Chunking” helped me value myself & my time

Do you ever wish you could clone yourself because you have so much to do? Join the club! Robin Kramer of Flourish & Thrive shares how “chunking” helped her set boundaries & deal with overwhelm + Robin and Tracy join us to co-host our next OMHG chat!

Raise Your Hand to Ask Daniellexo

Ohmyhandmadegoodness Danielle Maveal/Daniellexo has joined our team of OMHG contributors to share her amazing biz advice with us…Dear Abby style! Come welcome her to our community and send in your ideas, stumbling blocks, or big questions.

What you are actually selling may surprise you

Welcom Jenna Herbut of Make It! University to our team of OMHG contributors! For her first post Jenna is sharing her greatest lesson in selling psychology and how passion is the most important part of ANY business-love it or leave it!

#OMHG – September 20, 2012: Spicy Self Care

Our last #OMHG chat was a whirlwind of spicy self-care goodness co-hosted by Nicole of ThreeBySea & prompted by her SPICES post. We shared our answers to 6 big questions and packed our hour with inspiration to help spice up our love affairs…with ourselves.

Want New Opportunities Knocking On Your Door?

How we look at life can make a world of difference in the opportunities that come our way. Today Jenelle of TrashN2Tees is sharing what she has learned from remaining open to possibility & all the awesomeness that has come from it!

RESERVATIONS AT 8: Creating Reserved Etsy Listings

New to Etsy? This post is for you! Learn how to create reserved listings on Etsy from Geri of The Languid Lion. Experienced Etsy seller? Come share your knowledge with newbies in the comments!

Lessons Learned: redesigning, relaunching, realizing

We have a super special Meeting the Makers post today from Stacey Brown of Nisseworks! She is visiting to share some major lessons learned over the summer while redesigning, relaunching, and realizing where she wants to go. Thank you Stacey!

SPICE Up Your Life!

Self care is always important but it is essential when you are struggling with life or things you cannot control. Nicole of Three By Sea is bravely sharing an important tool she learned to help care for herself during a painful time in her life + a printable for you. So proud of you Nicole!

5 Steps to Create a Successful Social Media Strategy

Our sponsor Lynne Brehmer of SpreeWorks is visiting today to share a post filled with ideas & actionable steps to creating a social media strategy for your creative biz that will work for you!

#OMHG – September 13: Oh My! Super Powers

What is your superpower? That was the big question at our last #omhg chat- turns out while we are shy to share what makes us amazing once we get started the sparks fly! Come check out the transcript compiled by Geri of The Languid Lion & use your powers for good!

Onward and Upward: Lessons Learned Through Experience

After over 6 years of entrepreneurship April has learned some big lessons about business & she’s sharing her 5 hard knock lessons with us. Onward and outward!

Meeting the Makers: Sarah of Sarah's Silks

It’s check in time! We’re finding out what Sarah of Sarah’s Silks has been up to since she entered our New Biz New Year giveaway last year. She’s calling on you to help share ideas and suggestions for how she can continue to grow her business-come and leave your feedback + enter to win a … Read more

editing: fear not the red pen!

Fear not the red pen! Lori-Ann of Boreal Trim is here to help you let go of any editing fears, she has her pen ready to help you refine and define your words and get to the heart of your message. Ready, set, submit!

#OMHG – September 6: Lessons We Learned this Summer

A lot of us took time off this summer to reconnect and rethink, so we started off our first weekly #omhg chat in over THREE weeks by checking in on what we learned during our August break… and boy, have we all been busy! Come read the highlights & see what our community has been … Read more

Design Journal for Knitting & Crochet Rockstars

Calling all knitting & crochet rockstars! It is time for the handmade edition of Fashion Star-learn about the new design journals from Petite Tuques and how they can help your plans of crafty world domination. Ready, set, design!

#Passion Projects: Yong Joo Kim & Sublime Experiment

Can wearable objects spread the idea of inner beauty? One incredible artist is on a mission to transform how we view wearable objects, every day materials, and above all ourselves. Meet Yong Joo Kim & her passion project: Sublime Experiment.

10 Lessons I Learned During Summer Vacation

Okay, so we didn’t really have a vacation, we had a work our butts off movecation instead (literally-I lost 30+lbs!), but amidst the busy there was time for soaking up the summer glow and learning some major life lessons. This was a big summer for us as a family and as a result lots of … Read more

When Pajamas Just Aren't Enough

Working from home and wearing your pajama’s all day isn’t always as awesome as it sounds, sometimes you need something more to keep you motivated. Lisa of Moxie Pear is dispelling myths & offering solutions for creating a structure for your time.

The Graphics Governess: Swatch Menu

The Graphics Governess is back with tutorial goodness for you served up with a spoonful of sugar! Anile teaches you step by step how to make a swatch menu in Illustrator to showcase a collection of images, fabrics, colours or whatever your heart desires!

Oh My University is in Session!

“Knowledge is not simply another commodity. On the contrary. Knowledge is never used up. It increases by diffusion and grows by dispersion.” –Daniel Joseph Boorstin Class is officially in session! Welcome to Oh My University, where knowledge shared is knowledge2 (sorry for the punnieness, I couldn’t resist). For our September theme we are getting back to our … Read more

Living La Vida Local: Farmer's Market Seafood Chowder

For our very last Kitchen Party post I am sharing a recipe for Farmer’s Market Seafood Chowder complete with a trip to market, gifts from the land & sea + a steaming bowl of love, friendship, and home, served up with a smile just for you!

Kitchen Party: Summerberry Fizzicles

  Even though life here has been crazy there is always something so bittersweet when the long lazy days of August give way to September’s harvest. I wanted to find a simple recipe that would capture the taste and feel of a Canadian summer and the bright, joyful flavour of fresh berries and fizzy drinks. … Read more

The perfect recipe for creating a stellar jewelry collection (or any collection of things)

Tracy & Robin of Flourish and Thrive are sharing a recipe for creating a stellar collection & curating a style for your brand. They are breaking down the three ingredients of a successful jewelry collection that can be applied to just about any product!

Ingredients for Creative Recipes

I read this quote from Melody Beattie this morning and immediately thought of Oh My! Handmade and this month’s theme of cooking: “Life is creative, and so are you. Let the creative energy of the universe come alive for you. Let it help you bring your creativity alive. Let it bring you the answers, the … Read more

Kitchen Party: Chocolate Mousse Belgian Style

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word Belgium? If it is chocolate then this Belgian style chocolate mousse from Tania of Rocajo Studio is sure to sate your inner chocoholic!

Kitchen Party: Rhubarb Iced Tea

In my family, beginning in toddlerhood it isn’t uncommon to be offered a cup of milk and sugar with a splash of tea, strengthening bit by bit, year after year, until your cup is brimming with hot orange pekoe and a splash of milk. As a toddler, I rejected it. Many childhood family memories revolve … Read more

Kitchen Party: Chocolate Mud Cake

When your sweet tooth is craving something chocolatey & full of goodness it needs a recipe like this chocolate mud cake from Valerie of Studio Rose Flash-dark & dirty in all the very best ways!

Kitchen Party: Colleen's Cream Puffs

Indulge your inner bakerella and celebrate summer with this delicious cream puff recipe by Colleen of Colleen Attara Studio!

Kitchen Party: Apricot Fried Pie Recipe & Tutorial

Kicking off our week of reader submissions to our Oh My Kitchen Party is this amazing post by Heather of April Heather Art on how to make her Grandma’s fried Apricot Pies complete with illustrated recipes, old family photos, and step by step video instructions. Let the party begin!

Extra! Extra! Our Great Nova Scotia Moving Update

Wondering why things are so quiet around OMHG these days? Come hear about our moving olympics and our summer of adventuring + find out what is on the Oh My! menu for the next two weeks of August!

Share the Sticky Rice

Some foods are silly and sweet and bring people closer together through fun-just like this recipe for Sticky Rice & Dippy Sauce from Nicole of Three By Sea, complete with an illustrated guide to help you get dipping!

Cooking Up a Cohesive Brand For a Vintage Jewelry Store

We’re taking a break from our cooking madness to dive into another kind of recipe for goodness-a delicious rebrand by Aeolidia for jewelry designer Erica Weiner! Absolutely gorgeous is an understatement

DIY Recycled Lollipops

Recycle your lollipops into amazing creations with the mistress of creative recycling, Jenelle, of TrashN2Tees! This is an awesome fun activity to do with kids of any age.

Venezuelan Chicken Salad

Food and family are a magical combination! Today Isa of Noisette Academy makes Venezuelan chicken salad with her mamasita and tells us the history of this much loved dish.

#PassionProjects: Join the Handmade Marathon!

Alison of The Petit Cadeau loves supporting handmade businesses and is running a marathon to prove it! Submit your business to her awesome passion project, gain exposure for your business, and support the handmade community=big time win all around!

The Everything Bar Recipe

Some of this, that & the other thing equals a whole lot of yum in this recipe for an Everything Bar from Lisa of Moxie Pear. It has, you guessed it, a little bit of everything in it!

#OMHG – August 2: Oh My! Kitchen Party

Last week, we had a fun & informal chat about cooking, creativity and culture to kick off our Kitchen Party theme for August. And because it’s our last #omhg chat until September Geri of The Languid Lion included a free printable to help inspire you to cook, create & be merry!

Grandma Olsson's Ginger Cookies

Nothing can conjure up memories like an old family recipe! Lori-Ann of Boreal Trim shares a recipe for her Grandma Ollson’s Ginger Cookies that “smell like playing with cousins and tobogganing on fresh snow and eyelashes freezing together and grandma hugs and new socks under the tree.”

Love & Curry

When, fresh out of university, I packed up and moved to Japan, I carried two things with me – a jar of peanut butter and a giant bag of dried apricots. These weren’t my favourite things, but I knew that if I could have a taste of home, everything would be okay. And in those … Read more

{Kitchen Printable} We are all Just Ingredients

“We are all just ingredients, what matters is the grace with which you cook the meal” today I am sharing a free print to remind us that when life gives us broken eggs we can yell and rage or make an omelette and invite friends for brunch.

#PassionProjects: Why not save the world?

I’ll be celebrating my 3rd biz-birth day this month, and even though TrashN2Tees has opened the doors to many amazing opportunities- there is one thing that remains constant. The desire to make a difference. I really started small, designing clothing & accessories using 100% reclaimed materials inspiring you to consume less and recycle more. I … Read more

Let the Oh My Kitchen Party Begin!

We’re slowing right down for August and heading to the kitchen to cook up some creativity for our Oh My! Kitchen Party. Come join in the fun & get a bit of an update on my crazy messy life!

Being Awesome + Building Community

How has the awesomeness of community helped you and your business blossom? Tracy and Robin of Flourish & Thrive are sharing how community has inspired their lives & businesses.

See the invisible-Believe the incredible-Attempt the impossible!

This quote from Robert Schuller resonates with me in a profound way. Maybe it’s because of it’s spiritual nature, and don’t worry, I won’t get all woo-woo on you guys. 😉 Spirituality mixed with business is not something usually encountered. Most of the time when I’m in front of my MAC working until my mind … Read more

#OMHG – July 26: Trusting Your Inner Awesome

Even though Twitter was down for a bit and I completely missed this chat, the #omhg community managed to get in an awesome chat with our co-hosts Jen & Jenna from The Maven Circle anyway on how to trust & celebrate our own inner awesome. Some of the highlights were: ohmyhandmade Yesterday @themavencircle shared a fab … Read more

#PassionProjects: Global Mothers

Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.~A. Lappe Mothers hands build the world and do a million little things that are the same no matter what country they live in or language they speak. There is a common bond between all mothers regardless of cultural differences … Read more


Feeling pressure to make products for every season & holiday or rushing to keep up with trends? April of Anointment encourages us to think about getting better to get bigger by celebrating the products we excel at and moving forward with a smaller, more focused product line.

Trust Your Inner Awesome (and pass it along)

“Trusting your inner awesome is about bringing your authentic self to the table everyday.” Jen & Jenna of The Maven Circle are challenging us to do just that, with a beautiful set of printables, a super fun little giveaway, an #OMHG chat & a whole lot of unleashing your inner awesome!

Meeting the Makers: Colleen Attara

Come for an adventure to a 200+ acre farm in Pennsylvania to meet the joyful Colleen Attara & her beautiful art. In this inspiring Meeting the Makers submission Colleen shares how she took a wandering path from a TV network account executive to full time creative entrepreneur learning and growing along the way!

How to stand up to mean girls (the ‘self’ edition)

Mean girls; the ones that belittle, mock, and make you feel small and insignificant-we’ve all encountered them. But what if that mean girl is you? In this amazing guest post Tiffany of Blah Cubed gives us an arsenal of tools to take care of our inner mean girl and step out into our own awesome.

A Sunday Stroll Through Brooklyn & Visit to Etsy

Come for a Sunday stroll through the sunny Brooklyn streets, paw through treasures at the Brooklyn Flea, have lunch with friends, and take a tour of Etsy HQ!

#OMHG – July 19: Being Awesome with your Blog

Do you struggle with your blog? Brett of I AM THE LAB + team #OMHG are here to help! Check out the transcript of Thursday’s chat it is packed with ideas for your content, planning, and finding your voice. Happy blogging!

{Sponsor Feature & Giveaway} Designs by Thoughts

Today we’re meeting one of our awesome OMHG sponsors Tiffany of Designs By Thoughts!  Tiffany runs Designs by Thoughts with her mother Yolanda and stopped by to give us a peek behind the scenes this family business + a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to their shop. Featuring unique and creative custom shaped … Read more

Lori + Sarah's awesome mini-retreat planner

Need to take a break from it all & recharge? Plan your very own mini-retreat! Lori & Sarah share the details of their retreat + a full planner, reading list, and printable worksheet so you can organize your own time away!

Blogging is Awesome: Project #icandoti365

Are you a bloggin’ artist or an artist who blogs? Brett from IAMTHELAB visits with a great guest post about why blogging is so vital for artists + challenges us to join his awesome collaborative blogging project #icandoit365!

Celebrating Success- Making It Good + Easy

You know those “Eureka!” moments when something blindingly obvious changes everything? Those little bursts of genius deserve celebrating & Allisa Jacobs is here to share how one simple change sent her business skyrocketing and made life easier at the same time!

Printable: Today I Am Going To Be Amazing

We try our best to be amazing, and that is awesome, but sometimes we need to take a little break from all the superhero stuff. This beautiful printable from Kristen at Ahoy Graphics reminds us that is okay to take a break and just be ourselves!

#OMHG – July 12: Being Awesome on Etsy

At our last #OMHG chat we shared ideas & experiences on how to build an awesome shop on Etsy + tips on how to build your community as an Etsy seller! Big thanks to Geri of The Languid Lion for doing the transcript and graphics for us!

A Practical Change With an Unexpected Result

Sometimes you need to make a change & today Arianne of Aeolidia is sharing how she made a practical change for her business that ended up having surprising (and awesome) results + how you can learn from her process and apply these lessons to your biz!

Oh My Etsy Awesome!

Oh my Etsy awesome friends! I’m officially a Certified Etsy Educator and I couldn’t be more excited-come find out what this new news means for our community and your Etsy adventures!

The Graphics Governess on Oh My! Handmade Goodness!

Calling all non-designers, your pixel pushing woes are over! Introducing a brand new monthly column by our resident design guru The Graphics Governess (aka Anile of Girlfriday) write in your graphics questions, frustrations, or need-to-knows and she’ll dish out the medicine you need with a teaspoon of sugar to keep things sweet.

Celebrate Yourself – The Awesome Kit

We’re kicking off our awesome week with a celebration of YOU! Download Lisa of Moxie Pear’s Awesome Kit & get ready to celebrate ourselves all over the place!

#OMHG – July 5: Oh My! Awesome

Last week at #OMHG we plotted & planned the future of the Oh My! community and brainstormed ways we can make our site even more awesome. Come check out the transcript + share your ideas for our community of goodness.

The Key to Success that Most Designers Fight to Avoid

Our new contributors Tracy & Robin of Flourish and Thrive are visiting to share the key to success many designers try to avoid but that will change everything for your biz! Don’t miss this post packed with actionable ways to become your own best salesperson

As awesome as (insert your favorite rock band here).

Learn how to be as awesome as your favorite rock star with this book review by Jacqui of Mee A Bee & share your summer reading list with us!

#OMHG – June 28: Cultivating On + Offscreen Communities

Did you miss our #OMHG chat with Rena Tom on cultivating on + offline communities? It was packed with awesome ideas & strategies for building your network of supporters, so be sure to check out the highlights & get a printable worksheet from our lovely transcriptionist Geri of The Languid Lion!

Oh My! Awesome It's Our Birthday

Happy birthday to us! It’s my 2nd birthday as Oh My editor and since our community is wonderful because of YOU, this month we’re celebrating all the things that make us (and life) awesome. Come visit my birthday post and share how OMHG has brought a little awesome to your life and get a print … Read more

Oh My! Kitchen Party & Call for Submissions

The kitchen has always been the heart of a home to me since I was a little girl cooking with my mama or colouring at the kitchen table. So it makes me giddy with happiness to introduce our newest contributor, my very own mama, Stephanie Douglas! She’s instigating a Oh My! Kitchen Party cookbook and … Read more

Come Visit Our Handmade Happy Home

Come for a tour of our handmade happy home, the treasures I love & how I celebrate handmade in my home. Share what handmade means to you and enter to win a copy of Jennifer Paganelli of Sis Boom’s new book Happy Home from Chronicle Books!

Cultivating Both Online and Offscreen Communities

Come get an amazing behind the scenes look at community building in action from Rena Tom. Find out the story of her new resource for creatives called Makeshift & join our conversation about cultivating on & offscreen communities!

writing as a pie-making party

Sometimes writing can be a bit scary but not when you have all your ingredients and a community to support you. Today our new contributor Lori-Ann of Boreal Trim visits us to share how writing is kind of like a pie making party & how it can be just as fun!

The 4 Elements of Your Personal Introduction—Or, How To Make Sense Of Your Life When You Have 15 Bajillion Different Passions.

“So, what do you do?” For multi-passionate, multi-talented, multi-faceted creatives, it’s The Most Dreaded Question of All. Thankfully we have Alexandra Franzen to make sense of how to answer that question by breaking down the 4 elements of our personal introduction.

We Have Enough//We Are Enough//We Do Enough

Sometimes it feels like the world pushes us to be better, faster, bigger, MORE so today we are taking a step back and remembering we have enough, we are enough, we do enough. Come share your thoughts on the metrics of more!

The Two Things You Must Know To Build A Community Around Your Business

There are two things that you must know, that you must be crystal clear on, if you want to up your game and grow your community. Meagan Visser visits us to share her take on the two absolute must-haves to build a community around your business!

Meeting the Makers: Nanako of Pig & Fish

Back in January Nanako of Pig + Fish entered our New Biz/New Year giveaway and found the #OMHG community! Today she shares a special guest post on how community has helped shape her business and how a willingness to connect can truly change everything.

The Smart Way to Style Your Facebook Page

Designing for Facebook & styling your page can be complicated! Website rockstar Arianne of Aeolidia is here to demystify the process and share some tips on making your Facebook page look awesome. Any Facebook questions or info you would like to know about? Share in the comments & we’ll get A’s for your Q’s!

#OMHG Cupcakes! A Super Sweet Collaboration

Are you ready for the best submission post EVER? Two #OMHG friends Alison & Geri teamed up to create this post filled with everything good in the world- confetti, cupcakes, creativity and community! Visit the post for a fun cupcake recipe, a printable cupcake topper set & a whole lot of #OMHG community spirit!

What Happens When You Make Clients Your Community

Kristen of Ahoy Graphics shares how at first she wasn’t sure how to write about community for this month’s theme-then she realized her clients are her community! Don’t miss this beautiful post about the power of connecting genuinely with your customers!

#OMHG – June 4: A Happy Self = A Happy Community

Last week Jen & Jena of The Maven Circle visited to co-host an inspiring #OMHG chat on how happy communities begin with a happy self + throw around ideas being our most genuinely happy selves!

Building Community: East Coast Momma Collective

In March I received an email asking if Anointment would like to participate in a one-day fair showcasing ‘mom powered pursuits’. The premise was simple: there would be no direct competition (only one vendor of a specific product) and you had to be a mom and make your own product or service to participate. The … Read more

Community Spotlight: Portland, Oregon

{Albie Designs} Greetings From Portland!As a maker, I couldn’t possibly think of a more wonderful place to create than here in Portland.  Maybe it’s the drizzly afternoons, the bounty of vegetation, or the endless possibilities for each day – Portland draws a creative and resourceful crowd.  From crafty pioneers to Project Runway winners and all … Read more

A Happy Community Starts with a Happy Self

A happy community starts with a happy self & Jena + Jen of The Maven Circle are here to help us be our happiest, most sparkly selves, so we can radiate our joyfulness in our communities. This is a must read, lift-your-heart post!

#OMHG – June 7: Building Your Street Cred to Build Your Community

Last week at #OMHG we chatted with co-host Jenelle of TrashN2Tees on how building your street cred will help build your community! Read the highlights & get your own “Be INCREDIBLE not just credible!” printable collaboration between The Languid Lion, Design Coyote & Marisa of Omiyage!

Jews in Norfolk County: art, community, and invitation

“Art is a conversation, not a lecture. And in my mind, business is art.” Laura Simms of Create As Folk visits to share a powerful lesson & battle scar from her acting days + big time insight into art as a conversation + the importance of having an audience that is willing to engage. Come … Read more

Sparkling Inside Your Teeny Tiny Community

Happy weekend friends! We have a fun first for OMHG today-a video guest post submission from Kim of Hope Loves Cards! She got creative to talk to us about how we can sparkle inside our communities. Thanks Kim!

Celebrate The Little Things – DIY Washi Tape Ribbons

Sometimes the littlest things make the biggest difference in our day-your daughter’s perfect score on her spelling test. Your best friend’s amazing hair. Marisa of Omiyage is here with a washi tape ribbon tutorial to help us celebrate these little things with style!

#OMHG – MAY 31: Spring Cleaning our Biznests

Last week’s #OMHG chat was all about how we keep our biz nests tidy (or don’t!) from digital work spaces to physical ones. We shared tips, tricks & real time photos of our workspaces-come see the results & download a fabulous illustrated print by Nikki of Design Coyote & Geri of The Languid Lion!

Why You Need Street Cred + 23 Ways to Earn It

How do you establish yourself, your business, blog, and your brand? You need street cred, yo! Jenelle of TrashN@Tees shares 23 ways to help you build your reputation & your business + joins us to co-host an OMHG chat!

Compassion/Community: A Circle of Healing for Nicole

“We need to be angels for each other, to give each other strength & consolation” Sometimes life isn’t all cupcakes & sparkles-in times of darkness, grief, and loss we need community support the most. Please visit today’s special post and help be compassionate angels sharing love with a member of our community who is struggling.

Building a Community from Scratch – Step #1 The Idea

One of our amazing contributors, Lisa of Moxie Pear is starting on a journey to build a community from scratch in Atlanta, Georgia! Come find out the exciting details about how this space is going to come to life.

Announcing Our June Theme: Community Is…

Community, what does that word really mean? We intend to find out! This month we’re exploring what community is and what it means to us. Your voice is needed, come join in the conversation and share your thoughts on what community is.

4 (Simple) Rules for a Happy Nest

Goodbye May, hello June! We’re saying adieu to our theme for the month with a printable of four simple rules for a happy nest + an #OMHG chat on spring cleaning for our biznests.


Last Thursday’s #OMHG chat was all about how to build community for your brand & business + why it is so very important! Geri of The Languid Lion shares the highlights of our chat + a wonderful printable to help you build your own community.

Nest: Getting Your Files In Order

Tax time is over, if you were super-organized, hooray for you! For the rest of us and our messy lives, April of Anointment is helping us get our systems in place, so that next year taxes are as painless as possible.

A Right Royal Bash! Diamond Jubilee Party!

Summer is on the way and we’re all itching to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather. Take a wee break from the grindstone? Visit Osaka, Japan celebrate the Queen of England’s Diamond Jubilee with Jacqui of Mee A Bee!

Towel Day Giveaway of Businessy Goodness!

Happy Towel Day explorers-to celebrate I’m giving away businessy goodness! Come find out what is the big deal about towels anyway and how you can get some packaged pretty OMHG goodies + an answer to your big business questions…

Make Your Blog Bloom With Loyal Readers

You’re serious about using your blog to market your business. You want to provide value to your readers, craft community around your brand, and to build an engaged audience of loyal followers, but…Meagan Visser is here to help us with that but! Visit her post for a pile of solutions to help your blog bloom!

{Sponsor Giveaway} Nesting with Magpie Patterns

An extra special treat for your inner crafty bird today! OMHG sponsor & inspiring source of handmade goodness, Magpie Patterns ,is offering a giveaway of $50 to her shop, full of nesty finds perfect for our May theme.


In our most uplifting #omhg chat yet we share our definitions of what community is, feels like, how to build it and where to find it. Geri of The Languid Lion & Sarah of My CHILDish created some beautiful printables from our chat-come be inspired by the kindness and creativity of our community!

Past Picture Perfect: how old pictures can freshen up online content & help tell your story

A big welcome to Amy Flurry, author of Recipe for Press, who is joining the OMHG team as a new contributor! Her first post is full of awesome ideas to help you tell your story inspired by pictures of the past.

#OMHG = #OMHGlive: Coming Soon to Visit You!

Spring is in the air & I’ve caught the fever! I’m blazing with courage to be my most awesomely awesome self and open up all the doors to possibility. Come learn about the new news, how OMHG is opening up to your goodness in exciting ways AND how you can see me in your town … Read more

A Neat Freaks Illustrated Guide to Less Clutter

Mayi Carles is a genius at making sense out of our messy lives & this time she has totally outdone herself by giving us 3 fun steps to clutter-free sanity! She illustrated this Neat Freaks Illustrated Guide to Less Clutter “the world’s shortest (and cutest) shortcut to organizing your life + reclaiming your space” just … Read more

Spark Retreat: Bursting Into Flame

It is finally here! My Spark Retreat re-cap in which I give thanks & praise, come home to my own truth, burst into flames and ignite the world with sparkly goodness, yes!

DIY: Teacup Shaped Envelopes

Time for a deliciously delightful DIY-I have the loveliest mid-week treat from you by Marisa of Omiyage, come visit and learn how to make super sweet tea cup envelopes!

Clarify Your Values To Help Your Business Grow

“Your business values are not something you can copy from someone else or follow from a blueprint. The values must mean something to you personally, deep down, or it will come across as contrived or artificial.” Isa Maria of Noisette Marketing & Noisette Academy shares her beautiful thoughts on the importance of clarifying our values … Read more

Join Us for A Live Handmade Evening: 6PM PST Monday

Tomorrow night (Monday, May 14) I’ll be visiting with Srini of BlogcastFM & the incredible Mayi Carles, April Bowles Olin, Tara Gentile & Megan Auman to talk about handmade business and creative collaboration! Come hang out with us live tomorrow to ask questions and hear our insight at 6pm PST.

Announcing Ink Yourself: Using Story to Make a Bold Impression e-course

Find out the story behind a great new marketing e-course from Lightbox SF! Genevieve visits us to introduce Ink Yourself: Using Story to Make a Bold Impression e-course & offer one reader a chance to win their spot. Just leave a comment letting us know your biggest marketing struggle to enter!

{Sponsor Review} Nesting with CherryWalls

I’m getting nesty with CherryWalls wall decals & prettifying my space for the Spring. Come get a peek at my soon to be sold home and a review of the decal I got to play with, giant wall stickers = big time fun!

Design How-To: Using contrasting patterns

Julie Gibbons of tractorgirl visits us to share her knowledge on how to use contrasting patterns in your designs! Julie has a PhD in Fine Arts and seriously knows her stuff, essential know-how for anyone who loves playing with pattern/colour.

Build your nest with intention

Tracey of Ink Engage & Twisted Pinky helps us learn a valuable lesson from the birds & encourages us to inspect our business nests and start building with intention!

Meeting The Makers: Tara of Ephemera Press

Come meet Tara of Ephemera Press and learn about her business, handmade letterpress goodness + why she wants to inspire to world (or at least YOU) to step away from our computers, get our hands dirty, and send some mail already!

Making a House a Home with Handmade Art

Come get all nesty with Sara of sarah+abraham! She recently sold her house and is sharing some lovely finds for making a house a home with handmade.

May 2012 Wallpaper Suite: Wildflower Week

Did you know that May is National Wildflower Week? Kristen of Ahoy Graphics did! She made us a downloadable wallpaper suite of stunning wildflowers to brighten up our devices and celebrate the blooms that inspire her.

Calling All Sparks: Ignition Time!

I’m in New Mexico surrounded by women of the most sparkly kind! Come talk igniting our creative sparks with me live today at our #OMHG chat & download a free print to inspire you to reach for the life you want. NOW!

A Spring Breeze Thank You

Say thank you with breezy spring style with this lovely free printable thank you card and sticker set from Lisa of Moxie Pear!

May: Bloom, Nest, Spark!

May= new month & a sparkly new theme for us! I’m literally taking off tomorrow for an adventure into newness and this month you are all coming with me. Together we’ll bloom, nest, and recharge our creative sparks. Hooray for May!

Extreme Makeover Biz Edition: LoveLee Soaps & Team Aeolidia

I’m dancing in my seat excited to share the big reveal of our New Biz/New Year grand prize winner’s incredible makeover! Team Aeolidia + Leeana of LoveLee Soaps are visiting us to share a very special handmade dream come true…

Hard Core DIY: Heart of Gold Rocket ship Pinata

We can’t end our month of businessy goodness with out a bang worthy of our incredible launch! Make your own Heart of Gold rocket ship pinata with this hardcore DIY tutorial & celebrate your own explosion of awesome!

A New Community Experience

Love shopping local & supporting your community businesses? Then you’ll love this post form April of Anointment Natural Skin Care! She shares her experiences organizing a cash mob for her small town & the impact it made on her community.

Growing My Business Teeny Tiny

Meet Kim of Hope Loves Cards & find out how she is growing her business teeny tiny with a super cool concept-community retail! Check out her story and learn about her new little shop.

How to share your thing: a simple marketing equation

We all struggle with marketing ourselves sometimes but Tara Swiger has found a simple equation that makes PERFECT sense! She’s sharing her wonderful businessy goodness & new book with a special guest post that will help you market yourself. The goodness continues!

Space Shopping: Handmade Finds for Intergalactic Travellers

It’s Day II of our Businessy Goodness launch party & I’m scoping some handmade galactic goodness for your next party on Alpha Centauri, or your new studio at the End of the Universe. Come party with us in true space explorer style!

The Guide to Businessy Goodness is here!

‘The time has come’, the captain said, ‘to talk of businessy things. Like where you put your towel & how to give your business wings.” The Guide to Businessy Goodness is here! Name your price between $2-20, get your Guide & prepare for an intergalactic adventure of epic awesomeosity!

Businessy Goodness Launches Tomorrow!

The Guide to Businessy Goodness launches tomorrow! Watch me get all animated + punny, check out the preview & standby for ignition!

Meeting the Makers: Erin Druez

Not everyone wants to quit their day job! This Meeting the Makers post shows us that little can be lovely & still have a whole lot of style. Come visit with Erin of Little Shop of Crochets and find out how she is staying small but playing big.

{Passion Projects} The Empowerment Project

Our creative community is full of passionate people living their truth. No one is a better example of this then one of my biggest biz heroines, Isa Maria Seminega of Noisette Marketing & The Academy. Learn about The Empowerment Project & how you can join the circle of empowerment!

Starting something grand requires doing this first

We’re kickstarting a new category on OMHG called Passion Projects! Erin Giles visits us to share an immensely powerful lesson for starting something grand & an even more empowering project. Come get involved & help change the 2nd largest industry in the world. Can you guess what it is?

Be the Fun You Wish to See

“Life is too important to be taken seriously”~Oscar Wild. If this quote pulls an amen from you then be sure to read this post by Nicole of Three By Sea! She’s helping us add more fun to our work with some tips & an awesome printable.

The dotted line: what to look for when reviewing a contract

Today we’re talking contracts with Arianne of Aeolidia! She makes those long, confusing agreements that are all full of legalese businessyspeak understandable for all of us. By the end of the post you will know what your contract should include + what to look out for!

Meeting the Makers: Matt Snow of Ex-Boyfriend

Today we are hanging out with Matt of Ex-Boyfriend & learning the story behind the creative business he started with his wife Meredith! Plus there are some space themed goodies & a chance for you to help a yeti save homeless animals-fun!

How to Plan A Launch (& keep your lunch)

Launching your new product into the world IS a lot like having a baby-there is a lot of huffing, puffing, stress & uncertainty. BUT there is also a whole lot of joy to be had. I share some launch tips & printables to help you love your launch (& keep your lunch!) inspired by our … Read more

To collaborate or not? That is the question.

Ever thought about collaborating with another creative? Bridgett of Perideau Designs shares some key pieces to help make sure your collaboration is a success and not a pile of stress!

Packaged Pretty: Cupcakes for Clara

Your packaging says a TON about your brand & your product-what is yours saying? Get some packaged pretty tips from Laura of Cupcakes for Clara & a behind the scenes look at how she created her fabulous look + a suppliers list so you can get in on the fun too!

It's never too late to change things up

One of the best things about owning your own business is being able to change things up whenever you need to! Lisa of Moxie Pear offers some suggestions of when it might be a good time to forge a new path.

Stand-Out Book: Different by Youngme Moon

What does it really mean to create a different business? Jacqui Miyabayashi of Mee A Bee introduces us to a mind-opening/altering book on marketing & business by Youngme Moon, an award winning professor at the Harvard Business School.

Free Photo Editing Apps to Replace Picnik.com

When Picnik announced it was being integrated into Google + lots of small biz owners started scrambling to find a replacement. Kristen Hodges of Ahoy Graphics rounds up some great free photo editing alternatives!

Calling All Cheerleaders of Handmade!

Two! Four! Six! Eight! Calling all cheerleaders of handmade: get your work seen by the creative community + support your favourite handmakers at the 2012 Handmade Olympics. Nominate & be nominated for all your awesomeness but hurry because nominations end tomorrow!

DIY: Crepe Paper Flowers

Let’s lighten up & get crafty with Marisa of Omiyage! These gorgeous (but simple) crepe paper flowers, made with luxurious Carte Fini papers, are the perfect DIY after all our deep thinking last month. Use them for party props, to dress up an outfit or to pretty up your packages!

Positioned for Growth

Is your business positioned for growth or stuck in unscalable? Allisa Jacobs kicks off our Businessy Goodness theme with an absolutely brilliant post on growth, defining your niche, and small business scalability. Full of big questions and even bigger insight this post is a must read!

Big news! We're expecting…

Did I get your heart pumping for a minute?! Happy April! No, not that kind of expecting, but we are expecting the Oh My! Guide to Businessy Goodness to come bursting into the world this month. The due date for the guide is bright and early on Monday April 23rd, mark your calendars! Unlike real … Read more

Ethics Matter! Thank you for an epic exploration

Our ethics theme was epic! We shone our lights into dark nooks and crannies to get a better understanding of what it means to create an ethical business. I wrap up our theme with a few last thoughts and thanks to all you intrepid ethics explorers!

Introducing SeedMommy + a Business Makeover Contest!

Calling all mama owned businesses! Connect with Toni of SeedMommy and enter to win a business makeover package featuring biz goodies from contributor Lisa of Moxie Pear + an advertising package for OMHG and much more!

How-to ethically & successfully pitch to blogs

This post is for anyone who struggles to pitch their products to bloggers without being salesy or icky! Jena Coray (aka Miss Modish) shares this actionable post on ethical & successful pitching + a chance to ask her your burning questions! DON’T MISS THIS ONE.

#OMHG – MARCH 15: Blogging Boundaries with Diane of Crafty Pod

Exciting talk last Thursday! We had the wonderful Diane (@SisterDiane) of Crafty Pod co-host the interesting topic of blogging boundaries based on her guest post: “How Much Marketing Should Craft Bloggers Do for Craft Companies?”. Read the highlights & the transcript, they are both packed with great information!

The Shoes that Sparked My Confidence: Stepping into Myself & Success

What do shoes have to do with ethics? Everything (to me at least!). Read on to find out why these particular shoes are my first step towards accepting my own success and sharing myself (& my face) more honestly with you all!

Meeting the Makers: Shore Society

Today we are visiting with Rachael Novak of Shore Society and getting to know the maker behind her sweet illustrations and prints. Rachael hangs out with us to share her work, creative space and artistic inspiration + a peek into her life as a full time creator of handmade goodness!

Copyright Transfers: Do You Really Own The Rights To Your Logo Design?

How do you know if you really own the copyright to your logo design? Kristen of Ahoy Graphics has really important info for small biz owners & clients alike-find out whether or not you own the rights to your branding right here.

Meeting the Makers: Rajshel of Jane Hancock Papers

I invited Rajshel of Jane Hancock Papers to share her story when she reached out to tell me about her Kickstarter project. Rajshel’s passion to build her business and do the work that she loves shines through-in her words and her lovely letterpress designs. Read on to learn about her story + how you and … Read more

How Much Marketing Should Craft Bloggers Do for Craft Companies?

Craft companies target bloggers big & small to do our marketing for them but is it a fair & mutually-beneficial exchange? Long time blogger, crafter & all around handmade heroine Diane Gilleand of CraftyPod, shares a special guest post that asks some big questions + offers creative answers.

#OMHG – MARCH 15: The Ethics of Pinterest + Sharing Online

Did you miss last week’s amazing #omhg chat with co-host Anile of Girlfriday on Pinterest + the ethics of sharing online? Catch up on the chat details + transcript highlights right here. Plus be sure to join us tomorrow for our chat with Diane of CraftyPod on blogging boundaries!

Lighten Up, Let It Go, Laugh

Feeling like sometimes the internet/people can be ANGRY! TENSE! HOSTILE! SELF RIGHTEOUS! DEFENSIVE! INDIGNANT!? Nicole of Three By Sea stops by with a message to help us all lighten up and take life a little less seriously + some hilarious printable reminders like ‘Humor before Hostility!’. Thanks Nicole!

Simple Ethics for A Complicated World

Ethics might seem complicated but at the heart of this discussion are some basics we can all understand. Today I share my thoughts on these simple ethics + a print and worksheet for those of us who like to serve up our ethics with a side of pretty!

Meeting the Makers: Justine of lovemaki

Gorgeous design, ethereal pictures, and beautiful products= lovemaki! In today’s Meeting the Makers post Justine stops by to offer us a peek into her busy life as a mama, artist and business woman, something I know many OMHG readers can relate to. You are going to love being whisked away to the light filled, dreamy … Read more

Make Time for Fun! Free Printable Calendar Set

Are you making enough time for fun? Alison of The English Pea is here to remind us to schedule in the special things that make life lovely with a beautiful free printable calendar + stickers. The perfect post to end a week of exploring some heavy ethical questions & start our weekend off right!

#omhg – March 8: Personal/Professional Ethics

Our #omhg chat last Thursday was about personal/professional ethics and how it affects our creative business, come read the juicy highlights & grab the transcript here!

Pinterest Ethics: Questioning, Considering & Doing our Homework

Strap on your canteen & grab your flashlight-we’re going deeper into our exploration of ethics! Today designer Anile of Girlfriday shines a light on the ethics of Pinterest in this well researched guest post. If you’ve been wondering what the fuss is about, Anile lays it all out, to help us make our own informed … Read more

Love is the Thing: Petunia and Marigold Give Back

Love is the thing! Ethics can seem so complicated but this story of how Michelle of Hi Mamma Designs and her family are working together to do great things makes it simple. Her two daughters “Petunia and Marigold” are an inspiring example of how ethics start at home, mixing business, creativity, and a whole lot … Read more

Professionalism in Social Media

There is a balance between sharing your life on social media while staying professional-but it’s tricky! Laura of Lupin Handmade visits us with a wonderful guest post on how to balance professionalism and social media while still having fun!

Why We Don't Need More

The internet is buzzing with ways to get MORE: more likes, more followers, more sales. Allisa Jacobs visits to share why she doesn’t want more-she wants better. Maybe you do too?

Some thoughts on product pricing

What is the one thing that makes most of us want to pull out our hair in frustration? PRICING. Sara of sarah + abraham offers her thoughts on pricing and the strategy behind her numbers. If you have ever struggled with how to price your products this post is a must read!

Leave the spam in the can, thank you

Please, keep the spam in the can! Lisa of Moxie Pear dishes out her thoughts on the ethics of spamming & how you can promote and engage online without being spammy.

Going against the grain: business ethics

Do you feel a moral obligation to run an ethical business? Jacqui of Mee A Bee does! She explains why and shares a story of her ethics getting put to the test-a must read!

Recipe For Press – Pitch Your Story Like The Pros And Create A Buzz

Learn how to pitch your story & create a media buzz! Stacy Altiery of InkSpot Workshop visits us to give us the scoop on a new book, Recipe for Press by Amy Flurry, and why you need to get your hands on a copy to help grow your business!

Transparency and Small Business

The recent emphasis on authenticity in branding goes hand in hand with transparency – about business practices, provenance, and now pricing. Rena Tom takes a look at some companies who use transparency about their goals and pricing to gain customer trust.

We The Makers: A Plea for A Code of Ethics Online

We the makers-inspired by LINKwithlove’s The Pinterest Project I make my case for makers of online content to draft our own code of ethics for how we want our images shared online. Come work together to help lay a foundation for a lovelier internet so we can all get back to making + sharing (nicely) … Read more

#omhg March 1: Taking Leaps in Life and Business

Happy March!  Our theme for this month is “Entrepreneur Ethics” and I am looking forward to the wonderful chats/conversations that will follow the wonderful posts scheduled.  Well, I hope you have your “jumping” shoes on, because yesterday’s chat was all about taking leaps in both business and life.  Thanks to our chat co-host Tracey Selingo … Read more

Why Consignment May Be Bad for Business

Is consignment bad for your business? It can be! To consign or not to consign is a big business decision that should be researched, April of Anointment Natural Skin Care shares her experiences with consignment for good and bad + how to protect yourself and your work.

Entrepreneur Ethics: A Month Long Exploration

After all this leaping and loving I hope we are ready to dive straight into exploring Entrepreneur Ethics! This month we will investigate ethics with humor and compassion; from Pinterest, fine print and copyright law to non-spammy marketing, online etiquette, and building a creative business with integrity I hope you will join us as we … Read more

Leaping into Love with Lunenburg

I am leaping my way into love and the life of our dreams by packing our family up and heading to a new community. Leaping is terrifying and exciting and I hope you will help hold onto my safety net while I jump in with both feet!

Own your leap day

We’re ending our month of love by leaping and launching with Tracey Selingo of Twisted Pinky & Ink Engage! Tracey’s new book Leap: 29 Empowering Promises Worth Making with Your Soul is profoundly moving and full of powerful insight into the creative mind. Tracey shares her book, a special price for you dear readers + … Read more

Finding your way is the best way

Chart your own Roadmap to Action with Laura Simms! Laura visits us to share her new pay-what-its-worth e-book and trust me, its oh so worth it. Rather then telling you what to do or how to do it Laura offers you a compass and the space to map out your own path.

Adriana's Aeolidia Extreme Business Makeover!

And the OMHG Oscar goes to Aeolidia and designer Sara Jensen for their work on Adriana Willsie’s design makeover! Adriana won our New Biz/New Year giveaway in December and today we are showing off her gorgeous new look and find out whether winning our giveaway really did change everything for her business.

{Sponsor Giveaway} Ahmelie Modern Handmade

A little treat to brighten up your weekend! Say hello to Ahmelie and check out her shop filled with handmade goodness, designer fabrics, crafting supplies and more + enter to win a $50 gift certificate to do some crafty shopping!

#OMHG February 23: nurturing our creative sparks

Light your creativity on fire! We had the lovely ladies of @SparkRetreat join us for our #omhg chat to talk about nurturing our creative sparks-grab the inspiring (and incendiary) transcript right here.

Meeting the Makers: Satchel & Page

Timeless heirloom quality craftsmanship, a business built on passion, integrity and gorgeous design, put them all together and you have Satchel & Page. Entrepreneur and world traveller Daniel, visits us to share the story behind his business, plus some powerful words of advice for dream chasers of all kinds.

Reignite Your Fire & Pay it Forward at Spark Retreat

Following our dreams is hard, emotional and complicated work and like any demanding job in order to keep moving forward there needs to be self-care. Enter Spark Retreat-Deanna of Apples & Oranges visits us to share the story of Spark Retreat and how we can help one woman get the loving she needs to shine.

Show your products some love through photography

We all want our images to be editorial worthy and bring press + customers knocking but its not easy & sometimes best to leave it to the pros! Here comes Bridgett of Perideau Designs to save the day-learn all about her new product photography service and treat yourself to a brand new look (+ a … Read more

{Sponsor Giveaway} Cotton Candy Printers

Nothing like a little sweetness to brighten up your week and what is sweeter than cotton candy? Or how about Cotton Candy Printers! Yeni visits us to share a bit about her new business + a chance to win a little sweetness for your very own self.

Getting the help you deserve

As small business owners, we think know we can do it all. But we tend to exhaust ourselves until the wee hours of the morning working only to get up early the next day and do it all over again. Lisa of Moxie Pear is here to tell us that we don’t have to do … Read more

Love Your Business…Enough.

You love your business. But do you love it enough? Allisa Jacobs pushes us to consider if we love our businesses enough to make five simple (yet often very hard) and important choices.

Do what you love

‘Share what’s in your heart, find your voice and people will listen. If you have found something you love then you owe it to yourself to give it a go.’ Jacqui of Mee A Bee shares her call for all of us to do what we love (& do it often!).

#OMHG Feb 16: Collaboration + Creativity=Community

The OMHG community is growing and we are looking for new ways to connect and build our friendships. Thursday we chatted about the possibility of + ideas for an OMHG team!

Craftcation Saves the Day for Indie Businesses!

Come learn about the story behind Craftcation, a three-day indie business & DIY conference featuring lectures and DIY workshops with leading industry professionals on art, craft and food-centered small business in Ventura, Ca March 22-25 2012. Co-founded Nicole visits us to talk about the event & how we can participate!

Go Team Go! OMHG Teaming Up on Etsy?

Do you love OMHG? What if you could connect with our community at any time and grow your business with the support of an OMHG Etsy team? Stop by the blog for a guest post from Jenelle of Trashn2Tees for more info & to share in the excitement!

Business Card Designs That Will Rock Your Conference

What is the most important tool in an entrepreneurs box of tricks? Our business cards! Kristen of Ahoy Graphics gives us a run-down of popular biz card styles and helpful hints to help you choose the perfect style for you (& get lots of oohs + ahhs at your next event).

Love Story: A Letter to My Family

Happy Love Day friends! I am sharing my love story + a little letter to my family with you today along with my wish for all of us today and every day of the year.

The Clock is Ticking Oh So Sweet Checklist

One of the things us entrepreneurs love to hate & hate to love is checking things off our to-do lists. Mayi Carles to the rescue with her Clock is Ticking Oh So Sweet Checklist! Break those daily tasks into easy to tackle pieces using these sweet free printables, thanks Mayi!

Meeting the Makers: Christine Haynes

Weekend inspiration! Christine Haynes is one of our super talented New Biz/New Year giveaway entrants, she visits today to share the amazing places her biz is headed in 2012 + an opportunity for you to join in on her new adventures!

#OMHG February 9 – Biz Love-how we show our business loving

This week 38 of us took time out at our #omhg chat to talk about how we put our love into our businesses. Inspiring (as always) and full of heart grab the full transcript + highlights of our chat here!

Five Valentine gifts that you'll truly treasure

Aside from chocolate, flowers or underwear Valentine’s Day can be a time to treasure simple loves too. Lucy of Perfect Balance Marketing shares 5 simple gifts that may mean more then a giant box of calories!

Dear Self: an exercise in speaking kindly, to ourselves!

Do you find yourself being critical of yourself too often, or focusing on your faults? Jena & Jen of The Maven Circle visit to share an exercise in speaking kindly-to ourselves. I know I needed this post-maybe you do too!

love-ly handmade finds

What lovely handmade finds are you coveting this year? Sara of sarah + abraham shares her picks, come share in the handmade love!

Take The Date Night Idea Challenge

Quite often we take our Love Day date for granted but what about the other 365 days of the year? Take Stacy of InkSpot Workshop’s date night challenge-share your ideas for how to kindle the spark in our love lives year round & let’s make a resource for date night ideas!

4 ways to put more heart into your business

February doesn’t need to be all hearts & roses. Isa of Noisette Marketing visits us to share 4 ways we can put more heart into our business. An absolute must read for all us loving entrepreneurs!

Meeting the Makers: Robyn of Shibang Designs

Visit the colourful world of maker Robyn Santamaria & her brand Shibang Designs. Robyn combines fibre & creativity to make truly one of a kind accessories and art-you’ll love her style + beautiful photos!

#OMHG February 2 – Love it up!

We had a lighthearted informal #omhg chat this week based on our new Oh My! Handmade theme Love it Up. Chatting about all our loves from the sweet little things to heart pounding/keep you up late passions. Thank you Joy of Creative Mamma for putting together our transcript!

Lovely Things to Make, Bake or Buy this Valentine's Day!

Feel the love this month with Marisa of Omiyage and her round up of beautiful things to make, bake or buy!

Draw Your Heart Out With Inspired Doodles

Show your creative self some love by checking out Steph Fizer Coleman’s online workshop Inspired Doodles starting February 6! Steph shares the story of the program + a discount so you can treat yourself (or a creative friend!).

February Theme: Love it Up!

It’s February & we’re warming up the cockles of our hearts with all the things we love best for our monthly theme. If V-Day is totally not your cup of tea, don’t worry, we’re looking at love in every kind of way from romance to to-do lists. Come share your own loves with us!

How Attending Altitude Summit Helped My Business

Are you thinking of attending an event targeted at people in your field of business? Perhaps a conference, a camp, classes, or workshops? Arianne of Aeolidia shares why attending Alt was good for her business & how you can decide which events are a good investment for you.

5 Healthy Habits and 5 Ways to Stick to 'em!

It’s HARD to stay true to healthy habits-if your new year motivation for a healthier 2012 is starting to wane then this post of 5 healthy habits + how to stick to them from Jena & Jen of The Maven Circle will give you (& me!) the boost we need!

#OMHG: Businessy Goodness

And the crowd goes wild!!! Seriously, we’ve got big news and even bigger things on move for the OMHG community in 2012. 52 people joined our #omhg chat to share what they want to see in our Guide to Businessy Goodness, read the transcript then add your suggestions now!

Stay Calm! Businessy Goodness & Services are here

Stay calm. Please don’t panic. The Oh My! Handmade Guide to Businessy Goodness is here to help. Get all the details on our new guide + our updated look & new services. 2012 is ready to take flight!

3 words to nix from your vocabulary today

What three words should you delete from your vocabulary today? Tracey of Twisted Pinky dishes out some tough love that will help you and your business, starting now.

{Boutique Mama } $100 Sponsor Giveaway

Does your website or design need a fresh new look without breaking the bank? Meet our sponsor Boutique Mama and enter to win a $100 gift certificate to use on what you need most!

Come Reignite Your Fire With Us in New Mexico!

Is your creative spark in need of nurturing and the support of other women? Mine is! Alexandra Franzen and I are leading workshops at Spark, the retreat for creative entrepreneurs in the mountains of Santa Fe this May. Come get the details and join us for a weekend of sparkly fun!

#OMHG Transcripts January 12 & 19

Finally! The transcripts from our last two #omhg chats are here! We chatted about our best laid plans (not going as planned) on January 12 and websites + design with co-host Lisa of Moxie Pear on the 19th. Check out the transcripts for a pile of small business goodness!

Money Making Party Plan + FREE Planner

Do you have a love/hate relationship with money? You are SO not alone! Mayi Carles visits us to share her money making demons + her method of sending them running. Download your own money making party planner & get ready to make 2012 the year you throw yourself a prosperity party! Plus get your exclusive … Read more

Six simple ways to refresh your site without redesigning

You don’t have to completely redesign your website to refresh it! Check out these 6 simple ways to spruce up your website from Arianne of Aeolida.

Finding Your Perfect Online Print Shop

Ever wonder how to find the perfect print shop? Kristen of Ahoy Graphics shares a guide on finding the right online print shop for you!

Shine Online with the Girl's Guide to Web Design

Ready to rock out your website this year? Do it yourself with the Girl’s Guide to Web Design! Amanda of GG2WD shares the program details + sign up bonuses & a chance to win your space for free! This program is perfect for creative women who want to learn super-empowering web, graphic design and coding … Read more

2012: An OMHG Wishlist

It’s time for us to make your wishes come true! Marisa of Omiyage shares some posts she would love to see OMHG cover this year and opens it up to you-is there something you are burning to know about? Tell us and we’ll make it happen! Do you have a skill to share? Now is … Read more

Meeting the Makers: Laura of Cupcakes for Clara

Come meet Laura the creative mind behind Cupcakes for Clara, a sweet brand featuring a grumpy little girl and her growing crew of friends. This is one brand you are sure to fall in love with!

6 Twitter New Year's Resolutions for your business

Is 2012 the year you figure out Twitter & make it work for you and your business? Lucy of Perfect Balance Marketing shares 6 Twitter resolutions to help you crack the Twitter code!

Get your website ready for the New Year!

Is your website ready for 2012? It will be after reading this post by Lisa of Moxie Pear! Get your online home in perfect shape with a list of things to update, a handy checklist & a chance for 5 readers to get free professional help!

Make, Sell, Repeat. Pause!

Is your handmade business turning into a factory assembly worker? Take a break with Allisa Jacobs to see what you are missing out on while you are busy being busy.

Printables & Ponderings: 365 Intentions for 2012

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? I make a case for focusing on intentions instead and taking it easy on ourselves in 2012. Grab my free printable of 365 intentions and start each day with inspiration.

#OMHG January 5: Taking Stock & Looking Ahead

At our Thursday #omhg chat we spent some time summing up our 2011 experience and sharing our dreams for what 2012 will hold. Some truly brilliant insights were shared, here are the highlights + the link to the transcript.

Ringing in the New Year Japanese-style

Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu! Let’s take a visit to Japan to find out how Jacqui of Mee A Bee and her family ring in the new year!

my marketing resolutions for the new year

Over the holidays Sara of Sarah + Abraham got a great bit of press on the Today Show resulting in over 500 sales in 24 hours! Find out about the aftermath and how Sara learned to focus on “her people” in 2012 and why.

Rising Stars: Our New Biz/New Year Giveaway Winners

It’s time! Our giveaway winners are announced in the sparkliest post of all time (and the hardest to write). Congratulations to each and every person who entered, you are all stars, 2012 is going to be epic!

Glitter & Gold & Tigers, Oh My! Hello 2012!

Come to my party and celebrate with glitter and gold and tigers too! Lets roar in a new year filled with all the best that life has to offer, you are invited-let’s cheers to 2012!

Happy Holidays & A Little Gift for You

I have a little gift for the creative entrepreneurs working on entering our amazing small biz giveaway worth over $6500 of expert business support. If you’ve already submitted-good for you! If not, now is your chance to change everything!

Mischief is magic: a tradition of being bad

Go ahead and be naughty! Laura Simms makes us think about the magic of mischief on Christmas Eve (or any time) so let’s all indulge in a little tricksyness tonight!

Meeting the makers – an elf's nine to five

In this sweet post Lucy of Perfect Balance Marketing shares an interview with one of Santa’s elves-get the low down on how elves balance work + play a lot like you and I!

My Favourite Holiday Tradition: Magical Family Days Out

Quite often the best holiday memories have nothing to do with gifts-they are the magical moments shared with family and creating traditions of our own. Isa Maria of Noisette Marketing shares a trip into her magical family days as a child and how she is recreating the experience for her own children.

Take Note, Make a Holiday Me-Mo Book

Keep track of those holiday memories even during the busy season with Me-Mo books from Nicole of Three By Sea. Download the free set of holiday printable cards and help your kids hold onto their memories!

Four Quick Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Find some last minute creative gifts with April of Anointment Natural Skin Care!

Almost handmade: Dressing Up Store Bought Gifts

In the final hours leading up to Christmas your best laid plans of handmade gifts might not come true. What to do? Give your store bought gifts some handmade touches with ideas from Jacqui of Mee A Bee!

Meeting the Makers: Nidhi Chanani

For our last Meeting the Makers feature of 2011 I am happy to share the story and work of Nidhi Chanani, a freelance artist and designer. Born in Calcutta and raised in suburban California she currently draws and dreams in San Francisco. Nidhi’s work is romantic and whimsical, like a window into a magical world-I hope … Read more

Cultivating a Tradition of Giving + A Gift for You

Today we have a special gift for you from Allisa Jacobs and Stephanie Fizer. Allisa shares her story of cultivating a tradition of giving and Stephanie created an adorable woodland holiday printable set with a recipe for yummy vegan ginger cookies. The printable set also includes stickers, tags and blank recipe cards for gifting!

Teaching the Value of Handmade

One of the most valuable gifts we can give our children is to know the value of handmade & Christmas is the perfect time to teach them! Lisa of Moxie Pear shares some ways she is teaching her kids to love handmade instead of plastic this year.

Miniature Lotus Books as Holiday Ornaments

Looking for a fun holiday craft for young and old? Make miniature origami lotus books with Kristen of Ahoy Graphics-perfect to hang on the tree or as cute stocking stuffers. Happy folding!

A New York state of mind…

Debra of Vintage Paper Parade takes us to New York on an adventure to go treasure hunting at the Brooklyn Flea, the perfect way to end the week!

The World's Smallest Post Service + Teeny Tiny Advent

It’s cuteness overload! The World’s Smallest Post Service (a collaboration between Chronicle Books + artist Lea Redmond) teams up with Oh My! Handmade to create the smallest advent calendar of all time. Magic + whimsy + tiny handmade goodness=yes!

DIY Monogrammed Christmas Stockings

Overflowing stockings are one of the most exciting parts of Christmas morning-make the moment super special with handmade DIY monogrammed stockings using this step-by-step tutorial by Marisa of Omiyage. Happy Crafting!

Bright Holidays With Stacy Altiery of InkSpot Workshop

Stacy of InkSpot Workshop visits us to share her holiday line and a gift guide of bright, bold & modern designs. Plus save on your last minute shopping with free shipping in US & Canada for OMHG readers!

Embrace the magic by sending your child a letter from Santa

Embrace the magic of the season by sending your child a letter from Santa! Tracey of Twisted Pinky has played elf for you & written a great letter that you can personalize/print to bring magic + mystery to your little (& not so little!) ones.

A Favorite Holiday Tradition: Delivering Christmas Cookies to Friends

Sara of sarah + abraham found that her kids were becoming more about the gifts then the giving so her family started a fun Christmas tradition that celebrates the season of giving.

Ultimate Entrepreneur Giveaway: Win A New Biz for The New Year

We’ve teamed up to bring you the ultimate entrepreneur giveaway and a chance for three creative brands to win a new business for the new year! With over $6500 in prizes from Aeolida, Ahoy Graphics, Tracey Selingo, Moxie Pear, Allisa Jacobs, Meagan Visser, Erin Giles + Oh My Handmade this is the opportunity to make … Read more

Oh My! Holidays + The Ultimate Entrepreneur Giveaway

Our Countdown to Christmas theme is over but a whole new countdown is on! We’re getting ready for the ultimate entrepreneur giveaway to kickstart the season of giving. Get all the details here!

how to get ready for the holidays… from a retailer's perspective!

Grace of Retail Recipes & Pink Olive Boutique gives us a look at how to get ready for the holidays from a retail perspective. Packed full of awesome examples of how Grace celebrates the season in her retail shop in New York!

Preparation for the Gift Giving Season – A Checklist

Christmas is almost here! April of Anointment shares her checklist for preparing for the holiday rush filled with great tips for planning ahead next year.

OMHG Contributor Holiday Wishlist

Find out what our team of Oh My! Handmade contributors is coveting this year with a beautiful gift guide of our favorite picks put together by Marisa of Omiyage. So much handmade goodness!

Holiday with Matthew Mead: Interview + DIY + Giveaway!

Be inspired by this beautiful interview with the marvelous Matthew Mead and Debra of Vintage Paper Parade. Matthew shares his love of handmade + tips on connecting with an editor & styling a photoshoot. He also gives us a fun holiday DIY + a chance to win a Matthew Mead giveaway!

Making Grand Connections with My Grand Mail!

Joanne of Drawn to Letters is marketing to an often forgotten group for the holiday season: grandparents! The sweet new My Grand Mail package is a grand new way to build connections between Grandparents and their little family members.

End each day with an empty inbox

Suffering from email overwhelm? Has it been forever since you had an empty inbox? Arianne of Aeolidia is here with a strategy to help us get & keep our inbox at zero!

#OMHG November 17 – Getting your business ready for Christmas

Talk about busy!  Judging from the chat today, everyone seems to be busy getting their life and business ready for the upcoming holiday rush (makes me tired just thinking about it)! Is your small business ready?  Read on to find some ways our creative community are preparing for the exciting holiday shopping season. Next week … Read more

Give thanks with a free printable thank you gift

Giving thanks & sprinkling joy dust for the holidays shouldn’t be stressful. But it can be! Tracey of Twisted Pinky has the answer with a beautiful free printable to help you give and share thanks with your customers (& friends) for the holidays.

Six ways to add value for your customers without holding a sale

Sales are a great way to promote your business but too many can actually damage it! Learn 6 ways you can add value for your customers without drastically cutting prices from Isa of Noisette Marketing.

How I'm Making My Customers Feel Important This Holiday Season

Find out how Meagan Visser is making her customers feel important for the holidays & share how you are showing your appreciation for your customers with us!

Meeting the Makers: Studio Lakshmi

Creative dreams follow twisty turny paths-that still somehow lead us right where we need to be. Today Lakshmi of Studio Lakshmi visits us to share her journey as an artist and reveal her beautiful new shop.

How to Design a Look Book

Show off your dazzling work with a holiday look book! Kristen of Ahoy Graphics walks us through the steps of putting together a look book that will showcase your brand. Be sure to share your look books with us!

This little light of yours-Mama will let it shine!

Today I am interrupting our Countdown to Christmas to talk about my own dilemma with how to let my daughter’s light shine while following my own creative dreams. I would love to hear your thoughts & solutions!

a couple of tips for surviving the holiday rush

Sara of the successful sarah + abraham shares tips for surviving the holiday rush and how she plans ahead to make the most of the Christmas season.

#OMHG November 10-Holiday Marketing for Online Shops

Today’s chat was full of great ideas and ways people are spreading the word about their shops and holiday promotions. Just like our customers some of us are planners and some are procrastinators but all of us are hard at work building our businesses this month.

Planners & Procrastinators: Welcoming Your Holiday Shoppers

Procrastinating husbands, frugal teachers, savvy mothers, hopeful boyfriends, thoughtful friends, computer nervous grandparents, undecided brothers….these are your holiday shoppers. Allisa Jacobs shares some creative ways to welcome all types of customers during the holiday rush!

Holiday Love for your customers

Show your customers some love this holiday season with a special thank you. Lisa of Moxie Pear rounds up some great customer gift ideas + she designed a gorgeous free printable thank you card holder for you!

Quick and Easy Marketing Strategies for Your Online Shop

There is only 47 days left until Christmas-have you gotten a head start on your holiday marketing or are you feeling behind? The amazing Rena Tom visits to share a special guest post packed with quick & easy marketing strategies for your online shop. It’s not too late to get marketing!

Taking your business global for the holiday season

Are you making the most of selling online by offering global shipping for the holidays? Jacqui of Mee A Bee gives us tips on shipping worldwide and a breakdown of how to figure out if there is a demand for international shipping in your store. Let us know if you start shipping globally & we’ll … Read more

The Santa Claus guide to connecting with your customers

He’s not just the father of Christmas, whether you believe in him or not, Santa is also the king of marketing! Learn some tips from the jolly man himself on how to connect with your customers this winter.

#OMHG November 3 – Getting Your Small Businesses Ready for the Holiday Season

Our #omhg chat this week was packed with awesome tips for getting your small business ready for the holiday season! Don’t miss this transcript full of insight from the smart & business savvy #omhg team.

The Law & Promotions

Learn the rules about running promotions on Etsy, Facebook & Twitter & keep your next giveaway or promo on the right side of the law with this helpful post by our special guest Ashley Spade!

A New Theme for November + an OMHG BOOK!

Yes, you read it right! An Oh My Handmade eBook packed full with 50 pages of info to help you get back to business and on the right track + a bonus printable, worksheet & article. Buy your copy of the book today and choose your own price!

Happy Halloween Handmakers!

Happy Halloween all you lovely handmakers! A quick post to show off our Halloween style plus a fun printable for you and your own little ghosties & ghoulies.

Handmade Parties: Crafting a Butterfly Birthday

I think birthdays should be a day to cherish and keep so I pull out all the stops! Today I am sharing the handmade butterfly party I planned for my own little emerging butterfly’s 7th birthday. Lots of pictures + a shopping guide of goodies to brighten up your week.

Creative approaches to marketing your business

Marketing does not need to be a drag! Isa of Noisette Marketing shares 6 creative ways to make marketing your business more imaginative + a lot more fun.

#OMHG October 27-Making Your Brand Sing with Tracey Selingo

Say goodbye to those writing woes! Our #omhg chat with co-host Tracey Selingo on How To Make Your Brand Sing was packed full of ideas & insight from over 50 participants. Read the transcript + download a writing package to help you get those words out of your head and onto the page.

How to Make Your Business Shine with Twitter

Erin Giles gives us a peek at her collaborative e-book, “How to Make Your Business Shine with Twitter” packed full of tips & tricks for getting the most out of Twitter from the 6 Twitter savvy contributors. Learn about the book + how to get a copy then have fun tweeting!

Interview with Amy of tiny giraffe

Amy of tiny giraffe visits us to share the story of her business & her handmade wooden blocks. Plus get a chance to win a set for yourself & take advantage of a discount code for OMHG readers!

Establishing a Daily Creative Routine (Plus a free printable)

Joy of Creative Mamma loves to draw…but she has a full time job, two kids under 3 plus her own biz! Find out how she has established a daily creative routine + download a free printable featuring her awesome illustrations.

How to make your brand sing

Are you at a loss for words when it comes to your business? Tracey Selingo of Twisted Pinky can help! Learn how to make your brand sing with this insightful post & tips on letting your business shine.

meeting the makers: nathiya of *emera bags

Schlepping your camera around in an ugly case or in your purse? You’ll love the stylish *emera camera bags designed by Nathiya Prathnadi (also of Pineapple Seeds)! Nathiya visits us to share a bit about her business and some lovely pictures of her designs.

#OMHG OCTOBER 20 – living a creative life with Laura Simms

“Reserve the right to have crappy ideas” is just one of the juicy tidbits of wisdom on creativity from our co-host, Laura of Create As Folk, at our #omhg chat yesterday. Be sure to read the transcript for more insight into living a creative life from Laura & the #omhg crew!

Meeting the Makers: Katie of Gadanke

Meet Katie Clemons of Gadanke-an award winning handmade journal shop. Her books are designed to help draw out your stories and she shares her own story of journey as a maker. A beautiful story of how storytelling became a business and a way of life.

Sponsor Interview + Giveaway: Anointment

We have a special treat for our readers today-contributor and sponsor April MacKinnon of Anointment Natural Skin Care visits us for an interview and giveaway. Find out how April is working to juggle babies, business and creativity + enter to win some of her products for yourself!

Interview with Lauren Hardage of Aeolidia

Meet Lauren Hardage, one of the talented members of the Aeolidia design crew! Arianne of Aeolidia interviews Lauren about what inspires her work, how she stays focused and some tricks on working from home.

Wonder Walk: fresh tool for fresh sight

Do you ever fall into a creative rut? Laura Simms shares an easy peasy way to see the world through fresh eyes & get out of that artistic slump. Go for a wonder walk!

#OMHG OCTOBER 13 – wrangling our creativity with Lisa Bacon

Have 6 impossible ideas before breakfast and then try to get them all done before lunch? Wrangle your creativity with tips + a printable goal sheet from our co-host and contributor Lisa Bacon of Moxie Pear & learn some tricks from the super smart #omhg crew.

Get your creative side on with this stop motion film tutorial

Always wanted to make a stop motion video? Learn how with this step by step tutorial from Valerie of Rose Flash! She walks you through the process from brainstorming the idea to production to spreading the word & makes it easy to understand.

Get Creative with New Pop & Lolli Decals

Get creative with the newest collection of Pop and Lolli wall decals and transform your walls into an interactive play space full of robots, pirates and fanciful fishies. Take advantage of a great discount for OMHG readers and have fun decorating!

Creative Biz Challenge: Creating An Additional Income Stream

Get ready for a creative biz challenge! Meagan of meaganvisser.com challenges us to create an additional income stream for our businesses + gives us a step by step breakdown of how to decide on what to do, plan, execute and launch our new products. Ready, set, go!

Wrangle that Creativity

What to do when you have TOO MANY creative ideas? Get out that lasso and start wrangling! Lisa of Moxie Pear has tips + a printable download to help you corral your creativity.

Creative Inspiration from a Foreign Land

Get some truly gorgeous creative inspiration from Japan, Jacqui of Mee A Bee introduces us to one of her sources for crafty dreaming-Couturier magazing by Felissimo (warning: this site is guaranteed to make you want to get making!)

Rise and Shine – An eBook for Creative Entrepreneurs

It’s time to Rise & Shine with Allisa Jacobs and her e-book to help creative entrepreneurs find their own path in the handmade world. Allisa gives us some insight into the process and heart behind the book + a special discount for OMHG readers!

#OMHG October 6 – creativity and how to challenge it

Yesterday we talked about our creativity & how to challenge it for our #omhg chat-come get tips, insight & ideas from over 30 creative creators!

Pin & Win! The Pinterest Challenge Redux

It’s time for a reissue of the Pinterest Challenge! Follow your inspiration to bring together different ideas & techniques, challenge your creativity & get a chance to win an Omiyage prize package of crafty goodness!

the Mayi Carles collection at sarah + abraham

Find out what happens when two creative Oh My! Handmade contributors team up to create a new product line! Sara Tams introduces the Mayi Carles collection from sarah + abraham- but be warned, painfully adorable handmade goodness awaits you!

5 ways to be interesting online

Ever worry about coming up with content or ideas for things to share online? Lucy of Perfect Balance Marketing has 5 ways to help you shine and keep your followers coming back for more!

Petite Tuques: adventures in rebranding

Go behind the scenes with Lisa of Petite Tuques and her talented designers Mayi of Heartmade and Zoe of A Quick Study and learn about Lisa’s amazing rebranding adventure!

October Theme: Challenge Your Creativity!

October is going to rock! We’re finding ways to challenge our creativity & encouraging you to join in on our adventures in creativity!

#OMHG SEPTEMBER 29 – Website ideas & basics for entrepreneurs with Zoe Rooney

Get the transcript from our website basics for small business @omhg chat with Zoe of A Quick Study!

Failure, Success, Profit & the Pursuit of Happiness

How much is enough? Are you a failure or a success? These are questions that I think prevent us from going boldly in the direction of our dreams. Today I share my story of success and failure, come and share your own!

Ethical Pinning: The Golden Rules of Pinterest

Pinterest is quickly becoming a beloved resource for the handmade community but have you considered the ethics of pinning original work as DIY projects? Katrina of Salt City Spice visits us to share her thoughts on the golden rules of Pinterest!

Meeting the Makers: Elena Rosenberg

Meet Elena Rosenberg of Tickled Pink Knits and her incredible hand knit clothing and accessories. Be inspired by Elena’s passion for her craft and her beautiful pieces that are perfect for welcoming Fall in style!

Do It For Yourself – 4 Projects Just For You!

Are you taking enough “me-time”? We can get so caught up in our businesses that we forget to make things for ourselves. Marisa of Omiyage rounds up 4 do it for yourself projects that don’t take a lot of time or materials but will make you feel fabulous.

Kids + Fall = Back To School

Juggling kids + back to school + business is tricky! Get focused with this wonderful post from Meagan Visser on time management, organization & productivity (a great read for non-mama’s too!)

Meeting the Makers: Sasha Prood

Welcome to a new series on Oh My! Handmade, Meeting the Makers, where makers share their work and story in their own words. Today Sasha Prood, visits us to showcase her illustrations and creative journey!

Entering the Wholesale Market

Get 8 tips and tricks from April of Anointment Natural Skin Care on entering the wholesale market and how to make your product stand out from the rest!

How to Make Handmade Buyers Sit Up and Take Notice

Find out how to get handmade buyers to sit up and take notice of your products with Julie of On The Dot Creations.

That time of the month again….accounting

What do creative business owners dread more than anything? Accounting! Cassandra of Pixie Chicago interviewed her accountant and shares some tips for making tax time less taxing (ha!)

Getting into the stationery business

Bridgett Edwards of Perideau Designs visits us to share her knowledge about starting and running a successful stationery business!

Oh Geez! Design: Sponsor Feature & Giveaway

Meet Becky of Oh Geez! Design & enter to win a giveaway for a $50 gift certificate to her awesome shop

DIY Menu Planners – A Simple Way to Simplify Your Day

Marisa of Omiyage shares her secret for saving time & simplifying her life. Menu planning! She gives planning tips plus a great round up of some DIY menu planners!

Rich, happy, hot, juicy, fabulous NYC dreaming!

Come adventure with Heartweed and get a glimpse of the hopes and hearts behind our creative dream.

Brand Design: The First Steps to a Better brand for Your Business

Get the low-down on building a better brand for your business with better design. Kristen of Ahoy! Graphics breaks down the components of exactly what your business needs & why-a must read for all DIY entrepreneurs!


What would a crafty superhero costume look like? Definitely like this awesome do-it-all apron design by Joanne Gilbert! Perfect for chasing kids & crafting up a storm while looking fabulous too.

Too Cool for School!

Get inspired with a round up of beautiful finds to make you excited about getting back to business + a lovely printable to remind you that it’s your time to shine from Debra of Vintage Paper Parade.

Online Necessities for Offline Businesses

When I asked earlier this month if readers had any questions one of them was, “how can local businesses compete with online businesses?” Zoe of A Quick Study has some great answers & tips for how you can make a presence for your offline business online.

Rock Your Brand #OMHG Chat!

Come rock your brand tomorrow with Grace of Retail Recipes & the #omhg crew! We’ll be chatting about how to align your brand with your personality-come share your questions, tips & ideas from 1-2EST on Twitter.

Etsy Relevancy Search 101

Ready to get relevant? Stacy of InkSpot Workshop unravels Etsy’s new relevancy search and gives you resources, advice and stats to help you make the switch & get your listings seen!

Introducing Heartweed: a new magazine + community for creative entrepreneurs!

I have the most exciting, fantabulous, life-changing new to share with you this morning. Please come help me launch & welcome Heartweed-a new magazine + community for creative entrepreneurs to the world!

Back to School the Handmade Way

Get back to school (& business) the handmade way with these awesome finds from Lisa of Moxie Pear + a fun eco-friendly paper pencil giveaway!

5 things I wish I'd known when I started my own business

Today Lucy of Perfect Balance Marketing shares the 5 things she wishes she’d known before starting her business. Take advantage of her hindsight and lessons learned!

Meeting the Makers: Domestica Interview + Giveaway

Need some Friday eye-candy & inspiring interview? I’ve got you covered with an interview + feature on the indie shop Domestica + a giveaway of a print by This Paper Ship!

#OMHG SEPTEMBER 8 – Turn Over a New Leaf for Fall

For #omhg this week we chatted about turning over a new leaf for fall and the many ways we are regrouping and getting focused on our businesses-get the transcript here!

Homework Assignment: Find Your Ideal Role

Today’s post is a brilliant collaboration between two contributors, Allisa Jacobs and Bridgett Edwards. They’ve teamed up to explain The Hedgehog Concept-a tool to help us find our ideal role. With Allisa’s great explanation and Bridgett’s gorgeous printables this post is sure to get you thinking!

How a logo is born

Have you ever wondered what the design process of creating a logo looks like? Arianne of Aeolidia shows us step by step how a beautiful logo is born-a great post for anyone looking to have a custom logo designed!

Three steps to overcoming social time delay

Do you have STD (social time delay aka social media addiction)? Don’t worry-its curable! Guest contributor Tracey Selingo of Twisted Pinky shares three steps for managing your time and overcoming this common illness.

Does Practice Really Make Perfect?

Does practice really make perfect? The marvelous April Bowles of Blacksburg Belle & Artrepreneur takes a look at the difference between practicing and deliberate practice + tips on how you can apply these lessons to your business.

Lessons Learned On Vacation

Are you ready to put your best foot forward? Jaqui Miyabayashi of Mee A Bee gives us some insight into the smart business lessons she learned while on vacation.

Top 10 Best Business Decisions I’ve Made So Far

Sara Tams started sarah + abraham in 2007 as a hobby-now it is a full time job with a part time employee and successful product collaborations. She shares the top 10 best decisions she has made so far-a must read for any small business owner!

September: Getting Back to Business

Hello September! We’re getting back to business with a full month of posts that will teach, inspire and excite you about your business and living your dreams. Ready to get started?

#OMHG September 1 – Getting Back to Business

We got our theme off to a great start with an #omhg chat packed with helpful tips & tricks to help us get back to business after summer vacation. Joy of Creative Mamma rounds up some of these tips + the links to the transcript here:

My Hands Make History (& Pretty Things)

Find out what I was up to this summer & how we transformed my old studio into a beautiful bedroom for my not-so-little little girl + a fun wall art tutorial from Ila & I!

{Giveaway} Heirloom Print from Art & Design Studio

Add a piece of handmade heritage to your home with a heirloom print by Art & Design Studio. Enter to win a beautiful matted 8×10 Mother’s Nest print + learn about Tara’s creative business.

Weekend Reading: Handmade History in the Making

Travel into the past & present of American handmade history with an interactive timeline from American Craft Magazine + an illustrated timeline of the New Wave of Craft and a collaborative photo/story project on the art of craftsmanship. Happy Weekend reading!

#OMHG August 25- Giving Yourself Permission

This week for our #omhg chat we talked about all the different ways we are giving ourselves permission. Don’t miss this transcript- its packed with smart self-care tips for entrepreneurs of all kinds!

Design History as Inspiration

Some classics never go out of style-look to design history for inspiration & put a contemporary twist on old standards with Zoe of A Quick Study.

Heirlooms in our homes

Heirlooms are like little pieces of history handed down through the generations, Debra of Vintage Paper Parade shares her love of the heirlooms she hopes to teach her children to treasure.

Today I give myself permission to…

Its been a tough month and I am giving myself permission to be okay with that. I made up a printable “permission slip” and permission mini cards to share with anyone who might be struggling to do the same. What are you giving yourself permission to do today?

Technology + handmade: Listen to grandma!

What does handmade heritage have to do with technology? Lots! Valerie of Studio Rose Flash shares 7 important lessons she learned from her grandma & how they help her navigate the latest tech-a very insightful post on our gadget driven culture.

A Handmade Craft Fair History

Craft fairs are a wonderful place to see handmade heritage in the making & connect with your market-get some great tips on making your next show a success from Tiffin of Linwood Avenue in this fabulous interview by Lisa of Moxie Pear!

#OMHG August 18- Handmade Memories

We had a great chat talking about the memories we are creating now & handmade memories from our pasts. Check out the full page transcript below or visit the link below for the full transcript & a list of participants.

Playing Office: your roots know how to have fun

Remember when playing office was fun? Or when you just couldn’t wait to play? Laura Simms of Create As Folk reminds of of our roots and offers us 4 ways to make work play again.

Handmade Travel – Pueblito Los Dominicos

Come on an adventure to Chile with Marisa of Omiyage to explore the beautiful town of Pueblito Los Dominicos, alive with a vibrant handmade heritage.

{Handmade Heritage} Interview with Jenn Gibson from Roots of She

Our handmade heritage is wrapped up in the stories of women so I invited Jenn Gibson, the editor of the beautiful online community, Roots of She to visit us and share her insight. Sisterhood, creativity & community-does it get any better?

Celebrate Handmade with a GIVEAWAY

Stacy of InkSpot Workshop is celebrating handmade with a giveaway for Oh My readers! Enter to win a copy of the Handmade Nation DVD + a $50 gift certificate to InkSpot Workshop!


Joanne of Drawn to Letters introduces us to a fictional cast of characters with their own handmade history. What stories of art and making have stayed with you? Come share!

Cross-stitch: A 376 Year Old Handmade Tradition

Rediscover a 376 year old handmade tradition: cross-stitch! Learn how with Michelle of Hi Mamma & download a sweet free cross-stitch pattern to get your started.

Making Handmade Heritage in Rural Canada

Today April of Anointment Natural Skin Care shares the story of how she is making a handmade heritage-going back to the old ways of making soap, keeping bees and preserving history in a big old house in rural New Brunswick with her family.

Handing Down History

A tale of two quilts from two generations, one well loved and one ready to be loved. Allisa Jacobs shares the story of a treasured bit of her handmade history and the new memories she is creating with her sons.

#OMHG August 11-Retail Recipes Q & A

We had a great #omhg chat today with our special co-host Grace Kang of Retail Recipes who came to chat with us about retail and give her expert feedback on peoples stories, ideas & questions. If you have ever thought of selling your work in shops or selling wholesale this transcript is a must read.

{Interview & Giveaway} Sarah's Silks

Sarah of Sarah’s Silks visit us to share the story of her business & how it has supported her family for more then 15 years while spreading creativity around the world! An amazing story + an amazing giveaway, two lucky winners will receive a $100 gift certificate to Sarah’s Silks!

Ask Grace in Real Time & Share Your Retail Stories

We have a very special co-host joining us this week for our #omhg chat! Grace Kang of Retail Recipes is visiting us to share her knowledge, answer questions & give feedback. Designers of any background or level of experience are welcome to join in and share stories or challenges, ask questions, get feedback and chat … Read more

Looking to the past for the future of marketing

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” is true for marketing too! Look to the past with Isa Maria of Noisette Marketing to find the future of marketing and 5 ways to use old school marketing in the modern age.

Printable Reminder: The Past Didn't Go Anywhere

Why does the past matter? I think Utah Phillips has the answer & made us all a printable reminder for those days when we get caught up in the present and need a rock dropped on our foot to remind us of where we come from.

The Illusion of Originality: Plagiarism vs. Synchronicity & How to Cope with Both

Can we really claim any idea as truly original? I ask that question and offer some answers for dealing with copying or accusations of plagiarism + a case study based on my recent dilemma!

Arimatsu Shibori – Handmade Heritage in Smalltown Japan

Travel to small town Japan “where master craftsmen and women create with wise hands” and learn about the art of shibori dyeing in this beautiful, moving post by Marisa of Omiyage.

#OMHG August 4 – Our handmade heritage

Editors note: The lovely Joy Charde of Creative Mamma is joining us as a contributor and will also be putting together our weekly #omhg post-finding the most discussed tweets and pulling the print worthy topics in preparation for an exciting new community project coming in the fall. Welcome aboard Joy! Happy August!  I’m still in … Read more

Why Twitter is the new local store

Do you wish you could go where everybody knows your name? Well you can! Learn why Twitter is the new local store with Lucy of Perfect Balance Marketing and how you can deliver old-time personal service to your customers in a modern world.

vintage-modern / retro-modern finds

Vintage and retro meet up with modern designs in this great post from Sara of sarah + abraham sharing the work of some talented new designers influenced by old school style.

August: Exploring Our Handmade Heritage

For our August theme we are traveling into the past and exploring the history of handmade and our Handmade Heritage from lace-making to letterpress

Oh My Its Been A Crazy July!

We sure know how to throw a party! I’m mixing myself up a mojito, celebrating some big news from our party month and giving thanks. Goodbye July-it was a great one!

Gaia & Gerald's Kid Friendly Handmade Wedding

What is a party month without a wedding? And what a wedding it is! Gaia visits us to share a special guest post all about her beautiful handmade wedding with a kid friendly twist. Prepare to fall in love!

HOW TO THROW YOURSELF A WORD-PARTY (disco ball, tambourines, confetti & all)

Break out the confetti & champagne friends! Today is all about YOU-you incredible, gorgeous, brilliant, awesome, talented creature! Throw yourself a word party with wordsmith & copy diva, Alexandra Franzen, prepare to get ALL fired up about the #1 best reason to celebrate: YOU!

Celebrate in Handmade Style: 20 Tutorials to Give Your Next Party a Handmade Touch

Congratulations to Jessika on her first year as the Editor of Oh My! Handmade Goodness! July seems to be full of birthdays and celebrations – we celebrated Omiyage‘s 1st birthday this month too. And what a great way to celebrate here on OMHG – a whole month jam-packed with parties! So, let’s keep this party going … Read more

Celebrate National Ice Cream Month!

Come celebrate National Ice Cream month with Stacy of InkSpot Workshop and her post filled with fun resources and ideas for celebrating ice cream (yum)!

Relationship Marketing (or how it really, really isn't about you) Podcast Interview with Srini of BlogcastFM

Today I chat with Srinivas Rao of Skool of Life and BlogcastFM about his new book Relationship Marketing and SO much more!

Three Ways to Get the Media to Go Gaga Over your Designs

Learn how to make the media go gaga over your work- Melissa Cassera shares her tips on how to make sure an editor’s reply is a big YES!

DIY Rick Rack Mini Felt Buntings + Giveaway

Whats better than bunting? Mini rick rack bunting! Make your own with this tutorial + enter to win one of three 100% wool felt packages from Felt on The Fly!

{Handmade Parties} Piñata DIY

Get crafty and make a piñata for your next fiesta! Michelle of Hi Mamma shares her fun piñata project and instructions on how to make your own.

It's A Girl! It's A Boy! It's A Baby Olliegraphic!

Mrs (& Mr.) olliegraphic are having a baby! To celebrate Meg made some printable Welcome Baby cards for either boys or girls.

Oh My! Printable Party Set by Perideau Designs

Come party with Perideau Designs & her gorgeous free printable party set (invite, thank you card + party circles!) created exclusively for our Oh My! Handmade party theme & my 1 year birthday. Thank you Bridgett!

#OMHG July 21-Its All About the Little Things

This week’s #omhg chat was all about praising the little things in life and taking the time to enjoy them. If you missed our last party chat come and download the transcript and get caught up!

{Interview + Giveaway} Specialty Cards 4U

Every birthday needs a beautiful handmade card to celebrate, so we’re visiting with Julie of Specialty Cards 4 U to learn about her business + the chance to win a $50 gift certificate!

It's a Party + Hooray Gift Tags

Hip hip hooray! Let’s party like it’s our birthday….oh wait, it is!!! Mayi Carles of heartmade is celebrating her blogaversary this month too! So she made us something soooo ridiculously cute and special it will make you feel like it’s your birthday too.

Handmade Parties: A Summer Carnival

Snow cones, popcorn + fun and games make this handmade summer carnival party all sorts of fun! Debra of Vintage Paper Parade gives us some party ideas and a fun printable set for throwing your own carnival extravaganza!

Holding On & Letting Go: Returning to Small Business After Baby

Holding on and letting go, Allisa shares her thoughts on getting back to business after having a new baby. This post is one that all mamas juggling babies and business will relate to-it is honest, beautiful and full of insight.


All small business owners want to get noticed-but HOW? Nicole of Chic Cheap Nursery tells us by showing off a case study of someone doing everything right, the amazing Perideau Designs!

Ready, Set, LAUNCH: Cultivate Your Creativity & the brand new Oh My! Store

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 LAUNCH!!!! Today is the big day-our new Oh My! shop page is live and Cultivate Your Creativity, my workbook filled with 30 pages of handmade goodness is for sale!


Celebrate anniversaries & growth with Joanne of Drawn to Letters and a birthday discount on her beautiful illustrated cards!

#OMHG July 14-What are YOU celebrating this week?

This week for our #omhg chat we shared what we were celebrating for the week-and there is a ton of reasons to break out the champagne! What are you celebrating this week?

Lessons in Doing Things Right

“If you don’t have time to do it right, you must have time to do it again” Zoe of A Quick Study dissects the word “again”-does it mean failure or a movement forward?

1, 2, 3 Sew: Blog Tour + Giveaway

I’m confessing my lack of sewing skills & praising the wonderfulness that is 1, 2, 3 Sew, a new book by The Long Thread blogger, Ellen Luckett Baker. Read my review & enter to win a copy of your own from Chronicle Books!

Rock Your Blog: Resources & Freebies + A Screencast Too!

I’m sharing my favorite free resources to make your blog rocking + some free downloads of my own including banners & photo layouts. Also my first ever screencast showing you how to personalize your banners with Photoshop!

Celebrating your business success

Celebrate your business successes-small and large! Get some tips on how to toot your own horn with marketing superstar Isa Maria of Noisette Marketing.

Sunshine on A Cloudy Day~ Celebrate The Rain with Jessica Swift!

Rain boots with secret messages! Come find out how the amazing Jessica Swift is making the world more joyful by giving our feet something to celebrate-also learn about her Kickstarter project and the power of our community!

Ask Grace: Finding The Right Sales Rep

In this month’s Ask Grace post Michelle asks about finding the right sales rep. Grace tells all + 10 must ask questions before making your choice.

When life gives you lemons-make lemonade cupcakes! Recipe + Printable Set

What says party more then cupcakes? I can’t think of anything! The lovely Lisa of Moxie Pear made us this adorable cupcake printable set + recipe for lemon raspberry cupcakes. I just love the “when life gives you lemons make lemonade cupcakes” topper. Pure awesome Lisa, thank you!

#OMHG July 7-Celebrate With Cake (& pie & cupcakes…)

Grab the transcript for today’s #omhg Twitter chat-it’s all kinds of yummy!!!

{Giveaway} Transform Your Photos with Paint The Moon!

Prepare to be amazed! Totally transform your pictures with Photoshop actions & textures from Paint the Moon-enter to win a $50 gift certificate and start making your photos incredible!

Handmade Parties: Polar Bear Pool Party!

Want a perfect party to cool down this summer? How about a Polar Bear Pool Party! Jacqui of Mee A Bee shares how she’s using Pinterest to help plan her little boy’s summer birthday.

The good parenting guide to social media (and a free ebook)

What can parenting teach you about social media? A lot! Find out 5 important ways you can apply parenting techniques to your social marketing with Lucy of Perfect Balance Marketing.

work + kids + making time for fun

Now that kids are off school for the summer many WAHM’s are challenged to balance work + kids + making time for fun. Sara of sarah + abraham shares her strategy for combining all three!

It's My Birthday & I'll Blog if I Want To!

Happy birthday to me! I’ve been editing Oh My! Handmade for 365 days today-let’s celebrate with a month long party and a super fun Oh My July theme. All sorts of excitement is planned for this month & I am so grateful to spend another year with you all!

Oh My July! + A Sneak Peek of Cultivate Your Creativity

It’s an Oh My! Handmade Goodness book! Coming soon to OMHG-take a little peek at the 30 pages of handmade goodness on the way!

#OMHG June 30-Strategies for Avoiding Overwhelm

At today’s OMHG chat we talked about strategies for avoiding overwhelm & tips on keeping your email inbox under control-if you missed our chat this week come download the transcript here!

Every Week is A Party with #OMHG

Meet some of the makers of our #omhg chats & get inspired by 4 prints based on our weekly Twitter parties. I hope you come join the fun tomorrow on Twitter from 1-2EST!

How to Turn your Stories into Sales

How exactly do you turn your stories into sales? Media rockstar, Melissa Cassera, of Cassera Communications shares four tips to help you out & the story of how she learned to just be herself.

{Giveaway + Interview} Chloe's Collars

It’s a giveaway & interview for animal lovers! Come meet Leslie of Chloe’s Collars and learn about her small business + enter for a chance to win some of her handmade goodness for your animal friends

Meeting the Makers: Hillery Sproatt of Specks & Keepings

Come get lost in the handmade world of Hillery Sproatt and her new shop, Specks & Keepings. Meet some of the makers whose work fill her shelves and be amazed at the beauty & simplicity of handmade living.

A Pinterest Challenge! Inspiration, Pinspiration and Trying New Things

It’s a Pinspiration Challenge and YOU are invited!!!!! Marisa of Omiyage is challenging herself and us to get creative with our inspiration using Pinterest. Come join in the fun & get inspired!

The Nitty Gritty of Stress & Business + 3 (Blissfully) Simple Solutions

What’s the one thing most entrepreneurs have in common? Stress!!! Jena Coray of Miss Modish/Modish shares three blissfully simple strategies to overcome stress & jump start creativity.

Building A Creative Dream~Inkwell Boutique

Love letterpress & printed goodness? Me too! Which is why I am so thrilled to share the story of Inkwell Boutique & introduce you to the wonderful Andrea Rahal. She shares the story of building her creative dream from the ground up + so much handmade goodness

Storytelling 101: 10 Interview Questions to Get You Started

Want to tell your story but are not sure where to begin? I’ve got you covered! Here are 10 interview questions to get you started whether you interview yourself or team up with a friend.

A Maker’s Nightmare

It’s a maker’s worst nightmare, worse then anything that could happen to us from outside this battle is one that happens inside. Today Mayi Carles takes on resistance/creative blockages and wins (for now!) For anyone who has ever sat down to create & come up blank this post is a must read!

The More You Read, The More You Know-What's On OMHG Bookshelves

Come find out what we’re reading! Michelle of Hi Mamma asked OMHG contributors to share their favorite business books, this post is the perfect Sunday read.

Meeting the Makers: Stacy of InkSpot Workshop

Today Stacy of InkSpot Workshop unearths an old post from 2008 and the beginning of her blogging days that shares her creative journey and her history as a maker.

Budding Makers: Creating inspiring spaces for children to make

We’ve shared inspiring spaces for adults to create in but today Debra shows us the place she created for her budding makers & some tips on making a space in your own home.

Meeting the Makers: Danielle of The Merriweather Council

Today we’re meeting the creative mind behind The Merriweather Council-the talented Danielle Spurge. Her embroidered creations are absolutely lovely and so is she!

Tips for Editing Drool-Worthy Product Photos

Learn how to edit your product photos with Picnik, a free photo editing program, in this step by step post by Julie Corbett including 3 detailed screen casts.

Meeting the Makers & Telling Our Stories: Isa's Story of Hope

While we create beautiful things sometimes it comes from a deeper place. I shared my story yesterday as part of the What’s Your Story campaign and today Isa of Noisette Marketing shares her moving journey to a handmade life.

What's Your Story? Sharing The Stories of Our Hearts

Today I share a piece of my handmade history and how I came to believe so passionately about supporting women and artists + living my creative dreams. “I have realities in my past, not only the reality of work done and love loved, but of sufferings bravely suffered. These sufferings are even the things of … Read more


This delightful post by Joanne of Drawn to Letters is full of history, reflections on her home in an old hat factory (!) and some thoughts on how handmade business has changed and yet stayed the same.

Meeting the Makers: 3 Entrepreneurs Talk About Handmade Challenges & Success

April of Anointment asked herself & two other crafty ladies to chat about their handmade challenges and small biz success-some really great insights!

{Ask Grace} What's the Common Thread

You’ve got retail questions & Grace has answers! Today she responds to a great question about pitching OOAK items to retail shops and creating a line sheet. Plus she’s offering a FREE checklist report on 10 things you must do before approaching a retail buyer.

Giveaway + Interview with Julie of Elliven

We’re meeting the maker behind Elliven-Julie visits us to share some of her story, a look at her beautiful handmade accessories & a chance to win 3 of her clutches valued at $67!

Pricing Talent: Valuing Creativity, Inspiration & Technique

We’ve talked about valuing the work you create but in this post Zoe of A Quick Study share the most important part of the equation: valuing yourself.

Tutorial: Make A Long Stem Felt Rose

Love roses but always feel sad when they die? Make a long stem rose that will last for years with my step by step tutorial & illustrated template!

The Sketch: a peek at the process of a designer

Get a behind the scenes look at the design process of a web designer in this fun stop-motion animation video by Lisa of Moxie Pear.

5 lessons I've learned about using social media for business

Today Lucy of Perfect Balance Marketing shares 5 important lessons she’s learned about using social media for business (psst-one of them involves turning the computer off!)

Meeting the Makers: Jacqui of Mee A Bee

Our first Meeting the Makers post is from Jacqui Miyabayashi of Mee A Bee-she shares a tutorial for a handmade bag she made for her preschooler to store shoes in at school. Happy crafting!

my experience being featured on heartsy

by Sara Tams of sarah + abraham Have you ever considered promoting your Etsy shop through Heartsy? Based on the overwhelmingly positive response to Jessika’s post about Worthsy yesterday, I’m guessing probably not! But just in case you’re curious about exactly how it works and whether or not it might be a worthwhile way to … Read more

Meeting the Makers & Discovering the Worth of Handmade with Worthsy

Calling all creatives & supporters of handmade! What is handmade really worth? We want to find out with Worthsy-a creative social experiment that will showcase talent & find answers to some big questions while balancing out sites like Heartsy & Groupon by encouraging people to pay more & get more.

The Ripple Effect: 7 Principles for Navigating Crisis Online

Our actions can have crazy consequences and we never know what might set off a chain reaction. I share 7 basic principles to help navigate crisis & conflict then we play detective and check out two stories that have been making waves in the handmade community this week.

What is Your Mommy Must Have?

Cassandra of Pixie Chicago shares her new mommy must have product + a discount. What is the parenting product you can’t live without?

How to Write a Killer Bio that will Make the Media Swoon

Have you ever opened the pages of your favorite magazine and noticed a handmade creation in all its glossy glory staring right back at you? Learn how to get your designs into the media spotlight with these AMAZING & actionable tips from our new contributor Melissa Cassera of Cassera Communications. Plus get your new bio … Read more

Motherhood is Piecing Together The Past With The Future

In this beautiful guest post creative entrepreneur Allisa Jacobs shares how her childhood relationship with her mother has helped shape her creative dreams & her own mothering in ways she never expected.

Tutorials: Crafting with Kids

Take some time out for joyful creativity with your little one(s) and get inspired by a round up of great kid-friendly tutorials by Marisa of Omiyage.

Come Join Us In Plotting World Domination (while juggling babes, biz & busyness)

Come visit on Twitter every Thursday from 1-2EST for our #omhg chats- today we talked motherhood survival tips + a little bit of crafty world domination. Get the transcript here if you missed it & share your own tips!

The way a day sometimes unfolds for an entrepreneurial mom…

Sometimes life as a mother & entrepreneur isn’t all it seems to be. I asked Amy Turn Sharp of Little Alouette to share her raw, uncut day in the life story of being entrepreneurial mom, just trying to juggle it all. Can you relate?

A Giveaway Fairy Tale: How the Road Rose Up to Meet Cute Little Thing

Reading this story will be good for your soul. It shows the transformational power of creativity and the strength of a mother’s passion to create a better life for her daughter, herself and the world. Adventure, loss, new beginnings, this story has it all. Roseann of the newly launched cute little thing shares her journey … Read more

The Most Important Day of My Life

Think back to the most important day(s) of your life, was your mother always there helping out & cheering you on? Meagan’s was and she reflects in this post on that love and carrying it forward to her own children.

60 Ways to Build Community, Save Your Sanity & Change The World

I dish on the superwoman mama myth, saving the world, my hero Jean Vanier & my beautiful & brutal childhood. You can also download my printable of 60 Ways to Build Community + share your own ideas on creating a village to help raise our children.

The Danger of Discounts: My Decision Not to Groupon

To Groupon, Zulily, Scoutmob, Heartsy? Stacy of InkSpot Workshop tells us about some of the dangers of discounts & why she decided against hopping on the discount bandwagon.

The Power of Mamma's Unconditional Love

What is the single most important thing a mama can give her child? The invincibility of knowing they are loved, unconditionally, fiercely, always. Mayi Carles of Heartmade shares this beautiful post about the power of mama’s love.

Creating a Nest: Handmade Rooms for Children

Come get cozy in the lovingly decorated rooms Debra of Vintage Paper Parade has created for her children. These beautiful spaces show her belief that a child’s room is not just “a space to sleep but a place to dream, play, create, laugh and cry.”

Crafting Family Traditions

Take time to make some family traditions with Michelle of Hi Mamma-what traditions have you created with your family already? Let us know!

Cuteness Alert! Giveaway & Interview with Ginko Papers

Garin of Ginko Papers visits us to show off her shop full of cute treasures, give us a look inside her successful small business + the chance for you to win a $50 shopping spree!

From Passion to Profit

Today Laura Simms of Create As Folk stops by to share her From Passion to Profit series featuring the insights & strategies of 8 amazing working creatives. She asks us “What is your biggest obstacle on the road from passion to profit? How do you plan to overcome it?”. If you are an entrepreneur this … Read more

Goodbye Boring! How You Can Be Professional & Still Be Yourself

Appearance matters but in different ways then you might expect. In this post Zoe of A Quick Study uses her awesome mom as an example of how you can be professional AND yourself.

{Tutorial} DIY Luxury Solid Perfumes

Make your own luxury solid perfume with a few ingredients & a little creativity! Treat yourself to a little something special with this tutorial by April of Anointment Natural Skin Care.

You are Responsible For What You Have Tamed

Motherhood is a complex relationship, especially when we look at motherhood across generations. Today Joanne of Drawn To Letters shares a deeply poignant & emotional story about her own mother, along with an illustration created for her post.

Lift the weight with a support system

What are your support systems? Lisa of Moxie Pear shares her thoughts on finding your supports to help make the load a little lighter.

{Tutorial} 3D Stamp + Cut Paper Garland

Feast your eyes on this crafty gorgeousness! Our new contributor Guusje of Ontwerpfabriek Appeltaart made us a stunning (& simple) tutorial for making 3D cut paper garlands + beautiful step-by-step photographs!

Ask Grace: Your Retail Questions Answered

You asked & she’s answering! Last month you asked Grace Kang of Retail Recipes & Pink Olive your burning retail questions and now it’s time for the first monthly installment of her Q&A column, Ask Grace:

Celebrate Yourself with Self-Love

Are you doing the hard work of celebrating yourself? A little self-love can go a long way to making you feel beautiful and increasing your productivity & your love of motherhood. Give it a try!

A Manifesto For Motherhood

Let’s accept the things we can’t change with a little help from this wonderful Motherhood Manifesto & insight from Isa Maria of Noisette Marketing.

The Fine Art of Mothering & Business

Angela of The Artists’ House invites us into the heart of her business & shares her experiences learning the fine art of mothering, business & art.

Real Life Example: Using Twitter to Promote Your Business

Wondering how Twitter can help you grow your business? Check out this case study & interview by Lucy of Perfect Balance Marketing, then get tweeting!

{Tutorial} Sew A Lovely Handmade Bag!

Make a beautiful handmade bag with Jacqui of Mee A Bee using this beautiful step by step slideshow tutorial!

{Giveaway & Interview} Getting Creative with Puppet Play

Get crafty with Puppet Play! A new book by author/artist Diana Schoenbrun packed with 20 fun projects to make your own puppets from gloves, socks, towels & more. I interviewed Diana + enter our giveaway for a copy of the book!

Balancing Parenthood & Running a Small Business

by Sara Tams of sarah + abraham When I decided to start a business, sarah + abraham, in 2007 I was a stay-at-home-mom with two kids ages 2 and 4. I was only able to work when they were napping or having quiet time or after they were in bed. It was frustrating to have … Read more

How To Really Love Motherhood

Sometimes mothering is tough, it’s just a fact. Download my How To Really Love Motherhood print and join in the conversation-what helps you get through the hard days?

Mamas of the World UNITE!

Mama’s of the world unite & celebrate yourselves with our new theme for May-we’ll be doing a whole lot of mamalove.

Let's Talk Tax Organization!

How to make tax time less painful? Keeping those important files & receipts neat and tidy with these tips from Lauren of Stamp 48.

Ten Reasons Twitter Can Help Grow Your Business & Yourself

Here are my top ten reasons for how Twitter can help you grow your business and yourself!

{Tutorial} Freshen Up Your Kitchen with Custom Tea Towels

Learn how to make & decorate your own custom tea towels with this beautiful step by step tutorial from Marisa of Omiyage!

Get organized with Pixie Chicago

Get organized with these great storage finds from Cassandra of Pixie Chicago!

Content Makeover: How to Write Product Listings with Personality

Product listings are an online shop’s heart and soul-they are your opportunity to showcase not only your work but your personality. The talented Zoe of A Quick Study visits us to show off her own wonderful product descriptions + 4 tips on making your own content shine!

{Giveaway & Interview} Schmooks + Claire Cimbora

Get lost in the creative world of Claire Cimbora & her brand of gorgeous handmade illustrations & art jewelry, Schmooks. Plus enter to win a $50 gift shopping spree in the Schmooks Etsy shop!

Spring clean your blog + a free planner

Get motivated & make a plan to clean up your blog with Isa Maria of Noisette Marketing + a pretty weekly blog planner to keep you on track!

5 Tasks to Help You Have A Productive Business Day

Feeling like there simply isn’t enough time in the day or that you need a clone? This guest post from Meagan Visser will help you make the most of the time you have & get more during your work day!

{Free Download} Olliegraphic Thank You Cards

Download free printable thank you cards by the amazing Meg of Olliegraphic!

Get Crafty With Your Cleaning! DIY Craft Storage Ideas

Sometimes craft room storage needs some creativity of it’s own! Stacy of InkSpot Workshop has pulled together some great DIYs to help get you organized.

Spring Cleaning Door Hanger Printable + Help Checklist

Spring cleaning has never been cuter or more fun! The fabulous Mayi Carles of Heartmade has illustrated and designed an adorable printable door hanger + super handy checklist to help you get motivated.

5 Steps to a Beautiful Workspace: Vintage Inspired Studio Makeover

Does your workspace need some loving? Contributor Debra Norton of Vintage Paper Parade shows us how she used 5 steps to create a beautiful, vintage inspired studio + a shopping guide for you to create the look for yourself.

{Giveaway} Declutter & Decorate with Juxio

Show off all your lovelies with these customizable posters from Juxio! Enter for a chance to win your choice of poster & upload your images to create one of a kind, frameable wall art.

Under Glass-DIY Spring Terrarium Tutorial

Looking for a great spring activity to enjoy with your children? Make a terrarium with Michelle of Hi Mamma and bring a little bit of the outside in!

{Inspiring Interview} with Meytal + a cute to-do list printable!

Meet Meytal the artist behind 3 adorable Etsy shops in this inspiring artist interview + download a printable to-do list just for Oh My Handmade readers!

4 Tips for Capturing Drool-Worthy Product Photos

Need help with your photography skills? Clean up your product photos with these great tips from Julie Corbett of On The Dot Creations!

Business Makeover: Magpie Lovely's Branding Before & After

I just love makeovers! Today Kate of Magpie Lovely visits us to share her business rebranding and show off her new look-it’s gorgeous!

{Giveaway} Green Your Clean with Everything Mom & Baby

The perfect Spring Cleaning giveaway for you, enter to win a box of Eco Nuts from Everything Mom and Baby! Plus a little bit of info on my cloth diapering + natural cleaning love. One of the ways I keep things clean + keep my budget & planet happy.

Handmade Parties: Spring Flowers Party + Tutorial + Printables

Celebrate Spring in all it’s flowery wonderfulness with this handmade party including a printable recipe card, printable cake flags + a felt flower wand tutorial!

Spring cleaning for your website in 5 easy steps

Clean up your website in 5 easy steps & give your business a fresh look with these tips from Lisa of Moxie Pear!

Your Retail Questions Answered~Just Ask Grace

Do you have questions about pricing for profit & how to get your products into retail stores? Get your questions answered in a new monthly column from retail coach, store owner & experienced retail buyer, Grace Kang! Plus enter to win a Critique My Line session with Grace valued at $225USD.

Rebranding Before & After: Anointment

Get an inside look at the rebranding of Anointment Natural Skin Care & learn some tips about the process from owner & contributor April MacKinnon.

Clean Out Those Closets & Air Out Your Fears

Do you have monsters in your closets that are keeping you from achieving your creative dreams? Open up those doors & air out your fears, make those mountains into molehills!

7 Website Tips for the Budding Entrepreneur

Bridgett Edwards of Perideau Designs stops by to share her recent website redesign and to talk about 7 website tips for entrepreneurs.

7 Marketing Tips for A Cleaner Website

Clean up your website content & keep your customers clicking with these 7 tips from Lucy at Perfect Balance Marketing.

Spring Cleaning for your Shop: Keeping your Product Mix Fresh

by Sara Tams of sarah + abraham Last year I shared a timeline of how I started and developed sarah + abraham over the past three years, and last month I talked about a few collaborations that I’ve been a part of. In both of those posts I mentioned several new products that I’ve begun … Read more

Spring Cleaning with Oh My! Handmade

It’s April & time for a new theme-ready to bring some order to your business & get organized? Oh My is here to help!

Taking the Icky Out of Image Sourcing

Have you been wondering what the right way to credit sources is? Ready to take the icky out of image sourcing? Mayi of Heartmade helps lead the way!

{Giveaway} $100 Pixie Chicago Stationery Shopping Spree!

Enter to win a $100 gift certificate to contributor, Cassandra’s stationery shop Pixie Chicago. Let’s see how many people we can get to enter!

25+ Spring Tutorials: Easter Bunnies, Spring Chicks & an Egg-stravaganza!

Get your craft on with more the 25 adorable Easter themed tutorials, rounded up by Marisa of Omiyage!

People Over Profit: The New Economy vs The Old Economy

Would you rather pay more for more or less for less? I ask that question & share my thoughts on a new economy based on people over profit.

{GIVEAWAY} $100 Gift Certificate for ModTots!

Enter to win a $100 gift certificate to ModTots & the chance to own some beautiful modern art for your child’s room!

Making it Personal: A Little More About Me

I’m getting personal and sharing some pictures of myself, yikes! It’s the face behind the blog: )

Marketing that Speaks without the Slimy Ways + 40 Ideas to Get You Started

Market your business without feeling icky with these ideas & tips from Jena Coray the marketing mistress behind Miss Modish.

Twitter Party! You + Me + Ethics & Tea

Mark your calendars, it’s almost tea party time! We’ll be talking handmade ethics on Twitter, Thursday March 31st from 12-2pm EST. As a little bit of fun I made up a printable for tea lovers-because really, tea and cake make everything great!

Handmade Finds: Interview with Sherryl of Lizzie, Izzie + James

Fill up on cuteness & handmade business + branding success with this feature on Lizzie, Izzie + James & an interview with creator, Sherryl Mascarinas.

What you need to know about marketing your business using social media

How can you use social media to market your business effectively & creatively? Sean Moffitt, co-author of Wikibrands shares some ideas in this great interview by Debra Norton of Vintage Paper Parade.

{Tutorial} Color Your World
 with Handmade Watercolors

Michelle of Hi Mamma shares her recipe for fun with a tutorial on making your own watercolors!

{Free Download} Olliegraphic Super Moon Cards

Another fabulous free download from Meg of Olliegraphic-this time she’s made us super moon printable cards!

Handmade Birthdays & A Handmade Life

My little girl turned two today! Take a little peek into our lives and how we celebrate with handmade.

Underselling: Why Discomfort is a Terrible Pricing Strategy

In this special guest post Tara Gentile of Scoutie Girl encourages us to take a deeper look at how we price our work & the ethics of underselling.

Growing through Giving: InkSpot Workshop

In this post Stacy of InkSpot Workshop shares the story of her weekly Hump Day Giveaways & how they have helped grow her business & blog.

{Giveaway} Win a Tidy Books Box + Help Send Books to Africa!

Enter to win a Tidy Books Box (valued at $109USD) + help send books to Africa with Book Aid International!

{Free Download} Living the Good Life

What does it mean to live a good life? Here’s my thoughts + a free printable too!

Copycats & Copyright: Keeping Our Handmade Community Safe

Copycats & plagiarism are a big issue in the handmade world-I am investigating some examples + sharing resources & sources for you to protect yourself & keep our handmade community safe.

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