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This September on join the Academy of Goodness

Welcome to the Academy of Goodness where everyone is a teacher and the curriculum is doing good, being awesome, and learning about what matters.

The OMHG is building a cooperative community and our October Maker’s Retreat is gathering to make a movement-these are big steps and we have so very much to learn. This September we’re going back to school in the best way possible! We’ll be publishing interviews, features + guest post from YOU on projects that deserve support & inspiring makers who are helping us think, be, and do good as a community.

Complete our 1st assignment to enroll in the Academy of Goodness:

1. Nominate someone whose goodness you want to see celebrated or featured this month in the comments of this post.

2. Share your stories and submissions with us. What lessons have you learned about living a good life or doing good work in the world? What knowledge, skills, resources or books would you want shared at an Academy of Goodness? Who is inspiring you to think harder or care deeper? Reach out to interview them, write them a letter of gratitude and submit it, tell us why their work matters to you. Share a story to make us stop and think, offer up art/music/dance/creativity to make us remember that being a maker is a gift, or call us to action on an important project to make us work.

Submit your homework on our submission page & congratulations, you are now a teacher at the Academy of Goodness!

From September 11-21 we will be taking part in the Compassion Games because what is an Academy of Goodness without a different kind of team sports? During the Games we’ll post community challenges, questions and assignments designed to make our communities safer, kinder, more just, and better places to live. Join us in doing everything from sharing stories of compassion to performing Random Acts of Kindness, being of service, raising funds and supporting important work in our communities. All our activities will be recorded and reported to the Compassion Games leaderboard where we’ll compete + cooperate to see who in the land is the most compassionate of all! Learn more about the Compassion Games & take part as an individual by submitting reports of acts of compassion on their interactive map. So sharpen up those pencils & pack your lunch, it’s time to get schooled in goodness!

“Learning is finding out what you already know. Doing is demonstrating that you know it. Teaching is reminding others that they know just as well as you. You are all learners, doers, teachers.” ― Richard Bach


Grab an Academy badge or graphics & spread the goodness by linking to this page!

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Who do you nominate to be celebrated for their goodness this month?

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#OMHG Question of the Week: What is your summer story?

What is your story of this summer? Make space for September by saying goodbye to August and gathering around the campfire to share our summer stories.

The last week of August marks the end of summer for many of us & the end of our two months of Camp OMHG! We’re getting together to tell stories of summer adventures-what we learned, did, + were challenged by to make some space for September. Spend some time wrapping up the month with us in the comments, at our chat,  in the new Community Commons for our members.

*Update: I will miss our chat next week because I’ll be picking my sweet Sela up from her first day of school but we’ll be back to our regular programming September 11th when we kick off our Compassion Games challenges for our Academy of Goodness theme!

Our weekly questions are based on our themes & kick off our #OMHG chats every Thursday from 1-2pm EST! Meet up in the comments to talk about our question of the week, connect with other creatives, learn from each other and swap knowledge. Want more? Stop by our chats to visit us in real time or click the banner below to join our members community.


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Our Montana Summer Road Trip

It has been a hot summer out West (in Calgary, Alberta) and we are thoroughly enjoying it! This year my husband, my two sons (age 9 and 12), and I headed to Montana on a road trip. It truly was an unplanned adventure with only the vague idea of heading to the Lewis and Clark Caverns near Three Forks, MT. I must say it worked out amazingly well given the fact that we had no itinerary and no reservations for accommodations.

Day 1

Packed up the SUV and our tent trailer. Headed for Big Sky Country. Crossing the border from Canada into MT driving on the I15, you see the Sweet Grass Hills looming over the flat prairies and ranch lands. After passing through Great Falls the highway runs beside the Missouri River and over a beautiful Mountain pass into Helena.

Our Montana Summer Road Trip

Day 2-3 Helena

AM Helena is the capital of MT and boasts a beautiful mansion district and a gorgeous Cathedral. In the morning we went on a boat trip up the Missouri river through the Gates of the Mountains, seeing Bald Eagles and Eaglets, and listening to tales of Meriwether Lewis and the Mann Gulch Fire.

PM Went to a Sapphire mine in search of treasures. We did find some small sapphires, and many cool rocks to add to our rock collection.

Our Montana Summer Road Trip

Day 4

Lewis and Clark Caverns! A wonderful guided tour through huge limestone caverns with amazing stalactites and stalagmites.

Day 5-6, Butte

We happened to arrive when the town was setting up for Evil Knievel Days. We got to see some bike stunts and take in the food trucks.

We also went an abandoned ghost town, Garnet which was a mining town in the hills of Montana, toured the buildings and a self guided walk to learn about mining gold.

Our Montana Summer Road Trip

Day 7, Missoula

AM Arrived in Missoula. We lucked out and there was a Celtic festival that was happening in the downtown park by the river. Fun!

We visited the Smoke Jumpers Interpretive Center and training base. These are some seriously courageous firefighters that battle remote forest fires.

PM An afternoon shopping trip to the mall, hey a girl’s gotta shop now and then.

Our Montana Summer Road Trip

Day 8

Headed back to Canada on the 93 through Whitefish and the Scenic Going to the Sun Highway in Glacier National Park!

We had great fun, fabulous weather and learned a lot about the early explorers and miners that ventured out west. Happy Trails!

Photo-on-2014-05-04-at-4.58-PMMEET KATHY | KIWI TINI

Hi! My name is Kathy and I am the designer/owner of Kiwi Tini on Etsy. I create hand made paper items for weddings and parties. When I am not in the studio I am busy with my family.


This is the last road trip story of August, thanks Kathy for submitting your adventures!