Handmade Finds: Adorable Amigurumi

amigurumi crocheted bear, kawaii cute, handmade etsy

by Jessika Hepburn, O Happy Day Handmade

I have had one of those roller coaster weeks in my personal life,  full of lots of hard choices, big decisions and general intensity. I am taking a break from all the seriousness today with a post full of sweetness & whimsy, since I am a firm believer in the melt-your-heart-with-cuteness kind of medicine, and OMHG is the best place to share it!

Really, is there anything cuter then crocheted amigurumi creatures? I am a total sucker for crocheted animals with big eyes. I am busy crafting for my daughter’s 6th birthday and I fell in love with these adorable amigurumi, seeing as it’s nearly impossible not to. Now I am feeling inspired to make some tiny friends to go with the dolls I made her that you will learn all about next month!

adorable crocheted amigurumi, kawaii handmade finds, amigurumi bears1. I know, it’s painful isn’t it? These amigurumi collectible bears from knittingdreams are absurdly cute. Pictured here from above in the banner is Tito and from left to right are Mei, Nimu and Piu.

adorable crocheted amigurumi bear, handmade etsy kawaii2. Little Jenny’s yellow dress is why I chose this crocheted amigurumi teddy, made by rosieok, but the image background was also a big reason-what a fun way to showcase her work! I am now inspired to write a post on creative props for handmade photos, anyone interested?

adorable amigurumi crocheted octopus, handmade etsy kawaii3. If you are feeling crafty now, then head on over and visit some of the patterns from pepika, like this sailor octopus!

adorable amigurumi crochet, amigurumi fox, etsy handmade kawaii4. And just in case I hadn’t tortured you enough-I bring you these flights of fancy via TADA’s Revolution flickr photostream. Talk about incredible photo staging!

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  1. ThisOldPMQ says:

    I love this, but it means I’d have to be able to crochet. Which I can’t. But don’t worry, I have a talent for press-ganging others… 😉

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