Nimbus Publishing: Inspired Rug-Hooking by Deanne Fitzpatrick Book Review + Giveaway

"Under the Paisley Sky". There she is, so happy and thankful, in praise of the day.

by Jessika Hepburn, O Happy Day Handmade

I was recently approached by Nimbus Publishing, the largest book publisher east of Ottawa, to share some of their upcoming new releases with Oh My! Handmade readers and to offer one commenter the chance to win a copy of the book I am reviewing. Since I love art/craft books almost more then I love creating I jumped on the chance to review the book Inspired Rug-Hooking: Turning Atlantic Canadian Life into Art by Nova Scotia based artist and writer, Deanne Fitzpatrick.

I must admit-I was blown away by the content of this book! It is not the dry book on rug hooking technique I expected, this is a book about finding inspiration in the world around you and within your life, then translating that experience into art. The writing, while very readable,  is also deeply profound and worth reading regardless of whether you have any interest in rug-hooking.  While Deanne draws strongly on the Maritime landscape to fuel her creativity, Inspired Rug-Hooking will be relevant no matter where you live.

The image above and the ones below are from the book as are the captions, I have included some paragraphs from the text that I found very moving or inspiring. Deanne’s work captures everything lovely about living in Nova Scotia, from the brightly painted houses that beg to be visited in for tea to the wild ocean and the gentle farmland. I hope you enjoy your glimpse into this wonderful book as much as I have!

"My sketchbooks are a record of my thoughts and ideas, telling me how I saw things at a certain time."

“The sketchbook is an essential tool. Without it you will continue to draw a cat the way you did in grade six.” (pg. 24 )

I couldn’t agree more-for so many of us who work with digital media it is easy to forget how important it is to take the time to put thoughts down with paper and ink. My sketchbooks are like snapshots of my life,  showing me who I was then and how I have grown as an artist and a person.

"Mother Watches Over" captures the perspective of a child, the way it must feel to have your mother watching you all the time.

“I believe that in making many rugs, or any type of art, you are constantly confronted with your powerlessness to be perfect, or even to be what you want to be, and your comfort with this imperfection makes you open and accepting of ‘less than-ness.’ You realize that you are a small part of something bigger. (page 7)”

"Bathing Beauties" I have hooked women in flamboyant suits many times over the years. I think the bandanas and purse reflect how so many of us are slightly uncomfortable in our bathing suit.

“Art is nothing without creativity and spirit. It is these things that bring art to life, and it is in tapping these things that we are able to transform our own lives. We learn to live more generously through them and to be kinder to ourselves, enabling us to be kinder to the world around us.” (page 87)

"I leave this sign up in my studio to remind me of the importance of ideas, of thinking things through."

Deanne’s book, in addition to the wise and insightful quotes that I have shared here, is filled with tips and practical theory to use in any textile composition and some great basic introduction to making hooked rugs. Find out more about Deanne and her work on her website .

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  1. April says:

    I love Deanne Fitzpatrick. My friend Jen “apprenticed” with her, and my mother in law is a rug hooker extraordinaire, so we talk about Deanne’s work quite a bit. Her studio is lovely – I haven’t visited the new one yet, but the old one behind Mansour’s in Amherst was so cute and cozy, I would have stayed all winter and made a rug of my own.

  2. ThisOldPMQ says:

    Thanks, now I have to have this book. Once again, OMHG presents me with inspiration and a lovely reminder that art is everywhere- if you look for it!

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