Oh My How I Love Handmade!

Hello readers and contributors of ohmyhandmade.com!

My name is Jessika Hepburn and I will be taking over the site as Editor starting today, July 1st! I am a Canadian artist and designer from the West Coast now living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. By day I work in store, and as a designer and marketing consultant for Nurtured, a Halifax based store and resource for natural parenting. In addition to marketing and design I am working on launching my own business, O Happy Day Handmade, offering handcrafted textiles, parties and art for children. I am also Mama to two girls, Ila Elizabeth (5) and Sela Dae (15 months). I share parenting with my other half Chris who is a fantastic stay-at-home Dad who left his day job in May to support me as I build my business.

In May I was sent an email from a local business woman suggesting that I look into an amazing website for sale. I immediately went to check it out and fell in love with the content, the style and the incredible talent of the contributors. Not one to waste time I made an offer right then!

Some times things are just meant to be. Maybe it’s the stars aligning, fate, a higher power, or the fact that I saw an opportunity custom made for me and jumped in with both feet. Whatever it was, I quickly realized after a couple emails with Sara Tams, that she was an incredibly  talented, gracious and decent woman and that I was committed to continuing to build the community she had begun with OMHG.

I feel very honoured that Sara decided to offer me the opportunity to do just that and will be staying on as a monthly contributor! I love handmade and am so excited to share that love with you. You will be seeing plenty of content here from the contributors that already make the site the amazing resource it is, plus new content from successful small business owners, designers, as well as those who make and appreciate all things handmade and lovely.

I hope that you will join me as I work to build the Oh My! Handmade community and spread the love of handmade.


  1. Holly-Accounting SPOT says:

    Welcome! I just found this blog a few weeks ago. I’m very excited to see what you have in store for it! 🙂

  2. hello Jessika! i am a fan of OMHG… and im so glad it will still continue to inspire us. although im not yet a mother, this site really inspires me a lot… looking forward on your posts…


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