if you love purple- say hello to MABLE MURPLE!

Mable Murple by Sheree Fitch, Nimbus Publishing book review

by Jessika Hepburn, O Happy Day Handmade

There is purple all over the internet today to show support for Spirit Day, so I thought it was perfect timing to share the latest new release from Nimbus Publishing: Mable Murple. Written by Nova Scotia author Sheree Fitch and illustrated by the incredibly talented Sydney Smith, Mable Murple is a classic Canadian book, originally published in 1995 and read by tons of colour loving kids. This new release has been given a complete makeover and looks like a whole new book, ready for another generation of Mable fans! While I love the quirky illustrations by Maryann Kovalski from the original edition:

mabel murple, sheree fitch and maryann kovalski nimbus publishing 1995

Sydney Smith‘s depiction of Mable Murple as a cute, punky gamine is so engaging (and endearing) that she captures the heart and imagination completely from the first page. By the end of the book you are best friends and sad that the story has ended-which is why my daughter has demanded it for bed every night since our copy arrived in the mail. It’s no surprise that kids love Mable, she rides a purple motorcycle and skateboard,  skis on purple snow, has a stuffed bear named Snickerknickerbox and has technicolor dreams!

mable murple by sheree fitch, nimbus publishing book review

Sheree Fitch is a well known Canadian author and has written many fabulous children’s books such as: Sleeping Dragons All Around, If I Had A Million Onions, and Kisses Kisses Baby-O. She is also an educator, literacy advocate, social activist, performance poet, and speaker. In addition to her books for children she has written award winning verse, poetry, picture books, nonfiction, plays and novels. My daughter saw her last year at her school and has been talking about it ever since. Watch Sheree read some of Mable here.

Sydney Smith is a Halifax based artist/illustrator who was educated at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. His traditional drawing style has captured the attention of both the young and old and the admiration of other artists. Renowned for his narrative imagination, Smith is creating an impressive body of work that has been featured in print, fabric, large-scale installations, and animation as well as children’s books like the wonderful book for young readers, The Dread Crew by Kate Inglis of the powerful blog www.sweetsalty.com.

mable murple by sheree fitch, nimbus publishing book reviewI promise you, the rest of the illustrations (and the text) are equally fabulous, so head on over to Nimbus Publishing and pick up a copy of Mable Murple for yourself, then whip up a batch of blueberry pancakes and have a wonderfully purple day. If you are lucky to live in a spot with an abundance of maple syrup producers/blueberry farms, like here in Nova Scotia, you can even teach a little lesson to your kids about local sources for purple food and make your own ‘Mabel Murple Purple Syrple’!

mable murple
My little purple reading Mable Murple

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