Earth Friendly Finds: Natural Kids Holiday Shopping Guide

natural kids, earth friendly holiday shopping guideby Jessika Hepburn, O Happy Day Handmade

Last month I was thrilled to be  invited to become a part of the Natural Kids Etsy team. The Natural Kids team is filled with some of my favorite Etsy stores,  all sharing a common love of natural and earth friendly materials. I wanted to introduce the beautiful work of Natural Kids members to Oh My! Handmade but couldn’t decide on just a few stores-so I decided to create an earth friendly holiday shopping guide that shows off the incredible talent of many of the Natural Kids team. To learn more about the Natural Kids team visit the online store, the Etsy page or stop by the blog filled with tutorials, recipes, crafts and more (you might even find me over there one of these days!). You can also keep up with the latest news by becoming a fan of Natural Kids on Facebook or following @NK_Store on Twitter.

natural kids, earth friendly holiday shopping guide

Shops are listed alphabetically from left to right:

Alkelda, AsherJasper, BananaBottoms, BearyOrganics, BeneathTheRowanTree, BirchleafDesigns, BostonBeanies, Chimera, Codilollyskye, CrazyMommaProduction, CurlyMonkey, CuteLittleThing, DadsWoodenToys, DanceInMyGarden, Dannielle, DariaLvovsky, Dayanra, DayOfRest

natural kids, earth friendly holiday shopping guide

DragonflysHollow, ElementalHandcrafts, EvesLittleEarthlings, FairiesNest, FairTradeFamily, FairyFolk, FairyWoolDolls, FinnsAndFlowers, GermanDolls, GnomefulThings, Haddy2Dogs, HandFull, HarvestMoonByHand, ImaginationKids, ImogensGarden, JTrescott, KatsInTheBelfry, KnittingMomma

natural kids, earth friendly holiday shopping guide

LaLaShoes, LaLasPequenos, LittleAlouette, LittleElfsToyshop, Lovealittle, MamaKs, Mamma4Earth, MapleShadeKids, MerrydaleDolls, MoonPathDesigns, MuddyFeet, Nushkie, OritDotanDolls, PenguinAndFish, PetiteKrottCreations, PinkHouse, PolarBearCreations, PrettyDreamer

natural kids, earth friendly holiday shopping guide

Primroses, PurePixie, PurpleMoonFibers, RubysSlippers, Rumpos, Ruprecht, SewFunkySewnNatural, Sqrlbee, StarrySheep, SunShadowTheEnchantedCupboard, TheHandmaden, TheHandworkGroup, TheMoonGoat, TheSittingTree, TumbleberryToys, ValentinesFarm, ViltalaKim, Willowbaus, WoodToyShop, Woolies, YarnMiracle

I love everything too much to just name a couple, but which shops are your favorites, and do you already have items from any of the Natural Kids Team?


  1. Kristen says:

    Wow ~ to see everyone’s items all together like this makes me realize what a talented team we are! I see many old favourites and many new ones, too! Just in time for holiday shopping 🙂

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