Handmade Holidays Spotlight: Omiyage

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by Jessika Hepburn of O Happy Day Handmade

I am always so excited to learn about new Canadian businesses, especially ones like Omiyage. Their online shop is filled with beautiful paper, fabric, washi paper tape, stationery and tons of cute items, all imported from Japan, including many designs from the amazing Japanese designer, Shinzi Katoh. Omiyage is a fabulous resource for finding unique crafting supplies, small gifts & a whole lot more.

Check out all the fun 2011 calendars in the Omiyage store including these ones from Kinpro, Art Print Japan and Shinzi Katoh:

omiyage, japanese imports, 2011 calendars, shinzi katoh

About Omiyage:

Omiyage (pronounced OH-ME-AW-GAY) is Japanese for souvenir.  But, in Japan, omiyage is so much more than just a souvenir, its a way of life, a way to share a taste of the culture you have visited with loved ones.  In Japan, no matter how close or far you stray from home, you bring a little something back to share with family, friends and coworkers.

It is our goal at Omiyage to share a taste of Japan with you.  In the West, we often condense Japan into sushi, geisha, sumo and electronics, but there really is so much more to discover!  Japanese design, both traditional and modern, is thriving.  The stationery, textile and craft industries are constantly introducing new and exciting products and, through collaborations with international designers, are bringing a global flair to Japanese goods.

Omiyage was created to bring some of the Japanese products we love to the Canadian market.   Omiyage  is a little bit craftiness, a little bit creativity, and a whole lot of charm!

Omiyage is the love child of Marisa Edghill and Elias de Souza.  Having moved from Japan to Canada in 2007 (after a combined 12 years in the land of the rising sun), they found themselves missing Japanese stuff an awful lot!  After a couple of years feeling sad every time they walked into a fabric store, or a craft store or, well, pretty much any store, they decided to do something about it!

Omiyage is carefully curated and full of the types of charming Japanese goods that we would cram into our suitcases and bring as souvenirs on visits home.  We love everything that Omiyage stocks, and hope you do too!

Visit the Omiyage blog for tons of crafty ideas for putting your paper & tape to good use, stay up to date on new goodies by following Omiyage_ca on Twitter and becoming a fan on Facebook.

omiyage, japanese imports, washi paper, washi paper tape

Omiyage contributed some great crafty goodies to our Oh My! Handmade Holidays giveaway that ends TONIGHT at 12AM EST. If you have already entered be sure to nominate a local organization or charity for the chance to win too and spread the giving around for the holidays. Merry Christmas everyone!


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