Handmade Holidays Spotlight: Redraven Studios

redraven studios, handmade porcelain jewlery by Jessika Hepburn of O Happy Day Handmade

I have loved the delicate porcelain jewelry from redraven studios since before I started editing OMHG, so I was really excited when Amy contacted me about participating in our Oh My! Handmade Holidays giveaway.  She contributed a pair of Cherry Blossom dangles (pictured below right) and sent another pair of floral earrings as a “thank you”. I know the selfless thing to do would have been to put the second pair into the other basket, but I just couldn’t do it-and I have worn them every single day since! I have already lost track of how many people have asked “where did you get those earrings”.  Redraven also has overnight shipping available so there is still time for placing a Christmas order or two (or ten!).

redraven studios, handmade holidays spotlight, ceramic jewelry

Above: Wildflower hair pins, Paradise Bird necklace, Peacock belt buckle, Cherry Blossom dangles

About the Artist:

My name is Amy Lumsden and I am the artist & designer behind redraven studios; handmade porcelain jewelry and accessories.  I have been working in clay for over ten years and discovered that I loved making porcelain jewelry approximately five years ago.  Redraven studios happened, as most life plans do, by accident.  In a strange, dare I say somewhat directionless phase of my mid-20’s, I was working in a rough studio space across town from my apartment.  I was teaching pottery classes at the studio, and this often left me with little time for my own work while I was there so I began making small pieces in my kitchen at night.  I had been collaging functional pottery with decals; mugs, bowls, etc…and was curious how the decal images would translate to jewelry.  And there it was, one of the best things I’ve ever stumbled upon. In 2006, I founded redraven studios as an official business.  I began selling my work at craft fairs and introducing my work to local retailers, and things just took off from there!  My business took an even better turn this past summer, when I launched my new online shop, www.redravenshop.com.  My shop was designed by the amazing folks of Aeolidia, who were a dream to work with!

As mentioned above, my pieces are collaged with vintage ceramic decals.  Ceramic decals are best known for adorning teacups, china, and dinnerware.  As the popularity of the decals faded, they became less used.  Having always been inspired by vintage textiles and patterns, I saw decals as the perfect material for finishing my pieces.  I love the dreamy floral patterns, the charming little birds, and the overall vintage quality that the decals offer.  My hope as a crafter is to create unique items that stand apart from store bought items, and inspire people to support handmade.

redraven studios, handmade holidays spotlight, ceramic jewelry

Above: Bluebird belt buckle, Bluebird earrings, Wildflower hair pins, Gold Finch necklace

From now until December 24th visit our Oh My! Handmade Holidays giveaway and enter yourself and up to 5 non-profits, charities or causes for a chance to win one of two prize baskets valued at $950 and filled with handmade goodness, including redraven’s Cherry Blossom dangle earrings.


  1. allie says:

    as a “giver” I haven’t really checked out the other participants. Thanks for sharing a bit about Redraven! I love that she strives to create unique things that stand apart from the store bought jewelry but still look very professional. I need to remember that!

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