brown paper packages tied up with string

by Jessika Hepburn,  O Happy Day Handmade

Finding images for last week’s post by Jacqui Miyabayashi about getting your small business ready for the holidays inspired me to think about revamping my holiday packaging this year. While I am all about going big, sometimes simple is best, and brown paper packages are the perfect example. I love how such a humble, organic material can be transformed with a few handmade touches. Changing a piece of brown paper into a perfect package that can be elegant, modern, playful or anything in between.

The top two pictures above of supplies and the sweetest brown paper packages ever are from decor8’s amazing blog, the bottom two featuring a creative fabric tag/card are via Lockette on Flickr. These images will be my inspiration this year for my holiday order and personal gift wrapping. All of the things needed are ones I think any well stocked craft room should have close at hand: brown paper, buttons, twine, tags (or the fixings to make them) and ribbon. Some of my all time favorite things!

If you are as into wrapping gifts as I am these finds will likely make you need to go craft a gift right away-just so that you can wrap it up!

1. Screen printed gift tags from katieblairdesigns are a simple way to dress up a nicely wrapped present.

2. Little Mo and Friends wrapping paper has adorable illustrations hand stamped on recycled paper.

3. You can’t have brown paper packages without the string and Divine Twine from Whisker Graphics is always my go-to.

4. Just in case you need a reason to wrap something up all pretty right now, I have included this set of acorn address labels and seals by packagery for fall gifts.

Happy wrapping!


  1. These are really beautiful. I used brown paper and recycled ribbon last year, everyone was really impressed and even I was surprised by how effective it was. This year, as always, I have carefully folded up any nice paper from presents I was given, to re-use throughout the year!

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