Twitter Ten: My #2010Inspiration

by Jessika Hepburn of O Happy Day Handmade

Last month I posted the first Twitter 10, a showcase of ten @ohmyhandmade followers and I wrote about my new found love of Twitter.  This month I choose 10 of the followers that inspire me in different ways since inspiration will be our overall theme for January here on OMHG. Some are sites I have loved for a long time and others are new to me, discovered by visiting new followers. Twitter has surprisingly been the single most useful tool for building this site and creating relationships with contributors, businesses, artists and even making new friends. I am not one to make resolutions for the new year but one of my goals for 2011 is actually to spend MORE time on Twitter developing those connections. If you still don’t “get” Twitter (or even if you do & want a laugh) check out this post, found today via Erin Loechner of design for mankind, on Twitter of course!

in alphabetical order:

domestica, twitter ten

I learned about Domestica when they started following OMHG, two seconds on their site and I was in love. The bright, clean, playfulness of all their products makes me happy every single time. They have brought together a diverse group of artists/designers and have submission guidelines available on their site if you think your work might be a good fit.  Find them on Twitter @shop_domestica.

handmade charlotte, twitter ten

On the other hand I have been inspired by Rachel Faucett and handmade charlotte for a long time now. There is not a single post on her entire site that I don’t love. Her site is filled with light and imagination, it is the perfect place to visit when my real life house is a crazy mess and I want to run away to join the circus. The fact that she also lives on a farm with 5 kids with two dogs, three cats, four horses, a pet duck, two roosters and a parrot, elevates her to superhero status in my books. Follow her @followcharlotte for little doses of inspiration regularly.

mati rose, twitter tenI love the art of Mati Rose McDonough, there is something sweet, melancholy and so endearing about her imagery. I hadn’t thought to look her up on Twitter until this week and did a little happy dance (along with a matching stupid smile) when she started following OMHG too! Also be sure to check out the painting course she is offering along with another of my favorite artists, Lisa Congdon called Get Your Paint On. Both of them started painting professionally in their 30’s which I find totally inspiring and I really want to take this course. Follow @matirose on Twitter to learn more.

mayi carles, heartmade, twitter tenIf you haven’t visited the multi-talented Mayi Carles and her site heartmade yet then head on over right now! heartmade aims to empower creative hearts to “dream bigger,  imagine better and achieve more” with business tips, treasuries, interviews, crafts, tutorials and more. Follow @mayicarles and say hello-she’s super friendly.

palomas nest, twitter ten

I just learned about the heirloom keepsakes and other simple treasures from Paloma’s Nest on Twitter, every item is timeless and beautiful. I am especially taken with Little Bird Collection for Baby and Family as gifts for new parents. Follow @palomasnest to learn more about their work.

paper parasols press, twitter ten

Paper Parasol Press literally makes me giddy-every design is just that insanely wonderful. I challenge you to visit their website and not find something that makes your heart happy, then be sure to follow @paperparasolprs.

petit eco kids, twitter ten

Petit Eco Kids is one of my favorite online resources for earth friendly living with children. Totally filled with earth friendly products, crafts and activities, this site is a must read for any parent looking to tread gently on the earth. Follow their eco-tweets @petitecokids

the long thread, twitter tenI have been reading The Long Thread since long before I ever started blogging, it is one of my go-to resources any time I feel like I need some crafty inspiration, be sure to visit  the top 100 tutorials of 2009 (there is a 2010 in the works!). The creator Ellen Luckett Baker also has a book coming out in 2011, follow @thelongthread for regular doses of craftiness.

tracy bishop illustration, twitter ten

I can’t help but smile every time I visit Tracy Bishop’s website, her illustration & design is so cheerful and uplifting. Her blog also has some great posts on her artistic process that I find fascinating. She recently started collaborating with Aeolidia as one of their illustrators and is definitely an artist to follow-do so @TracyBishopArt

zac and zoe, twitter tenIf I was giving out awards for the most covet worthy sites Zac and Zoe would be right up on the top of my list. From gorgeous furniture to the most creative toys, Zac and Zoe has it all, I also love their logo & website. You all know where I will be headed the minute I win the lottery! Follow @zacandzoedotcom for info on giveaways, new products and more.

Has Twitter helped you make connections and build your business this year? Let’s start a conversation about what inspires you on Twitter using the hashtag #2011inspiration, I would love to share your thoughts and ideas next month in some of my posts and learn more about what makes you want to create.

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  1. Jessika, thank you – you make me blush. And you put Domestica in with such great company – I love Cindy at Paper Parasol, and everyone else is so cool, too. Thanks also for turning us on to all these cool tweeps – please keep this up. I’m off to check everything out + I’m definitely taking that painting class. Cheers!

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