Creative approaches to marketing your business

do something creative everyday{Do Something Creative Every Day print by Melissa Baswell of Bubby and Bean}

Do you find marketing a drag? Maybe you find it time consuming, taking away from what you’d rather be doing- creating your art.

While marketing may never be quite as exciting for you as making things, with a little imagination it can be fun and needn’t be a burden. The key is finding something that you feel comfortable with and comes naturally to you.

Be sociable.

Do you love meeting new people, making connections and chatting to like-minded people? Try joining forums, twitter chats and networking events. If you enjoy being sociable then use it to your advantage. Meeting similar people either in person or online is a great way to make new connections that will be beneficial for your business.

Throw a party!

Who doesn’t love a party? Hold an open house event and invite everyone you know. It can be as formal or informal as you want. If you have a studio you could hold it there or you can hire out a gallery space. Be as bold as feels right for you. Open house events can be a successful way of spreading the word about what you do. They also give your family and friends the opportunity to come and support you.

Start your own creative networking group.

There is nothing like bouncing ideas off of other creatives. Setting up a local networking group will not only give you the chance to share your work with more people but together you have collective klout when approaching suppliers like printers. Together you can organise local events like craft fairs and workshops with the aim of promoting your business and raising your profile in the local community.

Make a video.

Making a video is fantastic way to market your business. They allow you to connect on a different level with your target audience and search engines like Google love videos!

Your promotional video can showcase a variety of ideas, consider documenting your creative process, sharing part of your story or showing your products in use.

Once you’ve completed it, upload it to Youtube, use it on your about page and share with your social media network.

I love this video by Jessika and Chara for Heartweed. The possibilities are endless, think outside the box and above all have fun with it.

Put together a press kit.

Press kits are a great opportunity to reach the media and show them what your business is about. Rather than just sending an ordinary press release, think of unique ways you can catch an editor or journalist’s attention.

Depending on your budget you can incorporate a item from your range into your press kit for it to double as a sample. If you make stationery use a greetings card or notebook. If you print t-shirts you could print your company details on the back or sew a business card into the design.

Creative photoshoots.

Try experimenting with your product photos. If you normally shoot your products on a white background, try something different. If your product allows, use models to demonstrate how the item can be worn, enlisting friends and family to help.

Imagine how your products could be styled if they were picked for a magazine. Test out different backgrounds, settings and props to enhance the collection. Once you have some photos you like, share them with your followers on Facebook, Twitter and your blog or use them as part of a look book on your website.

 How are you being creative with your marketing? Share with us in the comments! 


  1. Lakshmi says:

    As always , Isa’s posts are a wealth of information ! While I don’t know much about press kits & such , I naturally seem to have the conversing bit down . I do have to work on the others a lot . Thank u , Isa , for yet another awesome post 🙂

  2. Meagan says:

    Love the creative networking group Isa! What a help it would be to be able to throw ideas & get helpful advice with other creative business owners you’ve built a relationship with in a community setting! Thanks for sharing!

  3. BBBC says:

    these are great ideas i actually love marketing to a point sometimes its too much and i want to hire someone so i can make stuff, but one thing i have found effective is making a how-to video on products related to your business I’ve seen these and perhaps I would be interested in the brand if they help me with the product I am going to buy. But it has to be good meaning a you tube video that highlights your company in the best way otherwise ppl take the info and leave

  4. Tracy says:

    Great ideas! I haven’t considered putting a press kit together- I might need to try that 🙂 I do love the marketing part… but don’t always have enough time to do it how I would like. Thank you for the ideas- I love each and every post this blog has to offer!!

  5. Allisa says:

    Fabulous post! Thank you for all the clever ideas. I’ve thrown an open studio party before & it was such an amazing experience. Totally recommend it.

    Good point about taking photos with magazines in mind….

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