Holiday Love for your customers

Since this month is all about preparing your business for the holidays, I thought it would be nice to take a moment and show your customers how much you have appreciated their business through the year. After all, if it weren’t for them you wouldn’t be able to live your dream. 🙂 Some people will use a simple thank you email or newsletter but I challenge you to go a little further and offer a one of a kind customer gifts this holiday season! Here are some great ideas that may help to spark some creativity…

1. Use your printer to make a custom thank you bag and fill it with little treats. (Idea from the Daily digi)
2. Give a little coffee treat with a handmade cozy. (Idea from house on a hill road)
3. Create one of a kind sticky note holders…cute and functional. (Idea from Creative Kismet)
4. Fabric bookmarks are a quick and fun gift that will go a long way. (Idea from How About Orange)
5. Give your customers their own set of Thank You cards. (Idea from 74 Lime Lane – free printable available)
6. Spruce up the gift card a little by making handmade card cozies. (Idea from make it and love it)

In my own business, I give my clients a little freebie and thank you card after their project is finished but I challenged myself this year to come up with a holiday gift for everyone as well. Since all of my clients own businesses I wanted to come up with something that was practical and useful for them. I ended up designing thank you cards that will be packaged up in sets all ready for use. I don’t have any photos yet as they are currently being printed. 🙁 But I will be sharing them as soon as they are finished on my blog.

Just in case you run out of time or are stumped in the creativity department, I thought I could lend a hand. 😉  I designed a cute little card holder and envelope that you can print, cut, assemble and send to all of your customers! I even left a little blank space so you can add a custom message if you like. You can opt for the traditional gift card but that can get a little expensive, especially if you have a lot of customers to send to. Instead, try filling it with stickers or a special coupon that they can use on their next purchase. There are lots of things that you can use it for!

You can download the PDF by clicking on the photo above or the direct link here. Hope this post will encourage you to show some love to your customers this holiday season!


  1. Thank you for these clever ideas to say “thank you” to our customers. I love all of them…I might even use some of these as teacher gifts!

    I’m new to Oh My Handmade Goodness and I LOVE it!

    Thanks you!

  2. I’m sending out cute little Happy Holidays postcards as a thank you to all of my customers this year (I already ordered them…) but I LOVE the card holder idea. That is so cute!! Maybe next year. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful creative ideas. It gets my mind going! And Christmas is coming way toooo fast.
    Still so new as a seller, but love reading all of the helpful things posted to this blog. Thanks again! 🙂


  4. What a beautiful collection of thank you gifts- I would be so excited to receive any of them! I’ve been putting together little cards with a simple pair of button earrings. The cards are hand stamped by me and my little guys! I thought it would be a sweet way to say thank you for choosing TrashN2Tees this holiday season! I absolutely adore the PDF download- thank you so much for sharing it!

  5. Mike says:

    These are great ideas Lisa. I’ve always been a big fan of going out of the way for customers. After all it’s a lot easier to keep current customers delighted than to look for new one’s and word of mount goes a long ways. I like the personal touch with the hand-made gift.

    Any idea what would work well for my customers?

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