how to get ready for the holidays… from a retailer's perspective!

While joyful and celebratory, this time year can also be very stressful for many people. Whether it’s figuring out when and what to get everyone on their lists, or just trying to stay on budget, there are many things that can turn this time from fun to foul. It is our job as retailers to bring out the FUN again!

At Pink Olive, 
here are some of the ways that we are getting ready for the holidays while trying to make them as special and enjoyable as possible!

1. Having a Pre-Holiday sale! Reward customers for shopping early. It’s WIN-WIN!

2. Encourage customers to become VIP members so that we can help them cross off everyone on their lists. They get to sit back, enjoy all the benefits and get major kudos while we do all the work!

3. Make signs that are not only beautiful but also work as mini-sales associates!
Here is my formula:
* Headline – Talk about the “benefit” of buying this product
* Sub-text – Name of the item featured
* Price – How much is it?

Here is an example:

Luxurious Spa Experience Without Leaving Your Home
Organic Nectar Body Wash

4. Make a list of your stocking stuffer ideas and be in-stock with your best sellers! Create a special stocking stuffer section in the store with items that are less than $25, small enough to stuff those awesome stockings! This is the time to be in-stock with your best sellers and bring it home 🙂

5. WOW them with your visuals. If you have a window display area, grab people’s attention by luring them into the shop with a gorgeous display. People want to feel festive & jovial and nostalgic over the holidays. Give them that experience and you will have customers for life! If you are showcasing your merchandise at a holiday fair, make your booth count!
 Partner with a professional window dresser or prop stylish to help transform your display. We are excited to collaborate with glitter+RYE this holiday. We can’t wait!

BONUS tip – give back to your community
! At Pink Olive, we will be hosting the very first Milk + Bookies in-store event on Saturday, December 3rd, 2011 from 11am to 3pm. In launching our new foundation,, we will match all book donations made that day.

What tricks do you have up your sleeve this holiday? I would love to hear your ideas in making this holiday the BEST one ever!


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