How to Make Handmade Buyers Sit Up and Take Notice

“The Beggar” by mattscoggin

Our family dog, Daisy, is a basset hound mix whose favorite pastime is . . . well, sleeping. In fact, she sleeps so soundly that she often snores. She is quite inactive most of the time, but I know a little trick to make her sit up and take notice. Tennis shoes.

Even though Daisy likes to sleep, she also loves to go for walks with our family. As soon as I pull my tennis shoes out of the closet, she starts wagging her tail and gets about as excited as a basset hound can be. Who knew that tennis shoes could send a dog into an excited frenzy?

Just as I get out my tennis shoes when I want Daisy to get ready for our walk, handmade sellers can follow a few steps to make customers sit up and take notice. With all of the fabulous handmade product websites on the World Wide Web these days, you may be wondering how to entice customers to purchase from your shop. Read on for 6 ways to make your handmade shop noticeable.

1. Sell a Unique Product

Of course, you don’t have to invent a brand-new product to sell it successfully online. You do, however, need to present it uniquely and/or create a product that takes a different “spin” on an already-known product.

2. Describe the Product in a Way that Convinces Customers to Buy

As you know, great product descriptions are the key to selling more products. You must (1) catch the customer’s attention; (2) describe the details of the product so that the customer feels comfortable purchasing it; and (3) convince the customer that his/her life won’t be complete without it!

For more tips about how to write irresistible product descriptions, you might enjoy my free e-course.

3. Sell Your Products in an Attractive Environment

Handmade sellers have several options for selling their products, and each venue must be as attractive as possible.

* Your online shop
* Your brick & mortar shop (if applicable)
* Your craft fair booth
* Your product photos

As soon as prospective customers enter your selling venue (real or virtual), they should experience the “wow factor”!

4. Communicate with your customers

Make them customers for life by communicating in a way that is (1) prompt, (2) helpful, and (3) passionate. Communicate about shipping times and follow up after the product has arrived.

Here are some links with more information about effective communication:
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5. Build Your Brand with Fabulous Social Media Venues

Do your blog, your Facebook fan page, and your Twitter page work together to attract customers and strengthen your brand? Yes, these venues take time and effort to keep fresh and fantastic, but they build a closer relationship between your business and your customers.

If a blog, a Facebook page, and a Twitter presence are too many “balls” to juggle at once, focus on one venue and make that one great. You can always add other ones later.

6. Share Customer Testimonials

Shoppers considering making a purchase from your shop often believe the word of previous customers more than they believe your own description of the product. Add a testimonial or two at the end of each product description, or set up a testimonials page on your blog. Use this powerful tool to your advantage!

Additional reading about testimonials:
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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Evaluate your handmade business: are you pulling out the “tennis shoes” to catch your customers’ attention? What small changes can you make today that will make your customers sit up and take notice?


  1. Andrea says:

    Thanks so much for this great article Julie! Wonderful to have these tips put in such a straight forward way. Going to be making a few adjustments to the way I run my Etsy store, especially in terms of customer communication, I’ve never been sure how to deal with this, but I think you’ve given me the push to be a bit more interactive with my clients 🙂 thank you!

  2. Hi Julie, fab article, thank you. I really struggle with product descriptions, so just off to look at your free e-course. I think my problem is I’m such a visual person, I forget others need to know the nuts and bolts, thank you for reminding me! 🙂

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