Mamas of the World UNITE!

Whew, April was one busy month! We covered everything spring cleaning this month from websites to monsters, tea towels to twitter. We’ve organized, purged and decluttered our spaces-or at least thought about it. We’ve re-written content & made-over branding, blogs and sites + we’ve had lots of pretty printables to inspire us. I am pretty convinced there is nothing we can’t do!

If you’ve missed any of our posts then be sure to start scrolling down-we’ve shared some really powerful content this month & I know I’ve learned a lot from our amazing team of contributors.

Of course it doesn’t stop there, the end of a new month always means the start of a new theme and I couldn’t be more excited and anxious about our topic for May. Why is it that Mamas only get one day to be celebrated, one day ALL year. Totally not cool. This month we’ll be Celebrating Mamahood and exploring how mothering/being mothered/influential mothers have affected ourselves and our work. I don’t want to just look at the lovely stuff about mothering either. I want to talk about the glory & the guts, the dark places we go and the struggles we have faced as mothers or we have watched other women experience.

We’ll not only be sharing our thoughts about Celebrating Motherhood but we’ll be having some exciting guest posts, art, printables, a little challenge for you to take part in and a fun giveaway or two as well as posts on handmade/small biz (of course!).

Also  I was invited to take part in a blog tour for a new book, Puppet Play by artist/puppeteer Diana Schoenbrun. So on May 3 come visit us while I show a fun project and offer a chance to win a copy of the book for yourself (check out this cute video for a sneak peek)! Here is the super fun list of other bloggers participating in the tour-some of my favorites are there…

May 2nd: Luvinthemommyhood,

May 4th: Craft Sanity,

May 5th: Sew Mama Sew,

May 6th: Little Birdie Secrets,

May 7th: This Mama Makes Stuff,

May 8th: Roots and Wings,

May 9th: Whip UP,

May 10th: Fiskateers,

May 11th: Zakkalife,

May 12th: Prudent Baby

May 13th: Make + Do,

May 14th: Craft Test Dummies,

May 15th: Cute Everything,

May 16th: Schmancy,

May 17th: Progressive Pioneer,

May 18th: Pink and Green Mama,

May 19th: Arrow Cabinets,

May 20th: The Happy Honeybee,

May 21st: Craft Gossip,

I hope you’ll join us this month as we Celebrate Mamahood-and if you are a mama, I hope you take all of May just to celebrate yourself…what will you do????


  1. Hi Jessika,

    Looking forward to another great month – am inspired just reading the intro.

    It’s great to see your name among all those super bloggers for the blog tour. Make sure you share how it goes! lucy x

    • Jessika says:

      Thanks so much Lucy! I’m feeling really inspired for our theme too-if only there were more days in a month! I will definitely share about my experience being a part of a blog tour in a future post-thanks for the idea: )

  2. adia says:

    Come on, really? It hurts my eyes! “Mama’s” of the world? There shouldn’t be an apostrophe there unless something belongs to mama. Why, oh why, do people insist on adding an apostrophe to plural words?

    • Jessika says:

      Oh because they do things late at night & never proofread their own copy as well as their contributors. I’m terribly sorry for hurting your eyes! Thank you for pointing it out & I fixed it right away. Thankfully this is the first (& hopefully last) comment I’ve ever received that wasn’t positive! Hopefully I don’t offend your sharp eyes again; )

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